Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Kanuo

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Divine Martial Hall, dark and gloomy.

Waves of terrifying aura leaked out from the depths of the great hall, giving people a feeling of palpitation.

Old witch, you didnt listen to this gods words. Suffered a huge loss this time, right? A cold voice transmitted over, the words carrying thick gloating over others misfortune.

At this time, a cold and stern voice came over,Humph!Stop making sarcastic remarks over there! Dont think that this holy mother doesnt know what youre planning!

These two people were shockingly the two great heavenly fiendgods, Kanuo and Yue Ji.

Heh heh,now that it played out like this, dont you understand yet? The two of us are originally this Immortal Grove Regions aberrant lifeforms and are rejected by Heavenly Dao. Hence, thats why we suffered repeated defeats, Kanuosaid1.

So what? Just based on these bunch of rookies from the Immortal Grove Region, can they kill us too? Yue Ji said.

Heh,you old witch, youre really forgetful. Didnt you almost turn to ashes this time? Kanuo said.

Old thing, are you seeking death?

Yue Jis expression turned coldly and still had some lingering fear in her heart.

That Voice of the Dragon God from Ye Yuan almost shocked her until her soul disintegrated.

Dont try that stuff with this god. In your state, what can you still do to this seat? But this god is really quite surprised. Ye Yuan that brat actually learned the long-lost Voice of the Dragon God! Looks like the momentum of his rise already cannot be stopped! Kanuo actually said with a slight sigh.

Humph!You fool, bustled about for so many years, didnt it still make a wedding dress for him in vain? To actually have the face to talk about me! Yue Ji said with cold mockery.

What do you know? If this god recovers to peak strength, I naturally wouldnt fear them. But, the human race has that old guy whos opposing this god in all aspects! Once I give myself away, this seats these years of effort will really be cast to the winds! Kanuo said in a solemn voice.

Yue Ji was startled when she heard that and said, The current human race still has such a major power?

Heh,otherwise, what do you think? That old guy formed an organization called Mystic Gate, which enlisted the services of quite a number of experts. Those Ten Great Divine Kings, theres half that was fostered by him. These people have all comprehended Divine Dao laws, and their strength cannot be underestimated; let alone himself, Kanuo said.

Yue Jis expression changed, and she said, Then what should we do now?

Give me the Fiendsource Bead! Kanuo said.

You Youre dreaming! Yue Ji said with a cold expression.

Heh,in this gods current state, the worst outcome is being sealed once again too. Furthermore, I still have several peerlessly fine cards that can be played against Ye Yuan in my hands. But you if youre found by Ye Yuan, thats a one-way ticket to hell! Do you think that you have any choice? Kanuo said with a cold smile.

Yue Jis expression flickered incessantly. Finally, she still gritted her teeth, opened her mouth, and spat out a black color bead.

This bead was black throughout. But the moment it appeared, fiendish energy surged to the sky, as if it had the aura to devour heaven and earth.

In the darkness, a large hand suddenly reached out, directly grabbing the Fiendsource Bead in his hand.

Following that, Kanuo let out a loud laugh and said,Hahaha,Heavenly Fiendgod Artifact, Fiendsource Bead! With it, even if this seat isnt able to recover to peak strength, Ill have 70% strength too. Who can stop me in this Divine Realm? Old thing, Ye Yuan, this time, this god will let you know the taste of fear!Hahaha

Yue Jis expression was rather ugly. This Fiendsource Bead was the fiend races heavenly fiendgod artifact; its power was boundless.

Handing it over now, she could only depend on Kanuo.

In the depths of the great hall, there was a massive bloodpool.

In the bloodpool, a young man was soaking in it, leaving only a head outside.

This mans looks were handsome, looking to be of similar age with Ye Yuan, no different from humans.

Above the bloodpool, countless red beads were suspended.

These beads were precisely the 58 thousand Bloodsoul Beads that Ji Canglan collected!

The young man suddenly opened his mouth and said, Bloodsoul Fiend Establishing Grand Array, activate!

All of a sudden, 58 thousand suspended blood beads radiated with a brilliant blood light, looking breathtaking!

A terrifying sanguinary power shot straight for the clouds, thoroughly enveloping the young man inside.

A month later, a burst of terrifying laughter came from inside the Divine Martial Hall.Hahaha when this god comes into being, Ill see which one of you can stop me this time!

The essence energy storm gradually disappeared. Ye Yuans essence energy finally calmed down.

Congratulations, Big Brother, for finally entering Divine King Realm! Fiery said excitedly by the side.

But Ye Yuan smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, Originally, essence energy realm was the easiest to improve for me. I didnt expect that after so many years, I was actually held back by essence energy realm.

Huhu,reincarnating, your lucky chances were too heaven-defying, resulting in essence energy realm seeming slow instead. Actually, even if youre an Alchemy Emperor reincarnating, to be able to reach the Divine King Realm in such a short time, its already very heaven-defying. By the side, Long Teng had a laugh.

Killing the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, Ye Yuan finally found the opportunity to break through to the Divine King Realm.

After a few days of accumulation, he finally broke through to the Divine King Realm.

Regarding essence energy realm, the Divine King Realm was another level.

With the support of Divine King Realm essence energy, Ye Yuans martial techniques would be able to unleash even greater might.

Actually, to talk about the Fury Sword Fire Lotus and divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, which one was stronger or weaker, it was not easy to judge.

It was just that Ye Yuans essence energy realm had stopped at Eighth Level Dao Profound all along. Hence, Fury Sword Fire Lotuss power appeared relatively weak.

Now that he broke through to Divine King Realm, not only did Fury Sword Fire Lotuss power increase greatly, his Domain of Sword, greater teleportation, and other skills, would have a qualitative leap!

Heh,Your Excellency, these few days, youve been in closed-seclusion all along and probably dont know yet, youre already the fourth divine king now! Meng Guang had an excited look. It was as if the fourth divine king was him.

When he killed Sikong Shang, Ye Yuan put him away inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

These few days, he had constantly been inquiring news in the Asura Arena. But this news was undoubtedly the heaviest weight.

Ye Yuan could not help being slightly stupefied when he heard and said, Just fourth?

Everyones expressions choked up. It was just a few months, and you already rushed from sixth to fourth. Could it be that you were not satisfied yet?

Seeing everyones expression, Ye Yuan smiled and said, Looks like I still underestimated Zhuge Qingxuan, the three of their strengths. Although the Voice of the Dragon God is strong, they just have to resist for three breaths of time, and I can only let people slaughter me at will.

Only when everyone heard did they come to a realization.

However, the power of the Voice of the Dragon God was indeed too terrifying.

If Ye Yuan could support it to up ten breaths of time, it was basically enough to sweep across the Divine Realm.

The Voice of the Dragon Gods sound wave attack, following the passing of time, would make the power become even more terrifying as the sound waves stacked layer upon layer.

It was just a shame that Ye Yuan could at most only support three breaths of time.

Alright, its almost time, we should go back. Probably before long, the fiend calamity will be erupting. This period of time, we still have to prepare a little, Ye Yuan said.

The group of people finally returned to the dragon clan after a few twists and turns.

However, the scene before his eyes made Ye Yuans hair stand on end with anger.