Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Twin Dragons Spitting Pearls

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Thunderous dragon roars were mixed with earth-shaking loud booms.

One human and one dragon were currently having a great battle above the dragon clan.

That dragon was just an illusionary phantom and not a genuine azure dragon.

But it was the spirit of the azure dragon!

The spirit of the azure dragon summoned by the Constellation Grand Array!

While the other figure was none other than precisely the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, Zhuge Qingxuan, who rushed over from the Holy City!

Zhuge Qingxuans divine might was truly unparalleled. That terrifying azure dragon spirit was actually being overpowered by him, looking as if it was going to be defeated.

The dragon clans members did not notice Ye Yuans appearance, all staring at the battle situation, with tense looks on their faces.

This was their final reliance.


Zhuge Qingxuan knocked the azure dragon spirit far away with a palm. Standing with his hands behind his back, he snorted coldly and said, If you still dont hand over Ye Yuan, this seat will exterminate your Azure Dragon Clan today!

The current Zhuge Qingxuan was truly insufferably arrogant.

The dragon clans clan members all had looks of despair at this time.

This Heaven Stabilizing Divine King is too strong! So many peak Void Mystic powerhouses attacked together and were all still defeated by him!

Dead this time! Our dragon clan wouldnt really be exterminated by him, right?

Its all that Ye Yuan, really capable at causing trouble! If not for him, how could it bring down the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King to here?

At the juncture of life and death, there were quite a number of people who pointed the spearhead at Ye Yuan.

After all, to them, Ye Yuan this dragon lord was still very foreign.

Shut your mouths for this old man! Keep talking nonsense that this old man will exterminate you first! How can the things that Dragon Lord is shouldering be what you guys are capable of surmising? Ao Yong snapped.

Yue Mengli heaved a sigh and said, Grand Elder, now that it came to this, everyones emotions will inevitably lose control. You dont need to get angry because of this.

Ao Yong shot a fierce glare at that clansman and said with a cold snort, All shut up for this old man! The dragon lord is the dragon clans common lord! If there are still words that besmirch your superiors, this old man will punish severely!

When those clansmen saw Grand Elder demonstrate his power like so, each and every one of them sensibly kept their mouths shut and did not speak anymore.

At this time, Zhuge Qingxuan said coolly, Looks like you guys wont shed tears if you dont see the coffin. Do you really think that this seat doesnt dare to massacre you all, is that it?


Zhuge Qingxuan pointed a finger out. Heaven and earth changed color because of it.

The essence energy in the area tens of thousands of miles around gathered onto Zhuge Qingxuans finger frenziedly, condensing and not dissipating!

Seeing such power, everyones expression changed greatly.

Even that azure dragon spirit seemed to have sensed an immense threat too, and actually did not dare to come forward anymore!

This This is the legendary Profound Calamity Finger, one of the Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings trump cards! Looks like his determination to kill the dragon lord is unshakable! Ao Yongs expression was incomparably ugly as he said this.

This finger is so terrifying! It hasnt released yet, and I already have a feeling of asphyxia near death! The azure dragon spirit likely cant resist anymore. Ao Qians expression changed greatly.

Zhuge Qingxuans might, they had all heard of it. But only when they experienced it personally now, did they know that the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King was even more powerful than in the legends!

He had the ability to destroy the entire dragon clan with his power alone!

This kind of strength was simply appalling to hear!

Zhuge Qingxuans robes fluttered, his entire person akin to a celestial. The air of an expert was displayed in its entirety, fully deserving of the title of Heaven Stabilizing Divine King.

Profound Calamity Finger, exterminate for me!

Zhuge Qingxuan gave a cold shout. Pointing a finger out, the winds and clouds immediately changed color!

In the dragon clan, everyones faces were white as a sheet.

Once this finger landed, who knew how many people it would kill!

Just then, Ye Yuan rushed over and saw this heaven-shocking finger of Zhuge Qingxuan!

Ye Yuan only had time to sweep a glance with his peripherals, only to see the dragon clans members all covered with wounds.

Including Yue Mengli and Lu-er!

Ye Yuans alarm and rage rose together. A surge of rage flared up!

Virtually without thinking, Ye Yuan directly did a greater teleportation, then unleashed a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm in anger!

However, what made everyone surprised was that another terrifying attack rose up inside the dragon clan!

Big Brother Yuan!

Young Master!

Its Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven! Our dragon clans divine rank martial technique, Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven!

That is the dragon lords Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

The dragon lord came back! Hahaha were saved!

Two dragon race divine rank martial techniques that did not lose out to the Profound Calamity finger were unleashed at the same time, from two different directions, directly intercepting the Profound Calamity Finger!

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, who originally looked down scornfully at everything, his expression changed drastically at this time.

These two terrifying attacks appeared too suddenly that even he did not react to it either.


A terrifying energy undulation spread out, sending the dragon clans powerhouses flying.

Zhuge Qingxuan was the closest to it. Being slammed by two surges of tremendous force, his internal organs immediately received a tremendous shock, immediately tasting sweetness at his throat, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

Originally, this move of his was prepared to exterminate the azure dragon spirit and slaughter the dragon clans powerhouses.

He did not expect that in the end, it was actually him who suffered a hidden loss.

Regarding that attack, which rumbled out from the dragon clan, Ye Yuan was rather surprised too.

But he felt relieved very quickly. Teng Yun said before, there was still a peerless powerhouse concealed in the dragon clan. It was just that nothing was revealed.

Earlier, the dragon clan reached a critical moment. He finally could not resist making a move.

Looks like the matter of the dragon clan having a reclusive powerhouse, even the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King did not know either.

Otherwise, he absolutely would not come to the dragon clan to raise a hue and cry so recklessly.

Ye Yuan did not expect that Teng Yun actually knew the matter of this peerless powershous so clearly.

Judging from that Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven move, the power was not the slightest bit inferior to his own Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

It turned out that the one who grasped divine rank dragon wave was not just him alone in this world.

It was just that, nobody had seen it before, that was all.

No wonder Teng Yun said that even he did not dare to easily provoke the dragon clan, this existence.

Ye Yuan and Zhuge Qingxuan faced off in the air, cold gazes meeting with unspeakable rage.

Zhuge Qingxuan, whats the meaning of this? Ye Yuans words seethed with killing intent and was bone-piercingly cold.

Being questioned by Ye Yuan, Zhuge Qingxuan could not help being tongue-tied for a moment.

He came to the dragon clan in an imposing manner to kill Ye Yuan.

But he discovered now that Ye Yuan was actually powerful to this degree already!

That Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm move earlier, disregarding the Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven, although the power could not match his Profound Calamity Finger, it was not much worse off than him either.

Now, he suffered a hidden loss, his internal organs receiving a shock. Wanting to kill Ye Yuan again was virtually impossible.

Except, what he did not know was that Ye Yuan had killing intent aroused toward him!

If not for the azure dragon spirit resisting, Zhuge Qingxuan would probably have already charged into the dragon clan.

If not for the dragon clan still having a powerhouse, most likely Li-er and Lu-er would have been killed by him as well.

This guy was so arrogant, how could Ye Yuan not have killing intent aroused?

Seeing Ye Yuans murderous look, the corners of Zhuge Qingxuans mouth curled slightly, and he taunted, What? You wouldnt be thinking of killing me still, right?

Cant I? Ye Yuan retorted with a question icily.

Huhu,what a joke! Truly a colossal joke! Just now, if not for this seat being momentarily careless, do you think that you could hurt me? Bragging got to have a limit too! Zhuge Qingxuan said mockingly.