Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Refusing To Give In To Old Age Wont Do

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"Is that so? What if you add me?"

A figure appeared, trapping Zhuge Qingxuan with a pincering momentum with Ye Yuan.

Zhuge Qingxuan was bold stemming from superb skills too. Even though he suffered injuries, he did not have the slightest intention of escaping. His air of an expert was displayed in its entirety.

He did not think that this Divine Realm really had someone who could make him stay.

But when he saw the dragon clans arrival, his expression changed too.

"Long Min, youre actually not dead yet!"

This Long Min was the dragon clans previous generation patriarch.

Many years ago, he passed the position to Ao Duo, then secluded himself.

Everyone in the world all thought that Long Min already died. They did not expect that not only was he still alive in this world, but his strength was also this powerful.

"Long Min pays respect to Dragon Lord!"

Long Min first gave a bow to Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan was slightly surprised, but he still nodded his head. This was considered to have returned the salute.

"Thanks to Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings blessings, Im still lingering on with this last breath of life until today. Its just that, Heaven Stabilizing Divine Kings actions today, isnt it bullying people too much?" Long Min turned to Zhuge Qingxuan and said.

Zhuge Qingxuan had a calm and collected look as he said coolly, "This seat wanted them to hand over Ye Yuan, but they refused no matter what. Thats why this seat took action."

Long Min said, "The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is my dragon clans common lord. Even this elderly self have to respectfully call him dragon lord. Arent you making things difficult by having us hand him over?"

"Hey old man, youre so unreasonable! We already said that Young Master wasnt at the dragon clan, yet you insist on us handing over the person. Where would we find to hand over for you?" Lu-er suddenly shouted loudly at the sky.

A cold light glinted in Zhuge Qingxuans eyes. Separated so far away, Lu-er was also akin to being struck by a thunderbolt.

"What did you say?" Zhuge Qingxuan said word by word.

Lu-ers words made Zhuge Qingxuans blue veins throb, his anger flaring up with a wham.

He, Zhuge Qingxuan, boasted of his casual and elegant bearing. At present, his age was also merely over 3000 years and did not appear old. He did not even count as middle-aged.

But this little lass actually called him an old man!

Ye Yuan was originally burning with fury. At this time, he was tickled by Lu-er until he secretly laughed in his heart too.

This lass did not have any thought in mind and randomly shouted. But it poked right at Zhuge Qingxuans sore sport.

His aura released slightly, warding off Zhuge Qingxuans aura, and he said nonchalantly, "Lu-er is merely 30 over years of age. Is there any problem with calling you an old man? Youre already getting on in years, still pretending to be young for what. Refusing to give in to old age wont do! Now, its us youngsters world. You look, Senior Long Min is a wise man who understands the time. He had long relinquished his position. At your ripe old age, shouldnt you hand over your position in the Holy City too and be a grand elder or something? Wouldnt it be splendid?"

Each word that Ye Yuan said, Zhuge Qingxuans face would become a shade darker.

When Long Min saw this scene, he could not help smiling.

Not only was this dragon lords martial strength formidable, but his verbal skills were also similarly powerful!

But Zhuge Qingxuan just really had nothing to say.

Even if Ye Yuans two lifetimes were added together, it was also merely 500-plus years old. At the very most, it was also just a fraction of Zhuge Qingxuans.

Even though the two people were both peerless geniuses, when put together to compare, Zhuge Qingxuan paled in comparison.

One had to know that Ye Yuan only used a short few months time and rushed to number four of the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Given time, surpassing Zhuge Qingxuan was also nothing difficult.

And this was precisely the most painful spot in Zhuge Qingxuans heart!

Otherwise, why would he take up arms and come to find trouble with Ye Yuan?

The Divine Realms number one that he maintained for 2000 years, somebody was finally going to issue a challenge to him.

Even though Ye Yuan had no interest in this at all.

The reason why he said so was entirely just to repulse Zhuge Qingxuan.

Right now, he was a million times unhappy looking at Zhuge Qingxuan.

However, Ye Yuans words also repulsed Zhuge Qingxuan until it was enough for him to choke on.

Whatever Ye Yuan said to abdicate his position, even if he wanted to, there had to be someone to come and take over too!

The Purple-Gold Halls elites were all slaughtered clean by Ye Yuan alone!

This guy must be doing it on purpose!

When Yue Mengli saw this scene, she could not help smiled and said, "Lu-er, your words were unintentional, but Big Brother Yuans words anger people to death."

Lu-er had a blank look and said, "Did I say something wrong?"

"Huhu,Miss Lu-er is innocent and childlike, and you didnt say anything wrong. Isnt that Heaven Stabilizing Divine King an old man?HaHaha" Ao Yong also could not resist laughing.

Lu-er still had a vacant look, completely did not know what everybody was laughing at.

She had too little experience. These few years, the majority of the time was on cultivation and sleeping. She was basically isolated from the outside world.

Hence, even though she was already 30-over years old, her mentality was still not much different from a teenage girl.

Zhuge Qingxuans perception was astonishing. How could he not know that the dragon clans members were all mocking him?

The always calm and collected Heaven Stabilizing Divine King had blue veins throbbing at this time, rage already burning all over his body.

"Ye Yuan, do you really take this seats whiskers to be easy to stroke?"

Zhuge Qingxuans aura surged to the skies. Even when Long Min saw, his expression changed slightly too.

Clearly, he did not expect that Zhuge Qingxuan actually still held back strength previously!

However, Ye Yuan had a look of indifference and said coolly, "Just you, are considered a tiger too? In my view, youre also just a little cat. Come, kitty, meow for me to hear."

But this time, nobody could laugh.

Zhuge Qingxuans aura was too terrifying!

The faces of the dragon clans members all changed greatly. They were really frightened by Zhuge Qingxuans aura.

"S-So strong! Turns out that the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King hasnt brought out his true strength all along until now!"

"Sigh,Dragon Lord, His Excellency, is too rash! These words sound liberating, but with this it isnt easy to settle."

"This Dragon Lord His Excellency and Old Patriarch Long Min, the two people, I wonder if they can block this blow or not!"

Long Mins expression was solemn, and he reminded Ye Yuan, "Be careful, Dragon Lord!"

But Ye Yuan said indifferently, "Old Patriarch, you back off first! Wait until I and this kitty fight it out until we both wear each other out, then you come over and kill him!"

While talking, Ye Yuans tone also turned cold.

This Heaven Stabilizing Divine King already touched his bottom line. He decided that he was going to kill this guy even at risk of sustaining serious injuries!

Long Mins expression changed when he heard that, but was rather uncertain what it meant.

But when he saw the murderous look in Ye Yuans eyes, he could not help being startled and nodded his head, but retreated.

Long Mins action made everyone get a huge shock.

"This Whats Dragon Lord His Excellency going to do here? Could it be that he wants to contend against the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King on his own?" Ao Duo turned pale with fright and said.

While at this time, Zhuge Qingxuans momentum was already formed. He looked at Ye Yuan and said coldly, "Very good, youre very courageous. Not only did you successfully stoke this seats fury, you even dare to face-off on your own! Since you want to hear my, this kittys, meow, then this seat will meow for you to hear! Therefore, listen up well! Profound Qi Finger!"

One finger unleashing, the wind and clouds moved!

An attack that moved heaven and earth charged over toward Ye Yuan!