Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 Heavenly Fiendgod Coming Into Being

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"Too terrifying! This Is this really a martial technique unleashed by a Divine King Realm martial artist?"

"Dragon Lord is in danger! He actually hasnt unleashed a martial technique yet!"

"What on earth is Dragon Lord doing? Has he given up resisting?"

A series of clamoring sounds came from the dragon clan. They discovered that Ye Yuan provoked very happily just now.

But now, he actually stopped moving!

Zhuge Qingxuans momentum was already formed. This finger was stronger compared to that finger previously. It was simply not what human strength could resist.

Yue Menglis and Lu-ers expressions changed greatly and had worried looks.

After all, Ye Yuans opponent this time was the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, who was known as the Divine Realms number one. It was not up to them to not be worried.

Everyones hearts leaped to their throats, uncertain what medicine Ye Yuan was selling in his gourd!

In a blink of an eye, Zhuge Qingxuan brought the Profound Qi Finger and arrived at the place several hundred feet away from Ye Yuan.


The person had not drawn near yet and already broke Ye Yuans defenses, making him directly spew out a large mouthful of blood.

"Dragon Lord!"

"Big Brother Yuan!"

"Young Master!"

Seeing this scene, everyones face changed drastically, one after another!

They seriously could not figure out why Ye Yuan did not retaliate.

Zhuge Qingxuan was also rather surprised, his face somewhat stunned.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually did not resist at all.

But he did not have the intention of pulling back.Since youre not resisting, then Ill directly send you to the western paradise.

Even if the Jade Emperor came, he cant save you either!

However, right at this moment, Ye Yuan finally made a sound.

Voice of the Dragon God!


Ye Yuan suddenly radiated with resplendent golden light. A terrifying dragon roar instantly reverberated through the clouds.

At this moment, Ye Yuan did not hold back in the slightest, directly urging the Voice of the Dragon God to the limits!

The Profound Qi Finger that originally had an irresistible onslaught abruptly stopped at this time.

Zhuge Qingxuans figure was forcefully nailed in midair by the Voice of the Dragon Gods sound wave attack.


Zhuge Qingxuan, who was caught by surprise, similarly spewed out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

Ye Yuans roar made everyones expression change dramatically!

But everybodys reaction was completely different.

Long Mins withered old face was seemingly like the last radiance of the setting sun at this time, exuding a flushed color.

That was caused by excitement!

"Voice of the Dragon God! Its absolutely the Voice of the Dragon God!Hahaha indeed worthy of being the dragon lord! He actually learned my clans long-lost Voice of the Dragon God!" Long Min said with unbelievable surprise and delight.

As for Ao Qian, Ao Yong, and the rest, they clearly also guessed the origins of this move of Ye Yuans.

"Its actually the Voice of the Dragon God! This This is too inconceivable! This move has already been lost in the dragon clan for over 100 thousand years. Didnt expect that we actually saw it again anew today!"

"Such a terrifying power! Is this one of my dragon clans supreme martial techniques, Voice of the Dragon God? Just how powerful was my dragon clan when at the height of its power and splendor?"

"Turns out that the dragon lord dug a pit for the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King to jump! Yet, he even jumped inside! If the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King falls, my dragon clan will gain great fame and prestige tomorrow!"

When Li-er, Lu-er, and the rest saw the situation, they all heaved a long sigh in relief.

But they still looked at the two people confronting each other in the air with anxious looks, not daring to relax in the slightest.

Being shocked by the Voice of the Dragon God, which came unexpectedly, this blow to Zhuge Qingxuan was not light.

Ye Yuans Voice of the Dragon God was not the slightest bit weaker than his Profound Qi Finger!

Furthermore, the penetrative force of sound waves was clearly greater than ordinary martial techniques!

Now, he finally understood why Ye Yuan had no movements all along.

Ye Yuan was making him suffer from his own scheme!

The Voice of the Dragon God, naturally, the closer to Ye Yuan, the greater the power.

Ye Yuan risked sustaining serious injuries and also had to wait for him to enter the range of several hundred feet, in order to give him a head-on blow!

Ye Yuan succeeded!

The moment the Voice of the Dragon God was unleashed, Zhuge Qingxuan immediately suffered severe injuries again!

However, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of ending it here.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Voice of the Dragon God persisted for two breaths of time and dissipated with a loud bang!

Ye Yuan and Zhuge Qingxuans figures virtually flew out backward at the same time.

Zhuge Qingxuan and the Profound Qi Finger were not to be trifled with. Ye Yuan also suffered serious injuries under this one finger.

Adding on the Voice of the Dragon Gods consumption, his condition currently was dreadful to the max.

However, Zhuge Qingxuans situation was not much better than his.

The power of the Voice of the Dragon God was too fearsome. He also entered that strongest region.

Currently, he was bleeding from all seven orifices, his entire body had almost been torn apart.

Mutual destruction!

At this time, Long Min suddenly recalled Ye Yuans words earlier.

Wait until the two of them were worn out, kill Zhuge Qingxuan!

Long Min was shrewd with age, how could he waste such an opportunity? Lifting his hand, it was a Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven!

A dragon roar sounded again. Zhuge Qingxuans scalp tingled.

For thousands of years, this was his first time truly facing death!

He who had always considered everybody and everything beneath notice finally knew what was called despair!


Zhuge Qingxuan howled. He was already powerless to resist such an experts attack.

Everyone stared at this scene unblinkingly, their hearts leaped up to their throats.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King perishing, this was the number one major event in the Divine Realm for thousands of years!

But in the next instant, everyones faces changed drastically.

Suddenly, a black hole appeared in the sky.

This black hole just happened to meet Long Mins Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven!

It was only to see a blood light flash inside the black hole. Long Mins Divine Dao martial technique was actually extinguished just like this.

Long Mins expression changed greatly, and he cried out in alarm, "Fiend race!"

A young man slowly walked out from inside the black hole, bringing along several powerhouses behind him.

The young man stood with his hands behind his back, with the haughtiness of looking down arrogantly upon the world.

Even the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King was a magnitude inferior to him in terms of disposition.

Seeing this young man, everyones face changed drastically.

Clearly, the arrival did not have good intentions!

The young man smiled nonchalantly and said,"Huhu,the dragon clan I really havent seen you people for a long time! Wheres everyone? Just nice today Ill catch the whole lot in one fell swoop!"

At this time, Yue Mengli had long already made her move, reaching her hands out to support Ye Yuan.

Although Ye Yuans wounds were very severe at this time, his consciousness was very clear.

Seeing this young man, Ye Yuan felt all the hairs on his body stand up.


Extremely dangerous!

This was the feeling that this young man gave him.

Beside Ye Yuan, a figure appeared. It was precisely Long Teng.

When Long Teng saw that young man, his expression immediately became extremely ugly, close to losing all hope!

When Ye Yuan saw Long Tengs expression, he was immediately clear in his heart.

To be able to make Long Teng display this expression, who else could there be still?

"He actually came into being ahead of time!"

Long Teng took a look at that young man, then looked at Ye Yuan, and was filled with extreme unwillingness.

He was unreconciled to it, Ye Yuan had not fully grown up yet!

To deal with Kanuo, one at least had to reach Fang Tians boundary back then too!

Although the current Ye Yuan was strong, compared to the Fang Tian back then, he was still quite a bit worse.

"Hes Kanuo?" Ye Yuan endured the pain all over his body and spoke up.

Long Teng slowly nodded his head and said, "Thats right! Hes precisely Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuo! His strength seems to be even stronger than before!"