Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Long Tengs Resolve

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Kanuos appearance caught everyone off-guard.

Currently, Ye Yuan already suffered serious injuries. Just based on Long Min alone, there was no way to be Kanuos match.

Could it be Could it be over just like this? Long Teng said unwillingly.

Seemingly detecting Long Tengs gaze, Kanuo actually looked over here.

Eh,its actually you! Didnt expect that 50 thousand years have passed, I could actually still bump into an old acquaintance. Didnt expect that he actually protected you, Kanuo said, smilingly.

Long Teng snorted coldly when he heard that and said, Whos an old acquaintance of yours? This old man wishes that he can tear you limb from limb!

Kanuo smiled faintly and said,Huhu,something that even Origin Deity Realms couldnt accomplish, just based on you guys, some trash, how can you possibly do it? Rather, you all shall become this gods blood feed today!

At this time, everyone was jittery inside the dragon clan.

They did not know who this young man was at all and could not even see through his cultivation realm.

But they knew that this young man was very strong!

That mover earlier by Old Patriarch Long Min, Dragon Traversing the Ninth Heaven, what kind of power did that have?

But this young man just gave a casual attack and actually utterly annihilated this attack.

G-Grand Elder, who is this young man? Isnt the Divine Realms strongest the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King? Why do I feel that this young man seems to be even stronger than the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King? asked Ao Yong, a dragon clan elder.

Originally, Ao Yong also did not know about the existence of the heavenly fiendgods.

But the last time Long Teng was in the clan, he told them the matters back then.

He looked at Kanuo with a solemn expression and said, This young man is most likely that heavenly fiendgod from the fiend race! He was once a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Deity Realm powerhouse! This How is this possible? Didnt all of the Deity Realm powerhouses all go missing?

This is actually a Deity Realm powerhouse. No wonder his strength is so powerful! Doesnt that mean that even though he doesnt have Deity Realm cultivation, he possesses Deity Realm comprehension?

T-The fiend race actually still has such a terrifying powerhouse, a former Deity Realm powerhouse. Doesnt that mean that hes the number one person beneath the Deity Realm?

Ao Yong nodded his head and said, Its likely the case! Looks like what Senior Long Teng said was true! Its just that there was Senior Fang Tian capable of suppressing this heavenly fiendgod 50 thousand years ago. Now who is there? Could it be that heaven is really dooming my dragon clan, heaven is dooming the Divine Realm?

A look of despair appeared on Ao Yongs face. The pressure that Kanuo gave him was seriously too great.

At this time, Kanuos gaze turned to Ye Yuan, and he said emotionally, Ye Yuan, I have no choice but to admit, youre the most troublesome Son of Heavens Mandate that this seat has encountered! Even the Absolute Heaven back then was probably not as troublesome as you. If I give you another few years time, you might really be able to threaten this god! If this Immortal Grove Regions Heavenly Dao isnt deficient, you might be able to grow to an existence even more powerful than Absolute Heaven! Its too bad that it was still this god who won in the end!

Ye Yuan looked at Kanuo, his eyes spewing fire.

He struggled, wanting to stand up. But it aggravated his wounds, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood.

This guy was the ringleader that decimated his family!

But now, he was powerless to resist!

Hahaha!Are you extremely frustrated in despair? The person who killed your father is in front of you, but you can only quietly wait to be killed by the other party. This sort of feeling is very wonderful, right? However when this seat sees your expression, Im very excited!Haha

Kanuo started chortling with laughter like crazy.

This was a conspiracy that lasted for over 500 years. Kanuo wanted to doom Ye Yuan to death countless times, but he did not succeed.

Kanuo was challenging Heavenly Dao, but he failed.

Ye Yuan rose up like a comet, giving Kanuo tremendous pressure.

Ye Yuan was too strong!

When he heard Yue Ji say that she was almost shocked to death by Ye Yuan, Kanuo decided to come into being ahead of schedule without the slightest hesitation!

He could not give Ye Yuan any more time to grow.

This Son of Heavens Mandate seemed to be not quite the same as the ones he encountered before.

Li-er, bring Ye Yuan away first! Leave this place to this old man! Long Teng suddenly let out a long sigh and said to Yue Mengli calmly.

Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli trembled all over. They knew that Long Teng wanted to defend to the death here.

No! Im not leaving! Ye Yuan used all the strength in the body to shout.

Long Teng turned around and said to Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan, for this old man to be able to meet you, watch you grow, its already enough! You are this old mans pride in this lifetime! Where theres life, theres hope. I, this old bag of bones, am already useless. As long as youre around, Kanuo he will not be considered to have won, and the Divine Realm will not perish either!

Ye Yuans tears gushed out. He clenched his fists tightly, using all the strength in his body, wanting to stand up.

But he could not do it!

The battle with Zhuge Qingxuan, he already spent everything he had.


Li-er, what are you still waiting for?! Long Teng yelled coldly.

Two rows of tears flowed down from the corners of Yue Menglis eyes. Toward Long Teng, how could she be willing to part too?

But at this time, she did not seem to have more options.

Senior, you take care!

Finished talking, Yue Mengli gritted her teeth and brought Ye Yuan away.

Li-er, Im not leaving! Dont bring me away! Ye Yuan yelled.

Big Brother Yuan I-Im sorry! Yue Mengli said with tears in her eyes.

Long Min, even if the dragon clan is eradicated today, youll also have to ensure Ye Yuan leaves! This was Long Tengs final yell.

Senior rest assured, my dragon clan stands proudly in heaven and earth, and definitely wont compromise! Long Mins expression turned stern as he replied solemnly.

Huhu,what a touching scene. Its just a pity that none of you can leave today!

Kanuo smacked a palm out nonchalantly. A massive blood-colored palm headed straight for Ye Yuan through the air.

Zhuge Qingxuan was currently not far from Kanuo. Seeing the power of this palm, his gaze immediately turned intent.

This palm was too terrifying!

Even at his prime, he was absolutely unable to receive this palm too!

Long Tengs figure moved, directly blocking between the enormous palm and Ye Yuan, and swiftly smacked a palm out!

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Back then, he imparted this move to Ye Yuan.

Now, Ye Yuan already surpassed his predecessor.

It was just that, how could the Long Teng without a physical body be Kanuos match?

Sensing that terrifying palm behind, Ye Yuan turned his head back, and his eyes involuntarily turned bloodshot from anger!


A resentful to the extreme emotion pent up in Ye Yuans chest. Under the violent anger that attacked the heart, Ye Yuans vision went dark, and he fainted away.

Huhu,a mantis trying to stop a chariot!

Kanuo smiled lightly and did not think anything of Long Teng at all.

Long Teng only felt like his soul was going to be scattered facing this palm.

Too strong!

The current Kanuo was even stronger than back then.

Long Teng slowly shut his eyes, waiting for the arrival of death.

Right at this time, waves of ripples suddenly flooded the space. A black-clothed person slowly walked out, lightly raised his palm, and received that black-colored enormous palm.

Then a scene that left everyone dumbfounded happened!

That blood-colored enormous palm actually gradually dissipated into nothingness just like that!

Kanuos gaze turned intent; his expression became sullen.