Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 : The King Returns

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Everyone was incomparably shocked. Such a terrifying palm was actually blocked by this black-clothed person so nonchalantly.

It looked like this black-clothed persons strength was actually not beneath Kanuos!

Its really you! You really didnt die! Kanuo said solemnly.

That black-clothed person said coolly, You havent die, so how could I dare die?!

Humph!Youre really lingering on relentlessly! Kanuo said with a cold snort.

The one whos lingering on relentless should be you, right? Being suppressed so many times, youre still so persistent! the black-clothed person said.

Kanuos face turned black, and he said, Suppressing this god, you have to pay at the cost of your life! This Immortal Grove Region will eventually be this gods!

You can stop daydreaming! With me around, you can forget about succeeding. Moreover, as long as Ye Yuan grows up, most likely it wouldnt be suppressed so simply! the black-clothed person said coolly.

Then, that will also have to wait until he grows up! Kanuo said with a cold snort.

You can rest assured. With me around, hell grow up! The black-clothed persons words exuded faint confidence.

Long Teng did not have the joy of surviving a disaster at all. His entire person was currently akin to being struck by lightning, staring fixedly at this black figure in front.

The current Long Teng was agitated until he shuddered all over!

Even though the black-clothed person had his back facing him, he was too familiar with this person!

Is Is it you? Long Teng asked quiveringly.

The black-clothed persons entire person was shrouded in the black cloak, unable to see his features at all.

But these were all not obstacles to Long Teng.

The black-clothed person slowly turned around and opened his mouth to say: Old partner, its been hard on you these few years.

Long Tengs entire body trembled. He opened his mouth but did not know what he should say.

50 thousand years already, he had once harbored the mentality of getting lucky too, thinking that this person did not die yet, and would still return to fight side-by-side with him.

But Long Teng silently waited for 50 thousand years, and he did not return.

Only all the way until Ye Yuan appeared did Long Teng start a brand new life.

Fighting side by side together with Ye Yuan, he felt like it was the same as before, making his hot blood boil.

Long Teng thought that he really died and would never come back anymore.

But now, he actually appeared miraculously.

Unfortunately Long Teng was just an artifact spirit now and could not cry at all.

Otherwise, he would really like to have a good cry.

Tsk tsk,todays moving scenes are really many! Not bad, not bad, since you brothers have reunited, then go down below together and catch up about old times, Kanuo said with a look of ridicule.

The black-clothed person said to Long Teng, Catch up again later.

Finished talking, the black-clothed person turned around and said to Kanuo, How dare the general of a defeated army speak of bravery!

Kanuo said indifferently, General of a defeated army? To think that you also dare to say it! That great battle 50 thousand years ago, the victor was not decided yet! At present, this god had a huge increase in strength and wants to weigh whether or not your strength is sufficient to contend with this god!

The black-clothed person said coolly, As you wish.

When Kanuo saw the black-clothed persons composed look, his heart involuntarily sunk.

But he was not that sort of character who could be frightened away with a roar.

In the present Divine Realm, only this black-clothed person was able to contend with him.

As long as he killed him, who else in this world could stop his footsteps of unifying the Divine Realm?

The black-clothed person extended his hand and grabbed. A bizarre force instantly shuttled through the void.

Yue Menglis and Ye Yuans figure suddenly appeared before everyones eyes.

Yue Mengli was unaware of what was going on. She only felt a blur before her eyes, and she actually returned to her original place!

This shock was by no means insignificant!

Senior Long Teng, this Whats going on here? Yue Mengli said to Long Teng.

When Long Teng saw Fang Tians move, his eyes lit up too.

Seems like Fang Tians strength was even stronger than before!

Seeing this scene, Long Tengs heart was also put back in place.

No need to panic. Its Brother Fang who teleported you guys back with his great magical ability! Todays situation already took a favorable turn! Long Teng said smilingly.

Brother Fang? Yue Mengli looked towards the black-clothed person with a puzzled look.

Thats right. Hes the Vast Heaven Pagodas previous owner, Fang Tian! Long Teng said with a smile.

Yue Menglis beautiful face was incomparably shocked and she said in disbelief, Hes Senior Fang Tian? He Hes actually still alive!

At this time, Fang Tian reached his hand out and beckoned. The Vast Heaven Stele actually broke away from Ye Yuan of its own accord and flew into his hand.

The feeling of amiss in Kanuos heart became stronger and stronger. After he obtained the Fiendsource Bead, although his strength did not recover to its peak, it already recovered 70%.

The current him was even stronger than when he encountered Fang Tian back then!

Could it be that in these 50 thousand years, Fang Tians strength had another significant increase?

But in this age where it was unable to break through to Deity Realm, how could this possible?


All of a sudden, fiendish energy surged on Kanuos body. A black bead faded in and out on his forehead.

A terrifying aura instantly swept across every corner.

Two mighty supreme powerhouses matching powers, everyone had to give a wide berth.

But under the monstrous fiendish energy, Fang Tian was composed and collected.

People did not see him making any actions either. The Vast Heaven Stele suddenly erupted with rays of brilliant light!

Just this aura was far stronger than when in Ye Yuans hands/

Humph!Not seeing for 50 thousand years, youre still using this move? Looks like youve exhausted your bag of tricks! Kanuo said with a cold snort.

When Fang Tian heard that, he said coolly, Dealing with you, this move is enough!

Is that so? Then Ill let you have a taste of the means after this gods strength has spiked greatly! Bloodfiend Storm!

Kanuo kneaded seals with both hands. A terrifying storm instantly enveloped Fang Tians figure.

Immediately, there was a foul wind and rain of blood!

This blood rain had extremely terrifying penetrative and corrosive ability. If ordinary martial artists were stained by a tiny bit, their souls would disintegrate at once too.

However, situated deep inside it, Fang Tian was shrouded in layers by the light halo emitted on the Vast Heaven Stele.

No matter how the wind and rain battered, I stand steadfast as a rock!

Heaven and Earth Throw!

Right then, the Vast Heaven Stele in Fang Tians hands suddenly disappeared.

Kanuos pupils constricted. An enormous blood palm suddenly smacked out, wanting to resist the Vast Heaven Steles heaven-shaking throw.


A terrifying collision, no idea how many times more intense than Ye Yuans battle with Zhuge Qingxuan prior to this.

Everyone looked at those two figures in the sky with solemn looks. Even their breathing stopped.

These two peoples victory and defeat, they determined the Divine Realms future direction. It was not up to people to not feel deep anxiety.


Bloodfiend Storm abruptly scattered. Kanuos figure actually flew out backward.

All of a sudden, Kanuos fiendish energy diminished considerably.

Seeing this scene, all of the dragon clans members had greatly roused morale on their faces!

Hahaha,won! This mysterious powerhouse is so powerful, to actually be able to defeat even a Deity Realm powerhouse. Could he be a Deity Realm powerhouse too?

Finally saved! I feel that today was just like being tormented in an oil bath, too terrifying!

Kill! Kill the fiend race!

For a moment, war cries filled the air.


Kanuo practically did not have the slightest hesitation and directly shattered space, bringing his group of subordinates and fled at a splitting pace.

Zhuge Qingxuans expression changed a few times and finally entered inside too.