Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 A Hero Past His Prime

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Kanuo fleeing in panic made everyone dance for joy.

There was jubilation in the dragon clan!

Today, virtually every clansman hovered between life and death.

This impact on the mind simply made people breakdown.

Among them, no one was happier than Long Teng.

Meeting Fang Tian again after a time interval of 50 thousand years, the agitation in his heart could be imagined.

Huhu,not seeing for 50 thousand years, I didnt expect that Brother Fangs strength is actually a magnitude greater! Long Teng went up to greet with a smile.

After all, he was an old monster who had lived for several tens of thousands of years. Through this short while of subsiding, Long Tengs emotions already stabilized, and he was not as agitated as before.

But the joy revealed in his words was hard to conceal.

But Fang Tian kept standing there and did not move, did not answer Long Teng either.

Long Tengs expression became ugly. A foreboding feeling welled up.

Brother Fang, a-are you alright?


Suddenly, Fang Tian sprayed out a mouthful of blood mist, his figure actually started teetering on the verge of collapse.

Brother Fang!

When Long Teng saw the situation, he could not help turning pale with fright.

Fang Tian waved his hand and said, Im fine. Go to the dragon clan before talking.

This scene made everyones heart seize up again.

Long Tengs expression flickered incessantly, his heart suspending.

At this time, in an open field, Zhuge Qingxuan and Kanuo stood facing each other.

Heaven Stabilizing Divine King,tsk tsk,if not for this seat rushing over in time, you would have become the Divine Realms greatest laughingstock tomorrow. Kanuo looked at Heaven Stabilizing Divine King with a smile that was insincere.

Zhuge Qingxuan could not help choking up when he heard that. If other people said these words, he would have long exterminated the other party with a finger.

But this one before his eyes was much stronger than him!

Moreover, what Kanuo said was right.

If not for him making it in time today, Zhuge Qingxuan, this Heaven Stabilizing Divine King who was known as the Divine Realms number one, would become the entire Divine Realms laughingstock tomorrow.

At the thought of that scene earlier, he still had lingering fear in his heart.

This Ye Yuan was too insidious!

This guy actually plotted against him, wanting to kill him even at the risk of mutual destruction.

The more he thought, the more uncontrollable Zhuge Qingxuans rage became.

He was confident that with his strength, even if Long Min and Ye Yuan teamed up, they absolutely could not keep him behind too.

If not for Ye Yuan scheming against him, how could he possibly have a narrow shave with death?

Of course, what he did not expect even more was that Ye Yuan really had the strength to make him bite the dust!

It was just that in Zhuge Qingxuans heart, he did not think that he was the loser. He was finding an excuse for his failure.

Enough crap, what the hell do you want? Zhuge Qingxuan said crossly.

Heh,so brusque when talking, is this the attitude that you should have towards your benefactor? Kanuo was not angry either and said with a faint smile.

Otherwise, what do you think? What kind of attitude do you think I should have toward a member of the fiend race? Zhuge Qingxuan said coldly.

Haha. .. youre indeed as hypocritical as your ancestor, Zuo Zong! This god is a heavenly fiendgod, could it be that you still want to be able to do immoral things while maintaining a good name in front of this god? Kanuo said with a loud laugh.

Zhuge Qingxuans expression changed, and he said, You know Ancestor Zuo Zong?

Huhu,of course I know. Weve even exchanged blows before! Back then, if not for him fleeing just before going into battle, Absolute Heaven might really have been able to slay Yue Ji and me. But this god didnt expect that his wise action of saving his own skin let his Dao legacy carry on for as long as a million years, Kanuo said smilingly.

Facing Kanuo, the Divine Realms number one Heaven Stabilizing Divine King actually had a feeling of being seen through too.

This kind of feeling made Zhuge Qingxuan very annoyed!

Just spit out what you have to say!

Kanuo smiled and said, Defect to this god!

Zhuge Qingxuans expression changed, and he said, Impossible!

What if this god can let you attain the true Divine Realms number one? Kanuo said with a smile that was not a smile.

Five days later, Ye Yuan exited seclusion.

Looking at this old man who practically crawled out from inside a coffin, the respect in Ye Yuans heart spontaneously welled up.

Ye Yuan pays respect to Senior Fang Tian!

Fang Tian was thin and emaciated, his face without any color, looking just like a corpse.

Ye Yuan was proficient in medicinal knowledge and saw through at a glance, Fang Tian practically turned himself into a living corpse in order to extend his longevity.

Even so, he had also already reached the extent of oil giving out and the lamp expiring.

Fang Tian looked at Ye Yuan and said with a look of relief, Good, good! Each new generation really excels over the old one! Back then, this old man glimpsed heavens secret, leaving the Vast Heaven Stele in the Endless World. Actually, I was very uncertain in my heart. I didnt expect that it actually ran into a prodigious talent like you.

Ye Yuans heart suddenly stirred and he opened his mouth and said, Senior, could it be that youre the Heavens Secret Towers master? Also, that mysterious organization that resists the fiend race, could the mysterious powerhouse at the back be Senior?

When Fang Tian heard that, he suddenly burst into laughter.

Long Teng similarly stroked his beard and smiled as he said, Brother Fang, you lost our bet!

Fang Tian laughed loudly and said, Lost, I lost! However, this old man lost happily! For these 50 thousand years, this old man has never been so happy like today before.Cough, cough, cough

Fang Tian laughed too hard and actually started coughing fiercely.

Long Tengs expression changed when he saw the situation. Brother Fang!

Fang Tian waved his hand and said, No worries, this old man cant live for long in the first place. Being able to see Ye Yuan grow up, I can die in peace too.

Ye Yuan! Long Tengs gaze involuntarily looked toward Ye Yuan and actually carried a pleading expression.

Ye Yuan was a peak Alchemy Emperor who grasped Divine Dao laws. If one wanted to save Fang Tian, nobody else was worthy except him.

Ye Yuan heaved a slight sigh and said, Senior Fang Tian has probably already not taken action for many years in order to extend his life. This time, forcefully mobilizing essence energy, his vitality was used up. Even a divine pill likely has no power to turn the tables too!

Long Tengs entire body trembled when he heard that, his eyes revealing a look of hopelessness.

But Fang Tian smiled and said, My old partner, at our ripe old age, cant you see through it yet? Actually, I should have long died 50 thousand years ago. Being able to live until now is already a profit.

Long Teng had a pained look as he said, Seeing through life and death is easier said than done! Those Deity Realm powerhouses lifespans are easily several tens of thousands of years. They were probably unwilling to turn to dust as well, right?

Fang Tian smiled and said,Haha, what you said makes sense. This old man eked out a meager existence until this date, how is it not because I couldnt bear to die too? But at present, my condition, death is a release for this old man.

Ye Yuan held his tongue by the side. Towards this pair of old brothers feelings, he was able to understand.

Even if Fang Tian reached Half-Deity Realm, his lifespan would not increase by much either. At most, it was also just 20 thousand years of lifespan.

Being able to live until now, Fang Tian used god knows how many secret arts and suffered how much torment.

Ye Yuan thought about it and suddenly said, I have a prescription. If it reaches arcane insight rank, it can help Senior Fang Tian extend his life for some time. But at most, theres also just three years time. Furthermore, within these three years, Senior Fang Tian mustnt take action anymore. Otherwise, youll immediately lose your life!

Ye Yuans words made Fang Tian and Long Tengs eyes light up.