Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Long Tang Returns!

"En? Is someone challenging the Nine Heavens Road? And they succeeded?"

Ye Yuan was dumbfounded when he saw the reappearance of the Rainbow Road.

Feng Ruoqing also had a stunned look. She also did not expect that Long Tang could really clear the Nine Heavens Road!

"It's Long Tang! I didn't think that he would really succeed!"

Ye Yuan curled his mouth. "Didn't everyone say that the Nine Heavens Road is a death zone? Looks like it's nothing more than this!"

At any rate, Ye Yuan did not experience overwhelming difficulty. But since other people also successfully cleared it, then the legend of the Nine Heavens Road was somewhat untrue.

But Feng Ruoqing shook her head and said, "You're wrong. The Nine Heavens Road is truly difficult to the extreme. Even if I go and challenge it with my current realm, it would be very tough to retreat unscathed. Long Tang being able to clear it can only mean that his potential is enormous!"

Ye Yuan recalled the terror of that final sword and immediately approved of Feng Ruoqing's statement.

He could withstand that sword, but that did not mean that others could also endure that sword. If the array was at full blast, Feng Ruoqing would really perish if she entered it.

"Alright. The Endless Trials are about to begin. Let's head over first."

. . . . . .

Earth rank and Heaven rank students were already assembled in the central square. The square was densely packed. There were most likely several thousand people.

Because the strength of Black rank and Yellow rank students were too poor, they were not required to participate in the Endless Trials.

They would only become cannon fodder if they go anyway.

The aim of the academy organizing this Endless Trials was to train students, not to send them to die.

The crowd of students clearly also saw the wondrous view of the Rainbow Road reappearing. Each one of them was struck dumb by shock.

The legendary Nine Heavens Road was actually cleared consecutively. After the astonishment, it made the thoughts of many who proclaimed themselves geniuses to waver.

Zuo Bugui looked at that tiny figure on the Nine Heavens Road with indescribable shock.

"He actually made it through! Could it be that he and I are already no longer of the same world?" Zuo Bugui murmured to himself.

Zuo Bugui sucked in a deep breath, and could not resist looking for Ye Yuan's figure among the crowd.

It was that person who changed Long Tang and made him undergo a transformation.

Just what kind of magic powers did Ye Yuan have? Why couldn't he feel it?

This search really made him see Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan and Feng Ruoqing were chatting and laughing as they made their way over, filling the bystanders with jealousy.

Zuo Bugui did not mind that. But no matter how he sensed, he could not feel that so-called 'magic power' on Ye Yuan.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Long is truly talented! He made it past the Nine Heavens Road as expected! He is fully deserving of the number one in the academy!" This was a loyal Long Tang fan.

"Is your brain rotten?It's already been four days since Senior Apprentice Brother Long challenged the Nine Heavens Road. Ye Yuan only used the greater part of a day to challenge the Nine Heavens Road. The two of them are simply incomparable, ok? Furthermore, Ye Yuan made it past the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm. His potential is limitless!"

"So what? In terms of strength, Ye Yuan is far off. Senior Apprentice Brother Long can defeat him with just one hand! Also, as long as one passed the Nine Heavens Road, they would have the status of the high sect's core disciple."

"Not going to argue with a brain-dead fan like you. Senior Apprentice Brother Long's lead is only temporary. Ye Yuan will surpass him before long."

Ye Yuan and Long Tang, as the number one person of the new and old generation, both also having cleared the Nine Heavens Road, possessed a large group of loyal fans each.

On the stage of the square, Zhang Songtao was also ecstatic to see Long Tang clear the Nine Heavens Road.

"Haha . . . truly invigorating! Two geniuses who made it past the Nine Heavens Road actually appeared consecutively in my State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy! We can stand up with our heads high! Let's see if those bunch of grandsons dare to show off in front of me when I see them in the future!"

Hu Changsheng also stroked his beard lightly as he said with a smile, "Truly unexpected! Heaven is protecting my State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy. To have two peerless geniuses appear consecutively!"

Su Yubai had seen Ye Yuan long ago. He snickered coldly while looking at him.

Wasn't it just clearing the Nine Heavens Road? What was there to be cocky about?! To actually use the status of the high sect's core disciple to suppress Your Father!

Now, Long Tang cleared the Nine Heavens Road as well. Let's see what you have to be arrogant about!

Su Yubai already made the decision to rope in Long Tang at all costs.

This kind of people would definitely become a powerhouse of their generation. With him covering the Su Family, they would be as stable as Mt Tai for the next few centuries!

And Ye Yuan would surely become a quietly fallen comet after this Endless Trials; becoming a bygone.

. . . . . .

Long Tang came.

The clothes on him already became strips of rags. His aura was also somewhat disorderly, making him appear somewhat ragged. There was a sharp contrast with Ye Yuan calmly clearing the Nine Heavens Road.

It was obvious from his condition that the Nine Heavens Road was not so fun. Long Tang definitely experienced terrifying attacks on the Nine Heavens Road.

However, while Long Tang's aura was disorderly, his entire person was displaying his edge fully; complete polar opposites from his usual self.

This point was very similar to Ye Yuan.

"Hahaha! What a fine Long Tang! Truly remarkable! Indeed worthy of being number one on the Martial Roll! The way I see it, your potential is even greater than Mo Yuntian and Ye Yuan!" Su Yubai went up to greet him with a hearty laugh.

Su Yubai's words incurred many people's disgust. They also saw his intention to rope him in, but nobody dared to say anything.

There was a vast difference between whether Long Tang passed the Nine Heavens Road or not.

If he made it past the Nine Heavens Road, Long Tang's future accomplishments would absolutely increase multiple folds.

If he failed to make it past the Nine Heavens Road, then he would at most be an expert in the State of Qin. It obviously would not be worth it for Su Yubai to pull him in then.

Long Tang did not show much of a reaction towards Su Yubai's solicitation. He just bowed slightly and said, "Many thanks for Elder Su's praise. Long Tang doesn't deserve this!"

"Worthy! Worthy! What's there to be undeserving about? You, Long Tang, have always been the absolute number one in the academy. Now, you even cleared the Nine Heavens Road. Who would dare say that you are undeserving?" Su Yubai said smilingly.

If it was somebody else, they would more or less have to expound on the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder's solicitation. But Long Tang shook his head and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Mo is a senior who already left the Dan Wu Academy. It isn't good to compare with him. As for Ye Yuan . . . I am vastly inferior to him! If I did not clear the Nine Heavens Road, I could perhaps still numb myself. But now that I've experienced it for myself, I know just how gifted Ye Yuan is! This title of number one, Long Tang dare not accept!"

Following Long Tang's words, Su Yubai's face grew increasingly darker.

Long Tang's words were undoubtedly giving him, Su Yubai, a slap in front of thousands of people!

How awkward was this for the lofty Disciplinary Hall's First Elder?

But Long Tang ignored Su Yubai's complexion and circled around Su Yubai to come in front of Zhang Songtao. He was the highest figure hosting this Endless Trials.

"Dean Zhang, Long Tang came here for two matters. The first is to request not to take part in the Endless Trials this time. Long Tang has just passed the Nine Heavens Road and have some gains. I wish to enter closed-seclusion for a period of time. I hope that Dean Zhang will allow it."

Long Tang's current condition was clearly unsuitable for participating in the Endless Trials. Zhang Songtao naturally would not be so unreasonable. He nodded and said, "En. Enter closed-seclusion and comprehend your gains well. Forget about the Endless Trials. What's the second matter?"

"The second matter is to express thanks to a person! Without him, I couldn't have cleared the Nine Heavens Road!"

"Oh? There's such a thing? Who has such capabilities to actually aid you in passing the Nine Heavens Road?" Zhang Songtao exclaimed in surprise.

Long Tang's word aroused everybody's curiosity. But nobody knew the answer except for Zuo Bugui!