Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Unexpected Surprise

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Even three years, that is fine too! Long Teng said with a look of anticipation.

Fang Tian had a look of anticipation too. At present, fiend calamity was erupting. Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuos strength was even greater than in the past. Having him die just like this, he was really not willing.

Moreover, he and Long Teng did not meet for 50 thousand years. They finally managed to reunite. He did not wish to be separated by life and death from here on as well.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, I have a pill formula in my hands. It is called Heavenly Fragrance Life Extending Pill. If ordinary martial artists consume it, extending longevity by 2000 years is no issue. Its just that Senior Fang Tians current state, the effects are negligible. The spirit medicines that this pill formula requires are very rare too. I have the other spirit medicines in my hands. Its just that one of the core medicines is a one-million-year-old Ghost Heavenly Incense. Its hard to find in a short time.

But Fang Tian laughed when he heard that and said, These few years, in order to extend my life, this old man can be said to have employed every trick up my sleeves. If its spirit medicines, this old man found quite a few. I just happen to have this Ghost Heavenly Incense.

Ye Yuan did not reveal a surprised expression. The Ghost Heavenly Incense was a life-extending medicine to begin with. He reckoned that Fang Tian should have it in his hands, that was why he would say it.

Otherwise, if they could not find the spirit medicines and he said this kind of thing, wouldnt it be an empty dream?

When Fang Tian saw Ye Yuans expression, he immediately understood in his heart and secretly thought to himself what formidable wits this boy had!

He had always been paying attention to Ye Yuan. But his understanding of Ye Yuan was mostly on the surface.

Only now, after actually meeting Ye Yuan, did he know that this boy was truly very different.

Ye Yuan put away the Ghost Heavenly Incense and bid farewell to the two people. The two of you catch up on old times first. Ye Yuan will be right back!

Looking at Ye Yuans departing back view, Fang Tian said with a vicissitude of emotion, Old Partner, I had always prided myself on being exceptional. But only when I saw Ye Yuan did I know that theres always someone better!

Long Teng also stroked his beard and said with a smile,Haha,honestly, Ive never believed that under this present Heavenly Dao, theres still someone capable of surpassing you, all the way until I met Ye Yuan! You dont know how arrogant he was when he challenged the Vast Heaven Pagoda back then. But I just couldnt do anything to him. This boy is simply a freak, refreshing my understanding of him again and again. Even until now, I also dare not say that I completely understand him.

Fang Tian roared with laughter when he heard that and said,Hahaha with Ye Yuan around, perhaps my Divine Realm really have hope! Its just too bad that he was born at the wrong time! If not for Heavenly Dao being deficient, he might be able to reach Senior Absolute Heaven, that kind of height!

Two days later, the pill tribulation descended.

When Ye Yuan came out of the pill refinement room, it gave everyone a big fright.

The current Ye Yuan seemed to have had a great illness, looking very dispirited.

Ye Yuan, you Long Teng said in surprise.

But Ye Yuan himself did not care at all and grinned as he said, This Heavenly Fragrance Life Extending Pills quality is a little better than I even imagined! Senior Fang Tian, quickly take it!

Fang Tian received the medicinal pill and said with a touched expression, Thank you, Ye Yuan!

With Ye Yuans present realm, making himself like this when refining pills, it could be imagined how much effort he put in.

Probably even when refining pills for himself, Ye Yuan would not put so much effort either, right?

Fang Tian knew that this was Ye Yuan repaying him, and it was also out of respect towards him.

Of course, it was also likely on account of Long Tengs face.

But without a doubt, Ye Yuan was a person who put relationship above all!

Such a person was worthy entrusting to!

Huhu,Senior is too polite! Extending your life until now, you suffered pain that ordinary people cannot imagine. It was all for the Divine Realm. Senior did earth-shaking major things that were unbeknownst to the public. Yet Senior doesnt seek fame and wealth. Ye Yuan respects Senior deeply! Its just a shame that Ye Yuan is powerless to save the situation, Ye Yuan said regretfully.

Perhaps after cultivating Alchemy Dao to a certain boundary, one could really defy the heavens. But the current Ye Yuan was clearly not equipped with that kind of power.

A day later, Fang Tian completely refined the pills medicinal strength.

When he exited seclusion, Long Teng and Ye Yuan both looked at him with a look of anticipation.

The current Fang Tian, his complexion was much better than a few days ago.

On that close to zombified face earlier, now it actually had some additional color!

How is it, Brother Fang? Long Teng asked rather anxiously.

The specifics of what effects the medicinal pill had, only Fang Tian himself would know after he consumed it.

Fang Tian smiled mysteriously at this time but extended three fingers.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuans face revealed a disappointed expression, and he said with a bitter smile, In the end, can it only be three years?

Long Teng was also depressed for a while but felt relieved very quickly. Patting Ye Yuan, he said, Ye Yuan, youve already tried your best! With Brother Fangs bodily condition, being able to extend longevity for three years is already a miracle.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said,Sigh,I thought that arcane insight rank would ultimately be a little better!

But Fang Tian chuckled and said happily, Who told you guys three years? 30 years!Hahaha Ye Yuan, your alchemy skills are simply heaven-defying! This old mans battered body, you were actually even able to bring back from the dead! Truly broadened my horizons!

Hearing these words, Ye Yuan himself was stunned too.

Long Teng was stupefied first, then was immediately overjoyed and said, Brother Fang, really? You cant tease this old man!

Fang Tian laughed and said, Bluff you for what! Ye Yuan only said three years time previously too. I didnt harbor that much hope, feeling that being able to have one or two years is already very good. But, the more I refined the medicinal pill, the more shocked I became! This Heavenly Fragrance Life Extending Pill simply seizes the good fortune of heaven and earth. Not only did it recover most of the hidden injuries in my body, I even have 30 more years of lifespan out of thin air! How many years has it been, this old man has always suffered torment. Now, these pains were actually swept away clean! With this old mans age, I even nearly jumped up just now!

Hahaha its really too great! Ye Yuan, youre also too conservative. Is this wanting to give this old man a whopping big surprise? Long Teng said with a look of surprise.

Ye Yuan himself also felt very surprised. But seeing Fang Tian and Long Teng like so, he felt very happy too.

Huhu,honestly speaking, I myself felt very surprised too. The power of the Medicine Gods Soul Canon somewhat exceeds my imagination! However, Senior Fang Tian, you still cant employ essence energy right now. Otherwise, even immortals cant save you! Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

The more he dug into the Medicine Gods Soul Canon, the more Ye Yuan discovered the extensiveness and profoundness of this Divine Dao record.

Looks like his path of Alchemy Dao was also merely at the beginning!

Fang Tian smiled and said, You can rest assured. This old man naturally knows this point. Previously giving Kanuo a heavy blow, I believe he wont dare to anyhow make a move anymore either. At least, before his strength fully recovers, we should be safe!

Ye Yuan said in surprise, His strength already reached such a realm, its actually not fully recovered yet?

Fang Tian said with vicissitudes of emotion, A heavenly fiendgods strength is correspondent with Origin Deity Realm. This kind of existence, how could their strength be what we, mere mortals, are capable of imagining? In my view, his current strength at most also just recovered to around 70%. Theres still some distance away from full recovery!