Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Pressed For Time

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Senior Fang Tian, your current realm is Ye Yuan asked rather curiously.

That great battle before, he was in the middle of a coma and did not see it with his own eyes.

But for Fang Tian to be able to overpower Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuo with his worn-out body, his grasp toward Divine Dao laws had probably already reached an unimaginable level.

Fang Tian smiled lightly and said, If differentiating it according to the realms of Divine Dao, I should already be in the Heaven Glimpse Realm right now.

Ye Yuan sucked in a cold breath when he heard!

The Divine Dao three great realms: Grotto Profound, Heaven Glimpse, and Origin!

Fang Tian actually comprehended Divine Dao laws to the realm of Heaven Glimpse with Half-Deity Realm.

This talent was simply appalling to hear!

Ye Yuan was currently comprehending Divine Dao laws and knew the hardships involved.

Furthermore, Skydistant said before, the disparity between each major realm of Divine Dao, was even harder than cultivating from the Essence Qi Realm to Deity Realm added up!

Without the support of Divine Dao cultivation realm, wanting to comprehend Divine Dao laws was doubly difficult.

But Fang Tian actually relied on his own comprehension ability and forcefully comprehended Divine Dao laws to such a boundary. It could simply be rated as freakish!

Senior is truly formidable! Ye Yuan admires! Ye Yuan said from the bottom of his heart.

In these 100 thousand years, probably only Fang Tian alone was able to comprehend Divine Dao laws to such a realm, right?

It was just a shame that he currently had a dilapidated body. Otherwise, how could there be a chance for Kanuo to be cocky?

Ye Yuan was currently lost in thought and suddenly discovered that Fang Tian and Long Teng did not move.

He lifted his head and looked, and discovered that the two people were both using a strange gaze to look at him. He could not help asking curiously, Two seniors are

Long Teng scolded with a laugh, You brat, deliberately exasperating people, are you? To really talk about monstrous, probably nobody in this Divine Realm can compare to you, right?

Fang Tian smiled and said, This old man has already cultivated for several tens of thousands of years. But you only truly immersed in the martial path for 30 years, and your strength is already close to Zhuge Qingxuans. To really compete in talent, this old man probably isnt even fit to carry your shoes!

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately laughed in spite of himself and said, Two seniors are too kind. Ye Yuan doesnt mean that. Its just that the Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm is really far beyond reach to Ye Yuan!

Huhu,doesnt this old man know you still? Long Teng said with a smile.

But at this time, Fang Tians expression became serious, and he opened his mouth to say: Ye Yuan, are you planning on going to the Godsfall Mountain Range?

Ye Yuan was stupefied, not expecting that Fang Tian actually even knew about this.

Seeing Ye Yuans expression, Fang Tian smiled and explained, Dont you forget, this old man set up the Heavens Secret Tower!

Ye Yuan said in puzzlement, Could it be that Senior is really able to pry into heavens secrets?

Fang Tian smiled and recounted the events back then.

It turned out that back then, Fang Tians and Heavenly Fiendgod Kanuos paramount great battle was fought for a full nine days and nights.

This battle, truly fought until the heavens rend asunder and the earth cracked. Finally, both sides sustained heavy losses!

But at the end of this battle, Fang Tian and the heavenly fiendgod seemed to have triggered Heavenly Dao, and they actually experienced a trace of understanding!

Ever since then, Fang Tian and the heavenly fiendgod, both of them actually had the ability to divine heavens secrets.

The heavenly fiendgod was suppressed several times, and his strength did not recover fully in the first place.

This battle with Fang Tian, he even greatly damaged his vitality and actually directly slumbered for as long as several tens of thousands of years!

And Fang Tian also sustained serious injuries. He calculated heavens secrets. Hence he fled to the Endless World and left behind the Vast Heaven Pagoda inheritance, then entered the Godsfall Mountain Range himself!

Fang Tian pried into heavens secrets and calculated that his path of survival lay in this Godsfall Mountain Range.

In the Godsfall Mountain Range, Fang Tian chanced upon a fortuitous encounter and eventually prolonged his feeble existence until now.

Later, he calculated that the heavenly fiendgod was about to come into being. Hence, he also chose to leave the Godsfall Mountain Range, wanting to seek out the heavenly fiendgod.

But this time, the heavenly fiendgod became wiser.

Moreover, he similarly had the ability to pry into heavens secrets. Hence, the two people started to match powers in the dark, all the way until today!

After Ye Yuan heard, he sighed unceasingly too.

This confrontation that lasted 50 thousand years, the final landing point lied on him.

Fang Tian knew that he was already powerless to oppose the heavenly fiendgod. The reason why he chose to come into being was just in order to protect a phase in Ye Yuans journey!

This favor could be said to be heavy!

If not for Fang Tians 50 thousand years of eking out a meager existence, Ye Yuan would have already died in Kanuos hands several days ago.

Then no one would be able to stop Kanuos footsteps in the Divine Realm anymore.

Then is Senior able to divine whether this trip of mine will be successful or not? Ye Yuan said.

Regarding entering the Godsfall Mountain Range, Ye Yuan also had no confidence in his heart.

Inside the Godsfall Mountain Range, there were too many opportunities, but also too many dangers.

The powerhouses who died in the Godsfall Mountain Range could be said to be too many to enumerate.

But the Kunwu Divine Wood was in the depths of the Godsfall Mountain Range.

Disregarding whether he could find it or not, the dangers on the way would be enough for him to choke on.

Having someone who was capable of divining heavens secrets in front of him at this time, Ye Yuan had no reason to not ask about good or ill luck.

But Fang Tian smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, Regarding your fate, I can only sense it vaguely. That Kanuo is likewise the same. Otherwise, he wouldnt need to go through so much trouble to deal with you. Furthermore, this trip of yours is going to challenge Heavenly Dao. This is even more unable to conjecture. This trip, good or ill luck, is hard to predict!

Everything regarding Ye Yuan, Fang Tian and Kanuo were both unable to calculate entirely.

As for the ranking of the Ten Great Divine Kings, Fang Tian also determined it through the others.

Ye Yuans strength could not be guessed at all.

The ranking that he gave Ye Yuan was fourth, but Ye Yuan nearly finished Zhuge Qingxuan off.

This was Ye Yuans uncertainty.

Ye Yuan could not help being rather disappointed. But had an additional hint of hidden worry towards the success or failure of this trip.

Ye Yuan, this trip is too perilous. Youd best stay in the dragon clan and cultivate bitterly! Brother Fang has 30 years time now. He scared away Kanuo, I believe he wouldnt dare to act recklessly either. This time is sufficient for you to comprehend Divine Dao laws, Long Teng urged.

Even Fang Tian could not guess good or ill luck, it indicated that the risk of Ye Yuans trip was too great.

Inside the Godsfall Mountain Range, everything had a possibility of happening.

Even if you were Son of Heavens Mandate!

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, If theres a possibility, of course, I dont wish to take this risk. But now that it came to this, I must go to the Godsfall Mountain Range!

Fang Tian also nodded and said, Kanuo wont give us 30 years time! In his current state, probably before long, he would be able to recover to his peak state. Furthermore, my understanding of him, when time passes, hell definitely be able to perceive something amiss. Ye Yuans time is too little! Its just that Ye Yuan, can you tell me what do you want to go to the Godsfall Mountain Range for?

He could only calculate that Ye Yuan wanted to go to the Godsfall Mountain Range. But to do what exactly, he could not calculate in the slightest.

Ye Yuan did not conceal it either, straight away briefly recounting the matter of the Dao Defying Pill.

After Fang Tian and Long Teng heard, they both drew a cold breath!

This matter, even Long Teng did not know either.

Ye Yuan, I know that your Alchemy Dao attainments are exceedingly high. But under the circumstances where Heavenly Dao is missing, its impossible for you to break through to Deity Realm! If you can succeed, the seniors would have long succeeded! Moreover, even if you successfully refine the Dao Defying Pill, without mystic qi flooding the body, youre likewise unable to reach Deity Realm! Fang Tian said.