Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Fiend Calamity Erupts

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Wanting to reach the Deity Realm, mystic qi flooding the body was an indispensable step!

But, in the current Divine Realm, the whereabouts of mystic qi had long already become unknown.

Even if Ye Yuans Dao Defying Pill really had the effect of defying the heavens, without mystic qi flooding the body, it would also be futile in the end.

Hence, Fang Tian and Long Teng, the two of them, were not optimistic about Ye Yuan.

In their view, Ye Yuan making use of this precious time to cultivate and comprehend Divine Dao laws was the right path.

But Ye Yuan clearly did not think so.

Seniors, Kanuo wont give us so much time! Moreover, wanting to kill Kanuo, Ill have to comprehend to the Origin Deity Realm at the very least! But even if I comprehend to the Origin Deity Realm, I have no assurance in killing Kanuo either. Therefore, the Godsfall Mountain Range is my only option! Ye Yuan said coolly.

He had already made up his mind. No matter how Fang Tian and Long Teng persuaded him, it would not change either.

Moreover, Ye Yuan felt that his judgment was not wrong.

He almost killed Yue Ji, completely because Yue Ji was very weak.

But Kanuo was already not far from recovering to his peak!

Even though he would be subjected to many limitations, he was still the Divine Realms strongest existence.

Even if Ye Yuan comprehended to Origin Deity Realm Divine Dao laws, it was very hard to kill him too.

Wanting to deal with Kanuo, there was only one path to take.

That was breaking through to the Deity Realm!

Right then, somebody from the dragon clan came to report. The Spirit Bristle Divine King had come to pay a visit.

Teng Yun brought to them a piece of news that was not unexpected. The fiend calamity finally erupted!

Except, the fiend races might had exceeded everyones expectations.

The other seven super holy lands outside of the Medicine King Hall, four fell in enemys hands all at once!

These four super holy lands became the fiend races domain within a few days.

The Heavenly Sword Sect had long already existed in name only. The Holy City did not have any activities until now too. What remained was actually just one super holy land.

This one super holy land was clearly already tottering on its feet. How could it resist the fiend races cavalry?

This way, the Divine Realm had virtually one-third of the territory, which ended up as the area that the fiend race occupied.

Hearing this news, everyone was in deep shock.

Kanuo had long buried many chess pieces for the sake of today.

Now that it erupted at once, it caught everyone by great surprise.

These Eight Great Super Holy Lands more or less had heard about the matters of the fiend race.

But they probably did not take it to heart at all!

All the way until today, the fiend calamity erupted, instantly sweeping across over half of the Divine Realm with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder that left no time for covering ears.

Even though the Divine Realm still had many concealed forces, the nucleus was still with the Eight Great Super Holy Lands as the core.

But now, the Eight Great Super Holy Lands virtually all fell, stupefying all of the Divine Realms martial artists all at once.

Fang Tian let out a sigh and said,Sigh,looks like these several thousand years of crossing swords, this old man was utterly defeated! I didnt expect that Kanuo actually already secretly developed his forces to such an extent.

Ye Yuan consoled him, Seniors achievements dont lie here. If not for Senior striking fear into him for several thousand years, Kanuo wouldnt need to be secretive like so. Most likely, the fiend calamity would have long erupted several thousand years ago. Some things cant be helped. The only plan now is how to resist the fiend races assault and not self-blame.

Fang Tian was long an arrow at the end of its flight already. Many things were on having the heart but lacking the strength.

Just by relying on the Spirit Bristle Divine King, it was hard to support the overall situation.

What Ye Yuan said is right! Brother Fang, now that it came to this, talking about these is of no help to the matter too. Wed better discuss more on how we should handle the fiend races invasion, Long Teng said.

Fang Tian sighed and said, Under these circumstances, its already not convenient for me to show my face. I believe Kanuo wont easily make an appearance either. He and I should have a tacit understanding. Before having absolute assurance, it should be wait and see. Ye Yuan, Im already mentally and physically exhausted now. This position of Mystic Gates master, will be handed to you!

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, Senior, youre

Toward Fang Tians action of shirking his responsibilities, Ye Yuan felt helpless.

In Fang Tians present state, it was indeed not suitable to show face anymore.

Having him preside over this war, he was also indeed having the will, but lacking in strength.

Fang Tian smiled and said, This old man knows your intention. But this sort of situation presently, there must be a person who steps up and preside over the human races and fiend races overall situation! Otherwise, the two races will plummet like water rushing down and covering hundreds of miles. Probably before long, the entire Divine Realm would thoroughly be occupied by the enemy. If this Mystic Gate had a second person to take over, I wouldnt come and find you either.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, Fine then. Then Ye Yuan will not decline the responsibility anymore. Its just that I hope that Brother Teng doesnt take things too hard.

He knew that Teng Yun followed Fang Tian for very long. But this position of Mystic Gates master, Fang Tian passed it to him.

It was proper and reasonable that he had to apologize to Teng Yun.

Teng Yun smiled and said, This Teng is foolish and reached a conclusion after examining myself that I dont have this ability to take on this great responsibility. No one is worthy of this position of master but you!

Ye Yuan did not have much understanding toward Mystic Gate, this organization.

Of course, it was not just Ye Yuan.

The majority of the people in the Divine Realm had never heard of Mystic Gate this organization.

Ye Yuan only knew that people who possessed mystic rank tokens seemed to have very high statuses.

But when Ye Yuan saw the five people in front of him, he was immediately stupefied.

Spirit Bristle Divine King, Soul Martial Divine King, Heavenly Book Divine King, Void Distance Divine King, and Profound Wind Divine King!

These five people were actually the Mystic Gates five great mystic lords!

Among the Ten Great Divine Kings, there were actually half that were Fang Tians men!

This strength could virtually be said to occupy half of the Divine Realms territory.

Ye Yuan himself also did not expect that these five great divine kings would actually become his subordinates one day.

Apart from the five great divine kings, the Mystic Gates forces were also much larger than Ye Yuan imagined.

Just the peak Void Mystic powerhouses that Fang Tian groomed were as many as several dozen.

As for initial-stage Void Mystic and Divine King Realm experts, there were even too many to enumerate.

Even though this number was still far worse compared to the fiend race, it already greatly surprised Ye Yuan.

It seemed like Fang Tian really made a lot of preparations for the sake of today.

It was just that so many powerhouses were what Fang Tian spent thousands of years of hard work to nurture.

He gave him the Mystic Gate without even batting an eyelid.

This bearing was truly admirable.

You guys hid from me so bitterly! Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and shook his head as he said.

Huhu,its also useless to tell you early. Its also not late for you to know now! But now, we have to call you Master too. This Zhong never would have thought that your speed of rising would actually be so swift! the Soul Martial Divine King Zhong Zizhen said with a laugh.

These five people, Ye Yuan naturally knew them. The one with the best relationship was the Spirit Bristle Divine King and Soul Martial Divine King.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, The matter last time, still have to thank Brother Zhong.

What Ye Yuan was referring to was the matter of the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Just a matter of lifting my hands, Zhong Zizhen said coolly.

After a while of small talk, Ye Yuans expression turned solemn and said, My elder brothers, the fiend race great calamity is upon us now. Since this Ye succeeded this position of master, Ill have to look to elder brothers more for support in the future. At present, the fiend race calamity erupted. The fiend races onslaught in unstoppable. Our Mystic Gates first battle must be fought beautifully!