Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 Besieged On All Sides

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Sect Master, there are people from the Dawn Heavenly Palace coming after from the east! The one taking the lead seems to be their palace lord, Qin Tiannan!

Sect Master, there are also people chasing over from the west! Seems like the Ziwei Sect!

Sect Master

Bad news came one after another. The Ethereal Sects Sect Master, Lu Zizheng, had never been so despaired before.

Eight great super forces were actually just left with them in a blink of an eye!

The Ethereal Sect was still fighting with the Seven Absolute City and the Dawn Heavenly Palace prior to this for the territory left behind from the Medicine King Halls destruction.

Who knew that in a blink of an eye, four great super holy lands all became the fiend races territory!

When the news came, Lu Zizheng felt a cold wind blow down his back.

Because these four great super holy lands holy lords, actually all became the fiend races fiend slaves, became lackeys in the fiend races hands!

The four great holy lords actually brought their sects powerhouses and charged over towards the Ethereal Sect from all directions.

Fortunately, he reacted fast and immediately abandoned their foundation, before escaping the four great super holy lands encirclement.

Whatever foundation, whatever trump card, was all not worth mentioning in front of absolute strength!

But at this time, these four great super holy lands already caught up. Furthermore, it was all the holy lords personally going into battle.

He could still handle one, but how could he be a match for four great holy lords?

What kind of attitude does the Xu Familys side have? Already reaching this point, could it be that they still want to live a reclusive life? Lu Zizheng growled angrily.

His fury was almost burning to the heavens already.

Surveying the Divine Realm, there was actually no way out for him already!

After evacuating the sect, there were only two places that he could go to.

One was the Demon Region, and the other was the Four Great Families place of seclusion!

After careful consideration, Lu Zizheng still decided to retreat to the Xu Familys territory of the Four Great Families.

Those who were not of ones race were surely not of one heart and mind.

The human race and demon race had never had much interaction. At this time, it was clearly still the human race that was a bit more reliable.

But who knew that they had already sent quite a few groups of people to the Xu Family, but the Xu Familys attitude had always been ambiguous and did not give a definite answer.

With this to and fro, their best timing for escaping was also delayed.

In a moment, the four great holy lands great army was going to wrap them up into dumplings already.

Lu Zizheng never dreamed that already reached such a critical juncture of life and death, the Xu Family actually stood idly by and did nothing to save!

Could it be that they really thought that they were able to only care about themselves and disregard other people?

Sect Master, Vice-Sect Master Feng returned from the Xu Family! Suddenly, someone came forward to make a report.

Lu Zizhengs face lit up, and he hurriedly said, Quick, quickly let him come over! Hang on, Ill go over myself!

How could Lu Zizheng still wait patiently? He dashed out with a lunge.

Seeing Vice-Sect Master Feng Tao, Lu Zizheng hurriedly asked, How is it? What did the Xu Family say?

Feng Taos expression was incomparably ugly, and he said awkwardly, The Xu Family said, asylum is okay, but the Ethereal Sect will have its name taken off the books from now on, and merge into the Xu Family, becoming a subsidiary of the Xu Family!

What?! They They are bullying people too far!

Lu Zizheng stomped his feet in anger. The calm and collectedness of the past were long tossed beyond the ninth heaven by him.

This was simply looting a burning house!

According to the Xu Familys terms, the Ethereal Sects Dao teachings would die out from this point.

Moreover, he, this sect master, would probably be swallowed by the Xu Family sooner or later.

This wishful thinking was really calculated too well!

Not good, Sect Master! All of our paths of retreat are already cut off! Right now, we only have the Xu Family, this path that can be taken! Suddenly, a subordinate came up to give a report.

Lu Zizhengs expression turned as pale as paper. Gritting his teeth, he said, Go, agree to the Xu Familys terms first! Go in and then talk!

At this time, the four great super holy lands powerhouses already rushed over. Lu Zizheng had no choice and could only retreat while fighting.

Miserable cries rang endlessly. Lu Zizhengs heart was dripping blood.

He thought in his heart, after todays disaster passed, he would definitely find the Xu Family to settle this score well!

At this time, the Xu Family was already waiting in full battle-array.

After all, the four great super holy lands powerhouses were no joke.

Not just the Xu Family, the other three families powerhouses had also all gathered over here.

Xu Guangyin, this seat agrees to your terms! Quickly open up the clan-protecting grand array and let us in! Lu Zizheng said in a clear voice.

The Xu Familys family head, Xu Guangyin, was a Void Mystic powerhouse who had already touched upon Divine Dao laws.

He said in a clear voice, You swear a Heavenly Dao Oath first. If its violated, your Ethereal Sect will die a horrible death from top to bottom!

When Lu Zizheng heard these words, hot blood rushed to his head, and he almost fainted away.

This bunch of guys really did not commit themselves until success was certain!

They had totally taken a fancy on the Ethereal Sects inheritance. How was this saving people?

Xu Guangyin, I f*ck your uncle! You Youll die a horrible death! Even if our Ethereal Sect is completely annihilated today, we wont condescend to you all for the sake of overall interests either! I want to see how your Xu Family is going to give an account to the Divine Realms martial artists!

Lu Zizheng became extremely angry and actually spewed out a mouthful of blood.

But Xu Guangyin gave a cold laugh and said, Then you dont need to worry about it! When your Eight Great Super Holy Lands tyrannically abused your power, when have you ever thought of our great families? Now that you met with difficulties, you know how to seek refuge with us? Huhu, how can there be such a good thing?

Lu Zizheng clenched his teeth and yelled out, Ethereal Sects disciples listen up! The Xu Family is inhumane and unjust, throwing a rock down the well, standing by when others are in peril! Today, well fight to the death in front of their gates and use our deceased souls to curse them to die a horrible death!

The Ethereal Sects great army was forced into a dead-end at this time. Each and every one of them became bound by a common hatred for the enemy instead.

There was already no place for them to take shelter in this world anymore.

It seemed like apart from fighting to the death, this one path, they already had no paths to take!




Even a trapped beast would put up a desperate fight, let alone humans?

The Ethereal Sects powerhouses all surged with a brutal aura and actually slaughtered back!

Hahaha Lu Zizheng, I urge you to surrender without resistance and become Lord Fiendgods fiend slave! Lord Fiendgod will give you countless benefits! said the Dawn Heavenly Palaces palace lord, Qin Tiannan, with a loud laugh.

Lu Zizheng, you can still repent now and be saved! said the Ziwei Sects sect master.

Lu Zizhengs expression flickered incessantly, dumbstruck with amazement by this scene in front of him.

These guys had actually fallen so far!

He did not wish to become this kind of walking corpses whose minds and bodies were all enslaved!

Becoming like this, he would rather die!


Lu Zizheng did not hesitate in the slightest, immediately charging forward.

But the moment they exchanged blows, Lu Zizheng discovered something amiss.

His opponent was Qin Tiannan, but Qin Tiannans strength was more than a magnitude stronger than before!

His current strength was likely not at all inferior compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings too!


Qin Tiannan lifted his hand and gave a palm, directly smacked Lu Zizheng flying.

Hahaha,ant! Saw that? If you surrender to Lord Fiendgod now, I can still give you a chance! Qin Tiannan said with a big laugh.

Lu Zizheng gritted his teeth and said, You dream on! Making me become like you, Id rather die!

There was not the slightest trace of mercy in Qin Tiannans eyes as he said indifferently, Since thats the case, then you can go and die already!

Finished talking, Qin Tiannans palm slapped down.

Lu Zizheng shut his eyes, waiting for death painfully.

But this palm kept taking a long time to land.

When he opened his eyes to take a look, he could not help revealing a look of wild ecstasy!