Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 Walking Into A Trap

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Profound Profound Wind Divine King! Void Distance Divine King!

Lu Zizheng never dreamed that these two great divine kings would actually descend at the final juncture and save their Ethereal Sect!

Lu Zizheng, youre not bad! Got a bit of gut! said the Profound Wind Divine King, Weng Yifan.

Lu Zizheng was very forthright and said, Letting me become like them, Id rather die!

Alright, leave the few of them to me. The rest, you shouldnt have a problem, right? the Void Distance Divine King, Yi Xing, opened his mouth and said.

Lu Zizhengs face turned vicious, and he said, Of course theres no problem!

Turning around, Lu Zizheng charged into the crowd.

Heh heh,Profound Wind Divine King, Void Distance Divine King! If it were before, wed really not dare to provoke you guys. But now, what do you guys count for? Qin Tiannan walked wantonly.

What we count for, youll know very soon!

The Void Distance Divine Kings indifferent voice sounded out, his figure suddenly vanishing.

The Void Distance Divine Kings comprehension of spatial laws was exceedingly profound.

Within a certain radius, he could virtually shuttle through space as he pleased. Hence, he was known as Void Distance.

From a certain degree, he was very similar to Ye Yuans greater teleportation art!

But, just talking about movement technique, he was more powerful than Ye Yuan!

When the four great titans saw this scene, their pupils involuntarily constricted, and they instinctively became vigilant.

Theres still me! Dont just care about guarding against him!

The Profound Wind Divine King smiled faintly, a storm rising out of nowhere!

One after another, blade-like gale winds charged towards the four people.

The four people were powerful too, each displaying their divine abilities, and actually became entangled in a struggle with the two great divine kings.

Even though there were two great divine kings who joined in, the Ethereal Sect was still hopelessly outnumbered in the end.

They had the will to kill the enemy, but their numbers were seriously at a disadvantage.

For some time, the casualties were grievous.

Right at this time, several hundred figures approached from far away, their speed exceedingly swift, joining the group battle very quickly.

These several hundred people, the weakest was also peak Divine King!

After they joined the group battle, a massive change immediately happened to the battle situation.

The joining of so many Void Mystic Realm powerhouses, that was an overwhelming force.

Unless there were Ten Great Divine King realm powerhouses coming to suppress, otherwise, it was totally irresolvable!

Even though these several hundred people were few, they were like tigers entering a flock of lambs and started massacring wantonly.

When the four great families saw this scene, their expressions could not help changing drastically!

Who are all these people? When did so many Void Mystic Realm powerhouses actually appear in the Divine Realm? Xu Guangyins face changed as he said.

You guys, look! These peoples arms are all tied with a piece of silk ribbon, on it was written the word Mystic. It looks like they are from the same sect! said the Fang Familys family head.

My God! We actually didnt know that the Divine Realm still had such a terrifying force! They all added up are enough to sweep across any faction! The Cheng Familys family head shuddered with fear when he saw these Void Mystic powerhouses.

One had to know that a super holy lands Void Mystic powerhouses were merely three to five.

Those with a little more were also merely nine or ten.

The four great families had deep foundations. Each family also had merely 11 or 12 Void Mystic powerhouses.

But this mysterious faction before their eyes actually possessed hundreds of Void Mystic powerhouses!

This was too much!

Brother Xu, I feel that we cant watch from a hilltop while the two tigers fight anymore! In my view, these Void Mystic powerhouses are actually all just being commanded like foot soldiers. There are definitely even stronger powerhouses behind them! If we still look on with folded arms, its hard to guarantee that this mysterious faction wont find trouble with our four great families! The Hu Familys family head said with furrowed brows.

Xu Guangyin nodded his head and said in a loud voice, Open the formation! Meet the enemy!

The four great families were taken aback by the Mystic Gates powerhouses power, and no longer dared to hole up in their turtle shell, immediately charging out.

With them joining in, this great battle showed an even more one-sided trend.

After all, the four great families strength foundation was even stronger than a super holy land.

It was just that they normally revealed nothing.

When Lu Zizheng saw this scene, he could not help smiling coldly and said, Despicable villains who see which way the wind blows! The four great families are simply the disgrace of the human race!

He did not conceal this voice. Everybody heard it.

Xu Guangyins expression changed, but he endured it and did not flare-up.

At this time, the Profound Wind Divine King and Void Distance Divine King already thoroughly suppressed the four titans. The other martial artists battles also became without the slightest meaning because of the addition of the Mystic Gates powerhouses and the four great families.

But right at this moment, a sudden change occurred again!

In the horizon, rolling demonic clouds suddenly rushed over here. It was actually the fiend races great army rushing over!

That surging fiendish energy made peoples expression changed when they saw it!

A powerful figure tore through the air and arrived, looked at the two great divine kings who were currently in the heat of battle, opened his mouth, and said Kill them all for this seat!

This figure was none other than precisely Fiendgod Jia Lan!

At this time, Fiendgod Jia Lan already completely recovered his strength, fiendish energy surging, looking very terrifying.

What he brought were also all fiend race powerhouses, each and every one having extraordinary strength. They were actually not the slightest bit weaker compared to those Mystic Gate powerhouses!

The physical bodies of fiend race powerhouses were extremely formidable. Moreover, fiendish energys corrosion toward martial artists was very formidable.

Same-realm martial artists were completely unable to deal with a fiend race powerhouses.

With no choice, those Mystic Gate powerhouses all got into groups of two or three, and they dealt with a fiend together.

Seeing this scene, Lu Zizheng, as well as Xu Guangyin, these powerhouses expressions all changed greatly.

It turned out that this was the fiend races true strength!

Such a great powerful army, how should one resist?

The originally one-sided situation actually reversed once more because of the addition of this batch of fiend race army!

However, what made everyone feel even stifled in their hearts, was still the Fiendgod Jia Lan, who was standing in the sky with glinting eyes.

His aura was too powerful, powerful until it made everyone despair.

Hahaha foolish humans, to actually dare oppose my supreme fiend race! This seat will send you all on your way right here!

Jia Lan suddenly burst out laughing. A terrifying attack was already in the midst of accumulating power.

Had not taken action yet and all of the human powerhouses felt their hearts turn cold.

Such a level of existence was totally not what they were capable of withstanding!


Jia Lans attack was unleashed brazenly, without the slightest hesitation.

Once this large area-of-effect killing skill landed, who knew how many experts would be injured or killed.

As for those fiend slaves deaths, Jia Lan did not care at all!

Hahaha,all go to hell! Jia Lan said with a hideous grin.

A terrifying dragon roar suddenly surged to the sky!

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!


At the critical moment, Ye Yuan finally rushed over, resolving this certain-kill blow!

Powerhouses the likes of Fiendgod Jia Lan were not what ordinary people were capable of dealing with.

Even if his realm was being suppressed at peak Tier 9, his Divine Dao martial techniques were also much stronger compared to ordinary martial artists.

Jia Lan, your opponent is me! Ye Yuan looked at Jia Lan and said coldly.

But Ye Yuans sudden appearance did not move Jia Lan in the slightest.

He looked at Ye Yuan with a smile that was not a smile and said,Haha,boy, you grew up really quickly! I still remember when I just saw you, you were merely a Heaven Enlightenment Realm rookie. Now, your strength can actually contend head-on with this seat already. However about your walking into a trap, this seat still welcomes it very much!Hahaha

Jia Lan laughed quite wildly, not putting Ye Yuan in his sights at all.

Right at this moment, two more figures appeared out of the blue!

The auras on them were actually not the least bit beneath Jia Lans!