Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 Mystic Gates Fangs

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Hahaha Ye Yuan, did you think that us getting into a fight, the goal was really these people, this sort of trash? Our objective from the very beginning was you!

Fiendgod Jia Lan chortled with laughter. Regarding Ye Yuan falling into a heavy encirclement, he was incomparably delighted in his heart.

He had suffered several major losses consecutively at Ye Yuans hands and had long hated Ye Yuan to the bones, wishing that he could flay and swallow him alive.

This time, the opportunity finally came!

Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he said, Turns out that the dogs under Kanuo are far from just you alone!

The smile on Jia Lans face abruptly disappeared, and he said furiously, That mouth of yours, this seat will definitely tear it into pieces! There are a total of six great fiendgods under the two lords. This time, all of them moved out for the sake of you! Brat, theres no escape from your doom this time!

Far away, another three figures appeared.

Those three fiendgods just watched from far away like this and did not seem to have the intention of coming forward to help.

Ye Yuans eyes raised slightly, and he said, Looks like Yue Ji that old witch joined hands with Kanuo.

This discovery made Ye Yuan rather surprised.

He already guessed previously that the reason why Yue Ji would recover her strength alone at the Moonhowl Sect, was likely because she was at odds with Kanuo.

He did not expect that they actually joined forces now.

It was just that Yue Ji being seriously injured by him, it was likely not that easy to recover in a short while.

Rather, these six great fiendgods actually all fell under Kanuos command.

In order to deal with him, Kanuo actually sent all six great fiendgods out. It was truly a big move.

Brat, come to a realization! Today, even the Jade Emperor cant save you! Jia Lan said with a hideous grin.

Jia Lan, talking nonsense with him for what? Just kill him straight away! Seriously, dealing with a brat who isnt even at peak divine king actually needed all six of us to move out! another fiendgod said impatiently.

Jia Di, you shut your mouth for this seat! Dont you forget! This battle, you all have to listen to this seats dispatchment! This brats strength isnt as simple as on the surface. If you underestimate him, youll suffer a huge loss! Jia Lan said.

The matter of Yue Ji almost being killed did not transmit internally within the fiend race.

The heavenly fiendgods were invincible existences in the eyes of the fiends.

This kind of disgraceful thing, it was naturally impossible to announce it externally.

Therefore, Jia Di and these fiendgods were unaware of Yue Jis matters.

They had also exited seclusion not long and did not know of Ye Yuans terror.

In their view, how could an initial-stage divine king human be worthy of taking so seriously?

Heh,Jia Lan, you were suppressed for too long and really became timid as a mouse. This brat, this seat can smack to death with one slap. That punk actually mobilized everyone and summoned all of us here! Jia Di said disdainfully.

Jia Dis attitude also thoroughly enraged Jia Lan.

He gave a cold laugh and said, Alright then, all of us dont take action. I want to see how youll slap him to death with one slap!

Heh heh,just you watch!

Jia Di was very disdainful and struck an indifferent claw out.

Cold piercing fiendish energy became an enormous black claw, grabbing towards Ye Yuan.

The seemingly careless claw was downright powerful.

Ye Yuan felt like the entire space seemed to be locked, unable to move a muscle at all.

When Jia Lan saw this scene, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of his mouth.

Actually, it was not just Jia Di. The other people were similarly very disdainful toward Ye Yuan. It was just that they did not express it.

Not letting them experience Ye Yuans strength, they did not know how terrifying Ye Yuan was!

Ye Yuans current strength, he more or less knew a little. It absolutely could not be underestimated!

Except, to the current Ye Yuan, this bit of means was considered nothing at all.

His body shook slightly and shook off this restraint.

At the same time, Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm emerged with a mad roar.

This palm astounded the whole world!

What a terrific Heaven Surmounting Divine King! This palm is too terrifying!

No wonder he can rank as the fourth divine king! This strength is simply staggering!

Haha, with the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, were saved!

The Ethereal Sects powerhouses immediately had a great boost in confidence when they saw this unbelievably powerful palm.

And right as Ye Yuan made his move, the faces of the six great fiendgods, including Jia Lan, changed at the same time!

Jia Dis expression changed even more dramatically. But it was already too late to want to change moves.

Dragon roars lingered incessantly on the ears. It was only to hear a massive boom. Jia Dis body was directly struck flying out far away.

But Ye Yuan did not move in the slightest.

These fiendgods had their realms suppressed by Heavenly Dao. Even though they comprehended Divine Dao laws, their strengths were actually not powerful to the extent where they were undefeatable.

Their strength was at the very most more or less on par with the Ten Great Divine Kings top five.

As for whose strength was a magnitude greater, it would have to depend on their respective means.

Jia Di harbored a contemptuous heart. This claw did not use full strength in the end. How could he be Ye Yuans match?

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of being courteous. This palm landing, it directly dissipated quite a bit of Jia Dis fiendish energy, making his aura very faint all of a sudden.

With this, how could those few fiendgods still dare to belittle Ye Yuan? Each and every one of them had solemn expressions, akin to facing a great enemy.

Heh,werent you slapping people to death? Why were you almost smacked to death by him? Grow some brain cells before talking big! If the Son of Heavens Mandate was so easy to deal with, how could we have been suppressed for as long as a million years? Idiot!

Jia Lan found a chance and scolded Jia Di by enumerating his wrong-doings fervently.

Jia Dis expression flickered incessantly, wanting to refute, but could not find an excuse.

He bragged to the heavens earlier, but did not expect that the strength of this young man who was only initial-stage divine king realm was actually so powerful!

Jia Di could only give a cold snort and stopped speaking.

Alright, the three of us attack together! The three of you cheer us on by the side! Jia Lan instructed.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Cheering on? Who told you guys that I came by myself? Kanuo is also looking down on the human race too much. Is this really bullying that my race has nobody?

While talking and laughing, three figures tore through the air and arrived. It was precisely the Spirit Bristle Divine King, the Soul Martial Divine King, as well as Long Min!

These three great powerhouses were all divine king powerhouses who comprehended Divine Dao laws. Their strength absolutely did not lose to these fiendgods.

Placed in the Divine Dao Era, these three people were bound to be Deity Realm powerhouses.

Seeing this scene, Jia Lans expression changed drastically.

He did not think that Ye Yuan actually still had such powerful companions.

The existence of the Mystic Gate was extremely secretive even in the entire Divine Realm.

Apart from these divine king themselves, nobody knew at all.

Today, the Mystic Gate finally revealed its fangs to the fiend race!

Heh,you all are wary of this young masters Voice of the Dragon God, so thats why you dont dare to let them attack together, right? Its just that dealing with the three of you, why would I need the Voice of the Dragon God?

Ye Yuan laughed coldly. The Evil Extermination Divine Sword attacked fiercely, rushing towards Jia Lan trio.

Spirit Bristle trio also did not say anything, immediately fighting together with the other three great fiendgods.

Ye Yuan fought one-on-three, two great Divine Dao laws intertwining, shuttled back and forth between the three great fiendgods, and actually did not fall into a disadvantage in the slightest!

The more Jia Lan fought, he more alarmed he got. He originally thought that he had cornered Ye Yuan. But did not expect that Ye Yuans strength was actually formidable to such a degree.