Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Nothing More Than This

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Evil Extermination Sword and Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame were both the nemesis of the fiend race. Three great fiendgods surrounding and attacking Ye Yuan were like dealing with a porcupine; there was nowhere to get started.

Fighting three-on-one, no doubt, it was hard for Ye Yuan to hurt them, but they could not do the slightest thing to Ye Yuan as well.

The other side, in contrast, Spirit Bristle the three of them, were actually somewhat laboring to deal with the fiendgods.

The six great fiendgods were former Deity Realm powerhouses in the end. Even though their cultivation realms were suppressed, it was still a notch above Spirit Bristle they all.

Except, Ye Yuans restraining was too terrifying.

Regardless of whether it was the Evil Extermination Divine Sword or Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, those were both deadly existences.

Once they really got hit, even if they were fiendgods, they would also have to lose a layer of skin even if they did not die!

The fiend race was exceedingly difficult to kill, but it was not that they were unkillable.

Especially encountering someone like Ye Yuan, it was truly incomparably tricky.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is so powerful, to actually be able to battle three great fiendgods alone! No wonder he could get this title. His strength is probably not beneath the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King already, right?

Yeah! You look at the Spirit Bristle Divine King they all, being suppressed firmly by the other three great fiendgods. At this rate, they will be defeated sooner or later.

Back then, the outside world still had many suspicions about the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. But I did not expect that the one who came forward at the final juncture to save us was actually him!

Time will reveal a mans heart! The Holy City is hailed as the Divine Realms hegemon. But I didnt expect that when the fiend calamity erupted, they actually did not have any activities at all. Truly disappointing to the max! Rather, the Heaven Surmounting Divine King and Spirit Bristle Divine King they all came forward without hesitation!

Oh,right, Id forgotten if you didnt mention it! The fiend calamity erupted, the Eight Great Super Holy Lands were virtually completely annihilated. Only the Holy City didnt have movements so far. Could it be

The feelings of the masses manifested very quickly in front of this kind of race extermination crisis.

Ye Yuan used his actions and won everyones respect.

Furthermore, the Holy Citys strange behavior also aroused a lot of suspicions.

The fiend calamity erupted but did not attack the Holy City; why was that?

It was like some kind of tacit agreement was reached between the Holy City and Fiend Race, each staying clear out of the others lane.

Dont dawdle with him anymore! Use the Starburst Grand Art and directly blot him out! Jia Lan suddenly spoke up.


Jia Di and the other fiendgods were also alarmed by Ye Yuans strength and agreed without the slightest hesitation.

The fiendish energy on the three peoples bodies heaved in and out. Limitless fiendish energy instantly enveloped Ye Yuan inside!

The three of them fired out spells in mid-air endlessly, forming an enormous several-human size black ball in mid-air.

And Ye Yuan was directly engulfed by that black ball.

This boundless fiendish energy was displayed by three great fiendgods joining hands. The power could be imagined.

Following the fiendish energy injected by the three people becoming more and more, the energy undulations that surfaced inside this black ball became increasingly alarming.

When the Ethereal Sects disciples saw this scene, all of them were jittery with fear, and could not help worrying for Ye Yuan.

One could imagine how much danger Ye Yuan, who was currently sealed inside the black ball, was in!

Not good, this surge of energy undulation is too horrifying! The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is in danger!

When Lu Zizheng saw this scene, his face could not help turning white as a sheet.

At this time, they already completely could not sense Ye Yuans aura, and totally did not know what situation Ye Yuan inside the black ball was in.

But he was completely powerless to do anything.

With his strength, he would be one-shotted by the fiendgods before even going close.

Hahaha,Ye Yuan, if you can withstand this blow, this seat will kneel down and lick your shoes! Go to hell! Explode for me! Jia Lan said ferociously.

Under his word of command, the three great fiendgods cast spells at the same time.

Puu, puu, puu

A series of exploding sounds came from inside the black ball.

This sound was unusually dull, making people feel extremely uncomfortable when it transmitted out. It was as if their chest was struck by a sledgehammer.

That black ball, under the impact of the energy internally, actually kept bulging non-stop, then returning to its original shape.

It could be seen how great the energy undulations inside the black ball were!

Its over now! These fiendgods are too powerful! Their methods are simply inconceivable! Could the Heaven Surmounting Divine King have

These fiends that call themselves fiendgods are likely Deity Realm powerhouses in the past! Its still hard for the Heaven Surmounting Divine King to beat four hands with two fists!

Our greatest reliance is the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. If anything happens to him, well all have to die here today!

Sensing the terrifying undulation coming out of the black ball, the human martial artists were all ashen pale, revealing looks of despair once more.

Such horrifying energy detonating inside such a small space, even the fiendgods themselves would probably be blasted to flying ash too, right?

Hahaha,die! What Son of Heavens Mandate? Dont you still have to die in this seats hands? Explode, explode, explode! Blast him to death for this seat! Jia Dis face was also incomparably excited.

He was face-slapped by Ye Yuan just now and likewise hated Ye Yuan immensely.

Now, even though it was borrowing two other peoples strength, he killed Ye Yuan in the end. This made him feel incomparably liberated.

The explosions inside the black ball lasted for a full hundred breaths of time!

No matter what kind of powerhouse was inside, such a powerful Starburst, it could also turn them to dust.

Of course, this was still primarily because the three peoples fiendish energy was already unable to continue.

In order to exterminate Ye Yuan, they virtually spared no effort.

To be able to exhaust three great fiendgods fiendish energy completely, it could be seen how terrifying the explosions inside the black ball were.

The three great fiendgods stopped casting the spell, each and every one of them was pale, turning white as a sheet, gasping heavily for air. They actually felt a sense of enervation.

Gradually, the black ball finally dissipated.

The scenery inside was also displayed before everyones eyes. The human powerhouses did not even dare to look over at this side.

They did not wish to have a blow dealt by the result of despair!

Quick! Quickly look! Suddenly, someone cried out in surprise.

The scene before their eyes astounded everyone.

There were even quite a few fiend race and human martial artists who stopped fighting, looking over in that direction in disbelief, each and everyone transfixed like wooden chickens.

The three great fiendgods eyeballs nearly popped out!

Jia Lan felt that this world was too preposterous!

Jia Di felt like something must be wrong with his eyes!

Ye Yuan actually did not even lose a hair!

He stood there perfectly well and never even moved before!

What kind of joke is this?! The Starburst Grand Art is a Divine Dao martial technique. Back then, Lord Fiendgod killed god knows how many human Deity Realm powerhouses with this move! This Ye Yuan is actually completely fine!

A fiend race powerhouse was motionless as a wooden chicken, staring at this scene in disbelief.

His opponent, a human powerhouse, saw him in a daze and quietly accumulated power, and abruptly slashed a blade over!

Blade landing, the person dead!

A cloud of black gas flew out of the fleshy body and cried out weirdly, You Youre despicable!

The human powerhouse laughed and said,Haha,who asked you to be in a daze? What Lord Fiendgod? I think its better to change it to Lord Fiendchicken! The few of them arent even fit to carry shoes for our Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You How can you possibly be completely fine? Jia Lans expression turned deathly pale as he said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan shot him a mocking glance and said coolly, Is this the strength of you fiendgods? Seems like its nothing more than this!