Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 Mystic Gate Coming Into Being

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Ye Yuan being safe and sound made the human martial artists feel greatly encouraged.

This was simply something that one did not dare to imagine. Such a horrifying attack and Ye Yuans body actually did not even have a scratch!

You How in the world did you do it? The three of us casting the Starburst Grand Art, even if your fleshly body reached peak Tier 9, it can also blast you into minced meat! You Youre actually completely fine! Jia Lan said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Of course not. In order to withstand your lousy attack, I did indeed expend quite a bit of essence energy and physical strength! Now, Im incredibly weak.

Everyone focused their eyes and looked. Sure enough, they discovered that Ye Yuans essence energy was somewhat chaotic.

It was just that the impact of the scene of him being perfectly unscathed was too great. Hence, it made everyone overlook this fact.

But so what?

Forcefully withstanding such an attack from three great fiendgods by himself and actually did not even lose a strand of hair.

Such means was simply unthinkable!

The expression on Jia Lans face was fascinating to the extreme. Ye Yuans words were seriously damaging.

Impossible! The three of us casting the Starburst Grand Art together, absolutely no one under Deity Realm can block it! Jia Di felt that this scene before his eyes was too unreal.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, Looks like you all seem to be very interested. Let you all take a look then.

Done talking, a layer of earth-yellow light halo surfaced on Ye Yuans body.

Jia Lans expression changed, and he cried out in shock, Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art!

Without waiting for him to have his fill of shock yet, sword intent suddenly surged on Ye Yuans body!

Domain of Sword!

It was just that this time, Ye Yuans Domain of Sword was different from in the past.

His Domain of Sword was a full hundred feet wide!

His sword intent broke through!

However, Jia Lans astonishment had yet to ease up when Ye Yuans Domain of Sword suddenly withdrew, condensing to just an area of 10 feet!

Jia Lans eyeballs almost popped out as he exclaimed in shock, Condensing sword intent! Is Is this boy really a Dao Profound martial artist?

Jia Lan felt that his world view was almost crumbling!

How could a Dao Profound Realm martial artist possibly comprehend Divine Dao laws so casually?

Condensing sword intent was not some incredible Divine Dao law. It was just a flexibility exercise for sword domains.

But even so, it was also not what a Dao Profound Realm martial artist could casually comprehend.

Grasping this divine ability, it signified that Ye Yuans control over sword intent reached a new level!

Concentrating a 100-foot-area sword intent to a circumference of 10 feet could make this region of sword intent become even more solid!

Regardless of whether it was defensive power or offensive power, it would all increase greatly!

Ye Yuans Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art had already cultivated to the ninth level too.

Even though it did not reach as freakish as Divine Dao laws, the defensive power was also extremely shocking!

With Ye Yuans current defensive power, even if Ye Yuan stood there, peak Void Mystic powerhouses could not breach his defenses either!

These two superimposing together, the defensive power could simply be rated as perverse!

Hence, even though the three great fiendgods used their utmost strength, they were still unable to break through Ye Yuans defenses!

Of course, although this kind of defense was powerful, Ye Yuans consumption was very large too.

Ye Yuans current state was very poor as well. Consumptions of essence energy and physical strength were very huge.

Especially essence energy!

The majority of the impact was withstood by his Domain of Sword.

When the power really transmitted to Ye Yuans fleshy body, it was only a very small portion.

But his current imposing momentum thoroughly overshadowed the three great fiendgods!

Jia Lans expression changed, and he yelled, Withdraw!

Finished talking, Jia Lan was the first to turn into an arc of flowing light, flying over towards the horizon.

How could the other few great fiendgods dare to stay? They similarly abandoned their opponents and fled at a splitting pace.

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, he could not help sneering coldly and said, Since you came, how can you not leave behind a bit of a memento?

The six great fiendgods fled swiftly. But one of them was evidently much slower in speed.

It was Jia Di!

He was struck by Ye Yuans Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm previously and suffered some injuries in the first place.

Coupled with casting the Starburst Grand Art, exhausting his fiendish energy completely, his present state was the worst among the six great fiendgods.

The corners of Ye Yuans mouth curled slightly, and his figure immediately vanished from where he was!

Art of greater teleportation!

The next instant, Ye Yuan already appeared in the place a thousand feet away from Jia Di!


Voice of the Dragon God!

Jia Dis figure was akin to being struck by lightning, forcefully being affixed in the air!


Jia Dis physical body was shocked into meat paste in virtually a blink of an eye!

That extremely hard to tangle with physical body did not have the slightest chance to escape under the Voice of the Dragon God!


A miserable cry came over. Jia Di only persevered for a breath of time and was shocked until his soul dissipated!

This Jia Dis fiendish energy was exhausted completely to begin with and was incomparably frail. How could he withstand the impact of the Voice of the Dragon God?

One roar and the fiendgod was dead!

Even though that consumption previously was rather huge, just one breath of time, he could still barely manage to support it.

The current Ye Yuan stood in the air, akin to a battle-god descending upon the world, scaring the other five great fiendgods until they were overwhelmed by terror!

How could they still dare to remain? Each and every one urged fiendish energy to the limits and fled without even turning their heads back.

Once the fiendgods left, those fiends and fiend slaves became even more overwhelmed.

The human powerhouses morale soared, and they directly pounced over.

The fiend race fought while beating a retreat, returning in great defeat!

Hahaha,we won!

Long live the Heaven Surmounting Divine King!

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is mighty!

This battle was a complete victory. By slaying a fiendgod, Ye Yuan was already viewed by them as a god-like existence.

The human martial artists were all incomparably excited. Looking at the Ye Yuan in the sky, their faces were full of worship.

From being besieged on all sides to gaining a complete victory, the Ethereal Sects battle was fought to ones hearts content.

This kind of refreshing feeling practically made every pore of theirs open up and relax!

But the faces of Xu Guangyin and the four great families powerhouses were not too good.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King was clearly targeting the fiend race. But they actually refused to help the Ethereal Sect previously.

If the Heaven Surmounting Divine King squared the accounts after the harvest, they would find themselves in serious trouble!

After a bout of celebration, Ye Yuan slowly opened his mouth and said, The fiend races might, I believe that you all have already felt it profoundly!

Everyone all secretly nodded their heads. After the excitement, each and every one of them also had lingering fear in their hearts when they recalled the fiend races might.

Although this battle was won, it was a Pyrrhic victory too!

Putting aside the fiend race martial artists, just those fiend slaves, their strengths were already much stronger compared to them before.

While the fiend race martial artists strengths were even more terrifyingly powerful.

In the same realm, fighting one-on-two was no problem at all!

Furthermore, they also discovered that the fiend race was very difficult to be killed.

Such an opponent seriously made people despair.

Today, if not for the Heaven Surmounting Divine King battling the three great fiendgods, forget about the Ethereal Sect, even the four great families would probably be utterly exterminated too!

Ye Yuan swept a glance over everyone and spoke up again. He said, The human race has already reached the point of life and death! Sectarian bias will only hasten our destruction! Starting from today, my Mystic Gate will come into being and resist the fiend race! My Mystic Gate welcomes any human martial artist in the Divine Realm to join. When the fiend race is quelled and wiped out, the Mystic Gate will immediately disband!