Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Heading For Godsfall Mountain Range

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Mountains and rivers shattered, sects collapsed; how many living creatures turned to ashes?

When all the human martial artists were at feeling the most hesitant and lost, the appearance of the Mystic Gate was like raising up a flag banner, letting people find the way.

The fiend race wreaked havoc. The human territories virtually had no place for them to shelter themselves already.

The fiend race was too powerful!

Putting aside their formidable strength, they could even turn human martial artists into fiend slaves. The more they fought, the more there were, just like a plague.

Did you guys hear? The Heaven Surmounting Divine King formed an organization called Mystic Gate, which specializes in dealing with the fiend race!

Im going to seek refuge with the Mystic Gate right now! The Holy City, that bunch of guys, is simply trash! They normally make use of the Alchemist Association and accumulate wealth greedily without restraint. Now that the human race is in danger, they dont even let out a fart. What a disappointment!

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is the hero in troubled times! I heard that the Ethereal Sect battle, he resisted three great fiendgods by himself. Not only was he completely unscathed, he even slew a fiendgod. Truly too powerful!

Fiendgods are former Deity Realm powerhouses. I heard that they were totally unkillable! Even the Divine Dao Eras major powers could only suppress them. But the Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually cut down a fiendgod! His strength is simply unimaginable!

With the Ethereal Sect battle, Ye Yuans reputation spread among the human race powerhouses very quickly.

Following the fiend calamitys eruption, they already gradually realized that this was a race extermination crisis!

The fiend races aggressiveness was too strong, virtually unable to eradicate them totally.

After all, people who were able to be like Ye Yuan, directly killing the fiend race, were not many.

For some time, countless human powerhouses flocked towards the Demon Region one after another.

At this time, inside the dragon clan, many powerhouses were gathered together.

Your Excellency, the Four Symbols Family Clans already each hewed out some areas to use to help settle down the human race martial artists. However, some martial artists are not that compliant with the rules. Incidents of creating a disturbance happen time and again

The one currently reporting to Ye Yuan about the settlement situation of the human martial artists was precisely the Cao Yunzhi, who had a hand cut off by Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan also did not think that this Cao Yunzhi was a skilled manager.

He arranged an elder position for Cao Yunzhi. His status in the Mystic Gate was second only to the various major mystic lords.

This arrangement made Cao Yunzhi extremely excited.

Cao Yunzhi, this person, had a great desire for fame and wealth. Ye Yuan gave him a lot of authority as well. This made him extremely satisfied, settling down all sorts of bad characters every day for all that he was worth.

Of course, settling down was just the first step. More importantly was still management.

The Divine Realms martial artists numbered more than billions. Even though the ones that flooded in were just a very small portion of it, the number was also extremely massive.

Among them, the majority of the people were all itinerant cultivators and were even stubborn and unruly.

How to make these people wait obediently was a major academic question in itself.

Cao Yunzhi racked his brains every day, running back and forth between these settlement locations, but also enjoyed it without feeling tired.

Hearing Cao Yunzhis report, Ye Yuan said coolly, Use severe punishment in troubled times, dont need to be courteous with them! Those who cause trouble must be severely punished! One person causes trouble, punish one person. One family clan cause trouble, expel the family clan out of the Demon Region! About this, you dont need me to teach you, right? Rather, hows the completion of the armys recruitment going?

Cao Yunzhi revealed a troubled look and said, Replying Your Excellency, right now, according to Your Excellencys method of drawing one in every ten, weve already recruited the first batch of our army. Right now, these people are already thrown into training. Before long, they will be able to go into battle and kill the enemy.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said,En,pretty well done! With the war starting, theres also not much time to train anymore. My requirement for them isnt high either, as long as they can defend the Demon Region, its enough! This human-fiend war ultimately still has to fall on the two great heavenly fiendgods. If they dont die, the war will never be able to end.

The martial artist worlds wars were forever that pinnacle great battle.

The rest were merely fish in the moat caught in the crossfire.

Only the victor between Kanuo and Ye Yuan could win the final victory of this war.

Haha,Big Brother, you fought three great fiendgods alone. This battle was truly uplifting! At present, the White Tiger Clan has already merged into one with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and became one family. Our Demon Region has already banded together into one rope! As long as you, Big Brother, have any instructions, my White Tiger Clan will forge ahead unflinchingly even if we have to go through fire and water!

These few days that Ye Yuan was not around, White Light already grew to become a true powerhouse!

He practically used his strength alone and united the White Tiger Clan.

The present White Lights strength was already comparable to the Ten Great Divine Kings. His strength was very terrifying.

Ye Yuan, if the Heavens Secret Tower redo the rankings now, youd probably already be the well-deserved number one divine king! Even Zhuge Qingxuan likely cant match up to you as well! Teng Yun said with a laugh.

Witnessing Ye Yuans freakish defensive power on that day, Teng Yun was already utterly convinced.

That kind of attack, he touched his heart and was certain that he absolutely could not withstand it either.

And if letting him unleash an attack, although his Nine Sun Burning Heaven was powerful, it did not reach the three great fiendgods level either.

If one could not breach Ye Yuans defenses, everything was in vain.

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, Zhuge Qingxuan is merely a clown jumping around. This young master has never placed him in my sights. What Im truly worried about is still Kanuo and Yue Ji! Brother Teng, with that battle that day, the fiend race should restrain themselves a little now. Tomorrow, I plan on setting off for the Godfalls Mountain Range. The matters of the Mystic Gate will be entrusted to you!

This Are you really going? Teng Yun could not help choking up when he heard that. He did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually setting off so soon.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, Kanuo muffling the war drums and lowering the banners, he must be preparing for his final breakthrough. Once he fully recovers to strength rivaling Origin Deity Realm, none of us will be his match! The present Divine Realm doesnt have a staggering major power like Senior Absolute Heaven anymore. Hence, ordinary methods cannot possibly salvage the human races losing trend at all! Cultivating by following standard routine is just sitting and waiting for death!

Teng Yun also heaved a sigh when he heard and said, The Godsfall Mountain Range is too perilous. That Kunwu Divine Wood is even harder to deal with. This trip of yours, you need to take good care of yourself! Youre the human races only hope. Even if its for the human race, nothing must happen to you too!

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, Isnt it said that Im the son of heavens mandate? How can I die so easily? Brother Teng rest assured. Maybe when I return, Ill become the Divine Realms first Deity Realm powerhouse in 100 thousand years!

Ye Yuan was laughing, but the rest could not laugh.

It was indeed very difficult for them to face the fiend races attack.

But the danger that Ye Yuan was facing was a hundred times greater than theirs!

The Divine Realms powerhouses, even if it was Heaven Stabilizing and Spirit Bristle, this kind of powerhouses, did not dare to venture too deep into the Godsfall Mountain Range either.

But Ye Yuan had to enter into the depths of the Godsfall Mountain Range in order to search for the Kunwu Divine Wood this time.

It was said that that place, even if Deity Realm powerhouses entered, it was almost certain death too.

This departure, good or ill luck was hard to predict!

Furthermore, even if he really found the Kunwu Divine Wood, could he really break through to the Deity Realm?

With Heavenly Dao being missing presently, who dared to utter such big talk?

Ill accompany you and go together, Big Brother! White Light said without any hesitation.

Ye Yuan laughed and said,Haha,youre my good brother!