Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 Fake Goods

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The Godsfall Mountain Range was vast, beyond hundreds of millions of miles.

It was at the extreme southern land of the Divine Realm. Nobody knew where its end lay.

Because no one could fly over the Godfalls Mountain Range!

Deity Realm powerhouses could not as well!

According to the legends of the Divine Realm, it was unknown how many Deity Realm powerhouses had fallen before in the Godsfall Mountain Range.

There had once been a Deity Realm powerhouse who attempted to forcefully fly through. But the further he flew, the more unstable the space was.

A moment of carelessness and it was hard for Deity Realm powerhouses to survive too.

But it seemed like in the Divine Dao Era, even if those Deity Realm powerhouses knew that this place was incomparably dangerous, they still swarmed over to this place like a flock of ducks.

Even if they were buried here, they would not flinch either.

Why they did this had long already become a mystery.

In the course of time, this place was termed Godsfall Mountain Range.

But to the present Divine Realms powerhouses, the Godsfall Mountain Range was a treasure land.

Although this place was dangerous, it also contained countless opportunities.

In the stream of people, four figures were moving slowly.

These four people were precisely the Ye Yuan, White Light, Lu-er, as well as Yue Mengli, who came from afar.

Coming to the Godsfall Mountain Range this time, Ye Yuans party made considerable changes to their appearances and also took Essence Sealing Pills, suppressing their realms to the boundary of Seventh to Eighth Level Dao Profound.

There was no guarantee that there would not be fiend race spies at the Godsfall Mountain Range. If they became aware of it, it would be no small danger to them.

Dealing with three fiendgods, Ye Yuan could still cope with it.

But if five attacked together, the result would be hard to say.

Big Brother, why are there so many people at this Godsfall Mountain Ranges entrance? White Light wondered.

The fiend calamity erupted. Apart from the Mystic Gate, probably only the Godsfall Mountain Range is the safest. But those who dare to come here more or less have some strength too, Ye Yuan said.

Coming to the Godsfall Mountain Range to take refuge, are these people crazy? Before waiting for the fiend calamity to pass, they would probably all have to die here! White Light said.

Them coming here is nothing more than seizing that feeble ray of hope, wanting to obtain a supreme inheritance here and possess the strength to protect themselves. Ye Yuan said coolly.

Heh,the fiend calamity erupting, all of them are thinking of escaping. They would rather face near-certain death here to seek out lucky chances than be willing to face the fiend race head-on, truly lamentable! Even if these people obtained supreme inheritances, would they really be like you and Senior Fang Tian, fighting for the human race? White Light said disdainfully.

Ye Yuan also heaved a sigh and said, Leave everything up to fate! Perhaps among these people, there would really be somebody who can obtain a heaven-defying legacy and break through the shackles? Heaven will always leave a door open. If I cant do it, I also hope that others can come forward.

Honestly speaking, Ye Yuan also had no assurance in his heart whether he could succeed or not.

Putting aside whether or not he could find the Kunwu Divine Wood, even if he really found it, he was not confident enough that the Dao Defying Pill was truly able to traverse while defying Dao. Ye Yuan did not have any assurance at all.

Quick! Quickly go over and take a look. I heard that the Heaven Surmounting Divine King also came to the Godsfall Mountain Range!

What? Heaven Surmounting Divine King! Hes a great hero of the human race. Isnt he currently resisting the fiend race at the Demon Region right now? How could he appear here?

I heard that he wanted to come here to look for an opportunity to breakthrough and fight against the fiend race!

Then what are we still waiting for? Hurry and go take a look!

The four people were currently walking through the mountain path when they suddenly heard a group of people currently discussing animatedly.

Hearing these remarks, the other three people all used strange expressions to look at Ye Yuan.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King really came. But looking at those few peoples attitudes, they were clearly not here for Ye Yuan.

Could it be that there was a second Heaven Surmounting Divine King?

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, Looking at me for what? Wouldnt we know if we go over a take a look?

White Light laughed and said,Haha,of course, we have to go and take a look! I want to see just what kind of character this Heaven Surmounting Divine King is!

At this time, a Seventh Level Dao Profound martial artist coincidentally walked past them. Hearing White Lights burst of laughter, he could not help saying puzzledly, You all never even heard of the Heaven Surmounting Divine King? Truly too out of touch with the outside world and ignorant of the state of affairs! Right now, the fiend race is wreaking havoc, and the six great fiendgod powerhouses are glaring like ravening tigers! That day, the Ethereal Sect battle, the Ethereal Sect originally already lost all hope, but the Heaven Surmounting Divine King suddenly descended from the sky. A dragon roar reverberated throughout heaven and earth, directly shocking one of the six great fiendgods to death, while the other five were seriously injured and fled

This martial artist spoke eloquently and unceasingly, narrating Ye Yuans valiant achievements, making Ye Yuan click his tongue in wonder too.

From this guys mouth, he was simply deified already.

Yue Mengli and Lu-er both covered their mouths and laughed, laughing until Ye Yuans face turned somewhat red.

But that person was overflowing with enthusiasm, as he explained at one side. He was also embarrassed to chase the person away and could only thicken his face and resign himself to it.

Not far ahead was a piece of empty lot. At this time, a large group of people already crowded around on the empty space.

In the middle, a white-clothed youth had an imposing aura, valiant and heroic in bearing, with somewhat the air of an expert.

A man and a woman even stood beside the youth. The male was equally young, and the woman was also quite attractive.

Lord Ye Yuan, can you tell us about the situation of the Ethereal Sect battle? Weve already admired your demeanor for a long time! A martial artist said with a captivated look.

That white-clothed youth smiled faintly and said, Of course! This young master knows that there are rumors in the outside world right now. Actually, those six great fiendgods were merely so-so! Back then, this young masters Heaven Shattering Dragon Roar, one move, shocked them until they wet their pants in terror

The white-clothed youth was very eloquent, describing the Ethereal Sect battle with a lively description, as if he really experienced it personally.

The crowd on the sidelines had looks of admiration when they heard. A series of praises and gasps lingered on incessantly.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is truly our human races hero!

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is mighty!

Oh,right, Lord Ye Yuan, since those fiendgods were so frail to not even be able to withstand a single blow, why didnt you eradicate them straight away, and still come to this Godsfall Mountain Range to train? someone suddenly asked.

Fake Ye Yuan smiled and said coolly, What do you guys know? The fiend races strongest isnt just the fiendgods! They are merely small fries! The powerhouse behind them is this fiend calamitys true instigator! This young masters strength is still some distance away from him. Hence, thats why I came to the Godsfall Mountain Range to train, to find an opportunity to break through, before I can lead the human race to slaughter back!

When Ye Yuan four people heard his words, they could not help clicking their tongues in wonder too.

There were even stronger existences behind the fiendgods. However, this point, barely anyone knew about this in the Divine Realm.

This fake Ye Yuan actually knew about such things!

Ye Yuan was currently watching avidly, when he suddenly noticed that Lu-er who was by the side was rather sullen, and could not help asking curiously, Whats wrong, Lu-er? Who bullied you?

Lu-er pursed her lips and said with an unhappy look, Young Master, you look at that one beside him, that must be White Light. Also, that woman, it must be Elder Sister Li-er!

Ye Yuan was stunned and did not quite understand it. Rather, it was Li-er who covered her mouth and laughed. Moving beside Ye Yuans ear, she said softly, Younger Sister Lu-er is angry. Since they were already impersonating, why was it missing her!

Only when Ye Yuan heard it did he come to a sudden realization. He could not help laughing as he said,Huhu,in the future, no matter where I go, Ill bring along my Lu-er. This way, they will know that theres a beautiful and lovely Lu-er beside Young Master, alright?

Lu-er was overjoyed the moment she heard and said, You were the one who said it, Young Master!

Right at this time, a middle-aged man suddenly dashed out. Pointing at Ye Yuan, he said with a cold sneer,Heh,you say that youre the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, means youre the Heaven Surmounting Divine King? What kind of strength does the Heaven Surmounting Divine King possess? Why would he mingle together with us, these people? In my view, youre a fake Heaven Surmounting Divine King!