Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Destined Battle!

Long Tang turned around and swept his gaze across the crowd beneath the stage.

Everyone looked in all directions trying to find the person which Long Tang spoke of.

"Just who is it? To actually be able to help Senior Apprentice Brother Long pass through the Nine Heavens Road! A Heavenly Dao Oath has to be sworn every time before entering the Nine Heavens Road. Who would divulge information on the Nine Heavens Road?"

"Who knows? I reckon that Senior Apprentice Brother Long hooked up with some senior apprentice sister? The power of love is the mightiest. It was this conviction supporting him as he charged through the Nine Heavens Road, right?"

"You don't say. There might really be that possibility! It's just who knows which family's girl have that honor. In my view, only Senior Apprentice Sister Feng can match with Senior Apprentice Brother Long in the entire academy. It's not her, right?"

"I won't believe it even if you beat me to death! Teacher Feng has already been acquired by Ye Yuan. If Senior Apprentice Sister Feng and Senior Apprentice Brother Long become a pair, how will they let us live?!"

The students started whispering to each other with their rich imagination. Soon, the topic digressed to Feng Ruoqing and her niece.

Martial artists' auditory abilities were excellent. Some words were inevitably transmitted into their ears, making Feng Ruoqing blush to the tips of her ears.

Who knew since when she was already 'acquired' by Ye Yuan. Even she was unaware of it.

In front of the public, Feng Ruoqing forever had that ice-cold look.

Hearing the crowd's discussion, an intangible killing qi spread out. Except that there were too many people talking. She could not possibly kill them all, right?

Long Tang swiftly found Ye Yuan in the crowd. He paid attention to Ye Yuan for a very long time already and was naturally familiar with his aura.

"Thank you, Ye Yuan! Without your guidance, I couldn't possibly have passed the Nine Heavens Road!" Long Tang extended his heartfelt thanks.

Long Tang's words instantly caused an uproar.

"What? It was actually Ye Yuan? How's that possible? It seemed like they didn't even know each other, right?"

"Yeah! Also, Ye Yuan is only at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. What can he teach Senior Apprentice Brother Long? He couldn't have divulged the secrets of the Nine Heavens Road, right? But Ye Yuan is still living well right now!"

"It couldn't be that Senior Apprentice Brother Long cleared it himself like that after watching Ye Yuan challenge the Nine Heavens Road, right? That's too sinister."

Everybody felt doubt and bafflement towards Long Tang's words. Even if Long Tang's talent was beneath Ye Yuan's, Ye Yuan's current strength was still weak. What could he help Long Tang with?

Furthermore, those familiar with Long Tang knew that he and Ye Yuan were not even acquainted. When did Ye Yuan even help him?

Su Yubai's face promptly darkened after hearing Long Tang's words.

This Long Tang simply did not know how to appreciate favors. To actually praise Ye Yuan in front of so many people!

Even if he did not accept the olive branch he cast, did he not know that Ye Yuan and the Su Family were mortal enemies?

Was each one of them rushing to oppose the Su Family?

If a tiger did not demonstrate its might, did they really treat me, Su Yubai, like a sick cat?

You all are geniuses, yes, but a genius who can't mature will only be a speck of dust in history!

Who would remember you all?

Ye Yuan was also mischievously guessing who gave Long Tang pointers just now. Who would have expected Long Tang to actually name him, leaving him somewhat caught unaware.

"Hey, are you mistaken, Senior Apprentice Brother Long? When have I ever guided you? This is the first time we've met ok?" Ye Yuan was rather bewildered.

Long Tang suddenly beamed, smiling very happily.

Those familiar with Long Tang knew that he rarely smiled. Today was really without precedent.

"You've said wrongly, Ye Yuan. Today is indeed the first time you've met me. But I've already seen you many times before. Virtually every time you fought in the academy, I've been observing you. All the way until you charged bravely into the Nine Heavens Road. Finally, I was enlightened, and found the path which belongs to me! Hence, even though you don't know that I've changed because of you, I still have to thank you!" Long Tang proclaimed loudly.

"Oh, so that's the case. Haha, then congratulations to you. There isn't a need to thank me. It would be great if you can help me finish off that old fellow behind you." Ye Yuan pointed to Su Yubai behind Long Tang and said with a smile.

Su Yubai's face darkened even more severely with Ye Yuan's words.

He did not think that Ye Yuan would actually dare to request Long Tang to kill him in front of so many people.

Utterly preposterous!

Just keep being smug, brat! I've already laid down an inescapable net for you in the Endless Forest. Just go without worry!

Long Tang did not turn back. He knew who Ye Yuan was pointing to.

"Hur hur . I'm still not Elder Su's match right now. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you fulfill this wish of yours. However, one year is probably a little tight for me. But it should be sufficient for you. It's still more refreshing to personally do this sort of thing like revenge!"

The first half of Long Tang's words sounded like complimenting, but the second half was simply looking down upon Su Yubai!

And the meaning of his words was actually acknowledging the truth that Ye Yuan was even more talented than him.

"Long Tang! Do you know the consequences of insulting the academy's elder?!" Su Yubai was enraged.

Long Tang's back faced Su Yubai. He did not plan on responding from the start. Towards Su Yubai's conduct, Long Tang also despised him greatly, which was why he said those words.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Elder Su is getting on in years. You're really quite forgetful. Senior Apprentice Brother Long cleared the Nine Heavens Road, so his status is already equivalent to the Tranquil Cloud Sect's core disciple. His status in the Tranquil Cloud Sect is already higher than yours. So what if he insults you a little?" Ye Yuan derided him.

"Good! Good! You all want to rebel right? Just wait! Don't think that you can be carefree after making it through the Nine Heavens Road by luck!" Su Yubai's flames of wrath could already burn the skies.

"Better save it, Elder Su. We're about to take part in the Endless Trials now. You'd better not delay everyone's time." Ye Yuan completely ignored Su Yubai's threat.

Zhang Songtao who was hosting the Endless Trials could no longer watch on. Speaking up, he said, "Alright, alright. Ye Yuan, Long Tang, don't mess around anymore. Although you two already have the status of the high sect's core disciple, you are still in the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy, yes? I know that both parties have some grudges, so temporarily put aside this matter. The matter at hand is still to undergo the Endless Trials. Both parties, give me face and stop arguing."

Zhang Songtao's words were clearly partial towards Su Yubai. But Ye Yuan was indifferent.

Either way, Su Yubai's face was already swept clean by him. He did not suffer a loss.

Rather, it was Long Tang who seemed like he had not finished talking. He asked Ye Yuan, "Ye Yuan, although this request is rather abrupt, I still wish to be able to fight with you before heading for the Tranquil Cloud Sect! I wonder what's your opinion?"

Even though this was the first time Ye Yuan came into contact with Long Tang, he still had quite a good impression.

Long Tang was clearly someone who was forthright and determined. A pretty decent opponent!

Furthermore, Long Tang was rank one on the Martial Roll. Ye Yuan wanted to charge back to the Divine Realm, so Long Tang was in its true sense his first barrier!

He had to pass it!

This battle was perhaps destined a long time ago!

"Alright! Even if Senior Apprentice Brother Long doesn't come and find me, I would also go and look for you! This battle, I will definitely go!" Ye Yuan said heroically.