Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Accumulating Wealth Via Dishonest Means

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This middle-aged mans actions made everyone jump in fright.

Up until now, there were people who doubted fake Ye Yuans identity before. But no one really dared to come forward to provoke.

After all, Ye Yuans current prestige was unparalleled.

Such provocation, a single misstep would incur a fatal disaster for oneself.

Everyone all looked toward this Ye Yuan, wanting to see how he would respond.

Who knew that Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, Everybody knows that this young masters strongest martial technique is the Heaven Shattering Dragon Roar. But, once this move is unleashed, probably no one on the scene can survive. This brother, if you dont believe this young masters identity, just feel free to unleash a move at this young master. This young master absolutely wont retaliate.

No matter what, this calm composure made quite a few people accept his identity already.

This was the demeanor that an expert should have.

Heh,bragging got to have a limit too! Not fighting back, I want to see how much capability you have.

The middle-aged martial artist gave a cold laugh. A saber suddenly slashed out, its impetus exceedingly shocking.

Seeing this move, everyones expressions immediately changed greatly.

If this blades power really cleaved down, even a Void Mystic powerhouse would be split into two with one blow as well!

However, a scene that made people even more astonished occurred.

When this blade reached 20 feet away from his body, it was no longer able to advance an inch further.

S-So strong!

There was a series of exclamations, all being stunned by this scene.

But when White Light saw this scene, he smirked and said disdainfully, Throwing mist over peoples eyes, shameless!

The real Ye Yuan smiled and said, People who understanding Divine Dao laws in the Divine Realm are too few. Even Void Mystic Realm powerhouses dont know much either. This persons strength is already pretty good. Its just that this acting is truly a bit too fake.

Ye Yuans perception was extremely acute.


Ye Yuan entire body shook, immediately sending that middle-aged man flying.

That middle-aged man already had a look of admiration at this time. Bowing towards Ye Yuan in a salute, he said, Many thanks, Heaven Surmounting Divine King, for showing mercy! This lowly one has eyes but cant see, and affronted Your Excellency. I hope that Your Excellency can pardon the offense. Legends say that the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings power of domain is unparalleled under the heavens and can forcefully withstand the attacks of a fiendgod without a scratch! With Your Excellencys strength, if youre not the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, who else dares to admit it under the heavens?

The middle-aged mans words utterly dispelled everyones suspicions.

This Ye Yuan was virtually identical to the one in the rumors!

Not only was his strength very terrifying, he even had his close brother, White Light, and his soulmate, by his side.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, No worries. This young masters tolerance isnt that small yet. This young master was originally cultivating in the Godsfall Mountain Range. I heard that there are quite a few of my human race martial artists entering the Godsfall Mountain Range, thats why I specially came out of seclusion. At present, my human race is facing a race-extermination crisis. Every martial artists life is very precious. This Godsfall Mountain Range is very dangerous, this young master also faces a narrow chance of survival inside. But, this period of time, this young master has pretty much figured out the terrain and area within the forbidden area, and drew it into a map, marking out the dangerous places inside.

The moment Ye Yuan said this, a look of elation immediately appeared on the group of martial artists faces.

This Godsfall Mountain Range was abnormally dangerous. If not for having no choice, they really would not dare come here to seek out opportunities.

Those who dared to enter the Godsfall Mountain Range had to at least be Divine King Realm powerhouses too.

Otherwise, they would not even know how they died.

If there was a Godsfall Mountain Range map, then it would be completely different.

At least, it could greatly increase their chances of survival.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is indeed well-deserving of being our human races leader! Such a valuable thing, and hes actually willing to take it out to share with everybody too.

I harbored the resolve to win or die trying coming to the Godsfall Mountain Range this time. The Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings map is absolutely able to increase the chances for me!

Theres actually still such a good thing! The Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings bearing is truly incomparable!

The group of people guessed what Ye Yuan was going to do, and they all looked incomparably excited.

This sort of good thing, nobody would refuse it either.

Who knew that Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, Usually, this map would be given for free to everyone; theres no harm either. Its just that everyone also knows that my Mystic Gate is defending alone, and the war affair is critical, all kinds of resources are in short supply. Among these, theres especially a shortage of spirit medicines! You all came to this Godsfall Mountain Range to seek a slim chance of survival. Its likewise making a contribution to the human race. I feel relieved. Its just that the other martial artists are killing the enemy at the front and requires everyones support even more. I hope that everyone can loosen your purse strings liberally and support my human races warriors! Of course, this young master wont insist on you all taking out how much, just depends on everyones thoughts. Hows that?

With this said, a hint of a smile involuntarily surfaced on the corners of Ye Yuans mouth, immediately understanding this fake Ye Yuans objective.

Going this one big circle, it was merely to borrow his name to earn money dishonestly.

But, this guys words were said extremely beautifully, making people all unable to refrain from gasping in admiration.

He said that he would not force, but there were no less than four to five hundred martial artists present. How could there really be people who had the nerve to take worthless things to serve as a stopgap.

After all, he was standing on the grounds of the human races righteous cause.

The moment his voice faded, the middle-aged martial artist who previously questioned him was immediately the first one to step forward and respond.

Your Excellency exhausted your energy and racked your brains for my human race. How can we be stingy? Moreover, this map is too important to use. It can even be said to be a life-saving object! Im willing to take out three stalks of Tier 9 spirit medicines as well as 5000 high-grade heavenly essence crystals to exchange for a copy of the map! said the middle-aged martial artist.

With him saying so, everyones expression changed.

This middle-aged martial artist set the price straight away the moment he spoke up.

If the things that they took out were too shabby, wouldnt they be despised to death by others?

Finished talking, the middle-aged martial artist was ambiguous as well, directly handing three stalks of Tier 9 spirit medicines and 5000 high-grade heavenly essence crystals to White Lights hands, and swapped for a map.

But when the others saw the situation, they were still somewhat hesitant.

It was just that the allure of the map was huge for them. All of them were not willing to leave.

That middle-aged martial artist gave a cold snort and said disdainfully, You guys are really too stingy to pull out even a hair! Our compatriots are killing the enemy in front. No idea how many died and are in urgent need of our resources to go save lives. But you guys are all actually so miserly. Truly disappointing to the extreme!

With this, how could those people still keep their dignity, all loosening their purse strings generously one after another.

Give me a map! Ill offer four stalks of Tier 9 spirit medicine!

Give me a copy too! I dont have Tier 9 spirit medicines on me, Ill use top-grade heavenly essence crystals to pay it off then!

Normally, they definitely would not be like this.

But under the crisis of race extermination, they more or less still had to have some face. Coupled with the allure of the map, they could only toughen their scalps and go for it one after another.

Ye Yuan smiled and said faintly, Lets go.

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not have the intention of looking into it, White Light and the rest also followed Ye Yuan and left.

Who knew that the fake Ye Yuan actually saw their group of people about to leave, and could not help laughing coldly as he said, Those few truly have such thick skin! Our warriors are splashing the battlefields with blood, but youre not sparing a single cent,heh heh