Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Step Forward If Youre A Man

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Following the fake Ye Yuans words, everyones gazes collectively focused on the real Ye Yuan.

These few people are so shameless, to actually really dare thicken their skin and not pay.

Yeah, there are really such people! The human race already reached such a critical juncture, but they are still so thick-skinned!

How can someone be shameless to this kind of realm?!

Especially those who already paid spirit medicines and essence crystals, they felt that they were already noble and righteous, and had the qualifications to cuss others out.

Ye Yuan did not think that he did not find trouble with this fake goods, but this guy provoked him.

He did not wish to stir trouble, but he naturally did not fear trouble either.

Ye Yuan did not do anything when White Light flared up first.

Reckless and blind thing, showing off your literacy eloquence here, do you really take yourself to be something? Do you believe that this young lord will smack you to death with one slap? White Light said with a cold sneer.

One sentence made everyones stare dumbfoundedly with their tongues tied.

Where did this lunatic come from, to dare speak this way to the Heaven Surmounting Divine King?

But when that Ye Yuan heard it, he still had the demeanor of an expert and said coolly,Huhu,such shameless people like you all. Its really this young masters first time seeing! How many brothers of our Mystic Gate are currently killing the enemy at the frontlines, while the few of you hide here, unwilling to put up even a bit of resources! If not looking on account of the human races crisis, how could this young master be so long-winded with you? Id have directly annihilated you guys!

Lu-er was upset long ago at one side. Seeing the situation, she put her hands on her waist and stepped forward.

She was normally innocent and cute, but if someone dared to insult Young Master, she would be the first to not let it go.

Alright, this young lady will stand right here. Come and annihilate me if you have the capabilities! This young lady wants to take a look today at how powerful you, this Heaven Surmounting Divine King, are! Lu-er said with a cold smile.

How could Ye Yuan attach any importance to Lu-er? He said disdainfully, The moment this young master makes a move, you wont have the chance to stand here and speak anymore!

Lu-er said with a scornful look, With just your middling skills, it can only scare these simpletons. Do you think that you can frighten this young lady?

Lu-ers one sentence was like a firecracker, lighting everyone up.

Your Excellency, teach this little lass a good lesson! Truly bullying others too far!

Yeah, this lasss words are too infuriating!

Ye Yuan also had the intention of establishing his prestige and power, opening his mouth and said, Little girl, youre courting death yourself. Dont blame this young master for ruthlessly crushing a flower!

But Lu-er said with a contemptuous look, Come, bring it on! You think this young lady scared of you?

This Ye Yuan was also incensed by Lu-ers disparaging attitude. Snorting coldly, he said, Make a move then. This young master will allow you three moves. Otherwise, other people would think that this young master is bullying you!

Lu-er pursed her mouth and said, Why not this young lady allows you three moves? Im afraid that others will say that this young lady is bullying you!


Everyone all sucked in a cold breath. They were struck dumb with amazement by Lu-ers arrogance!

In this world, there was actually still someone who dared to speak to the Heaven Surmounting Divine King like this.

Was she tired of living?


The Ye Yuan trio behind Lu-er all could not hold back their laughter, being thoroughly tickled by Lu-er.

The four peoples attitude finally made Ye Yuan turn angry from embarrassment.

It was only to see him formed his fingers into a sword form. A piercing cold sword intent came out with a howl!

One had to admit that his aura was very shocking.

When the surrounding audience saw this streak of sword energy, their faces all turned fearful.

Indeed worthy of being the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, his attack was extraordinary!

However, Lu-er similarly formed her fingers into a sword and pointed at the void. An ice arrow similarly came out with a blast.


A crisp collision sound transmitted out.


It was actually evenly-matched!

Everyone was stunned. They thought that the final result of this blow would definitely be Lu-er winding up with serious injuries.

But it was actually evenly-matched!

Ye Yuans expression changed. But he reacted extremely quickly and switched to a disdainful look and said,Humph!I didnt think that you, this little lass, actually concealed your strength! However, this young master couldnt bear to hurt you and didnt even use one-tenth of my strength. Otherwise, youd already have perished at this instant!

With him saying these words, those martial artists immediately felt relieved.

Yeah, just a little girl, with the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings status, how could he possibly ruthlessly crush a flower?

Just now was merely scaring the other party.

But, Lu-er still refused to back down and relent, saying with a cold smile, Dont. There are still two moves! Feel free to unleash moves, be sure not to hold back!

You lass, so ignorant and not knowing how to appreciate favors! Big Brother isnt haggling over it with you, you even went from bad to worse! This isnt a joking matter. If he were to really attack, you would lose your life! At this time, that fake White Light stepped forward to ease the predicament.

With him saying this, there were immediately quite a number of people who gave vocal support.

This little girls strength is indeed not weak. But why is she so ungrateful and not know whats good for me?

Yeah, yeah. His Excellency is already not haggling over it with you, why are you still relentless?

These people were prejudiced by first impressions and had long already determined that that Ye Yuan was the real Heaven Surmounting Divine King. There was no doubt at all.

Actually, Ye Yuan had long seen through that fake Ye Yuans strength, it was merely initial-stage Void Mystic.

Those dazzling domains and martial techniques previously were merely him having cultivated some spells, which made a massive hoo-ha.

Actually, there was no power at all.

With Lu-ers current strength, it was sufficient to handle.

Heh,this young lady says that your skills are middling, and youre still not convinced. Do you think that by having these fools squeeze me, Id drop the matter at that? Let me tell you, no way! You arent coming, right? Then this young lady is going to take action! Lu-er gave a cold laugh and was going to attack.

The fake Ye Yuans expression changed, and he said with a cold snort, You punk, are you a man or not? To actually make a girl take the lead, while you yourself hide behind! If youre a man, step forward!

The fake Ye Yuan already had no choice. If they continued fighting, he would be exposed.

That blow just now, he already discovered that Lu-ers strength was almost on par with him. It was even that tiny hint stronger than him.

His strength was plenty flashy, but it was lacking in power.

These means could only be used to scare people.

Hence, he could only bet it all on a single throw and stake it on Ye Yuan.

Right now, he only hoped that Ye Yuan was some major family clans young master, bringing along Lu-er, this expert, by his side to guard him.

He hoped that Ye Yuan did not conceal his strength and was really just Seventh Level Dao Profound.

After all, Ye Yuans age was not old. Wanting to cultivate to the realm of Void Mystic was something virtually impossible.

As for Lu-er, one freak was already very rare. It was unlikely for two to appear at the same time, right?

Hence, he used words to corner Ye Yuan, making him come out and take the move.

The moment these words were uttered, Ye Yuan and his group all laughed.

This guy really did not know how the character death was written!

The fake goods encountering the real goods, if this guy knew the truth, wonder what kind of an expression it would be.

The fake Ye Yuan felt a chill all over his body from the four peoples laughing. He suddenly felt that he should not blabber away and made that one extra comment.

If he had known earlier, wouldnt it be over by letting the few of them go?

Alright then, since you said so, then Ill be a bit manlier. Ill stand here and let you hit. As long as youre able to breach my defenses, Ill give you a hundred stalks of Tier 9 spirit medicines! Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.