Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Brutal Beating

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Is this punk crazy?

Standing there and letting the Heaven Surmounting Divine King hit you, this is truly tired of living.

Even if the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King is here, he also wouldnt dare say such arrogant words!

Ye Yuans words aroused a wave of hubbub.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King Ye Yuan had an awe-inspiring reputation presently. In the entire Divine Realm, someone who dared to say so probably could not be found.

Yet, they ran into one!

People who say these words, there was only one kind of possibility, that was their heads were missing a screw!

Dont talk about whatever people with strength dared to say such words, because in the entire Divine Realm, one absolutely could not find someone like that.

The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King would not cut it either!

But these words had a completely different feeling to the fake Ye Yuan.

Lu-ers strength, he already experienced it.

For Ye Yuan to dare make this boast, could it be that his strength was even stronger than that little girl?

It was not an impossibility!

The fake Ye Yuans heart raced, but on his face, it was still the air of an expert as he said indifferently,Huhu,really been very long since anyone dared to provoke this young master like this! Even if that Zhuge Qingxuan came, he wouldnt dare utter such big talk in front of this young master too!

Actually, fake Ye Yuan was already backing out.

He deliberately talked drivel, but actually, he was already long racking his head on a plan to get away.

Either way, those spirit medicines and essence crystals were already in his possession. If not running at this time, wait until when?

However, Ye Yuan nonchalantly said another sentence, Dont blame this young master for not giving you a chance, this young master wont utilize any essence energy! If it still wont do, then the three of you attack together also works!

Everyone collapsed until they were speechless!

This guy was absolutely a lunatic!

Not using essence energy, there was only relying on the power of the fleshy body to defend.

Even a Tier 9 grand completion fleshy body could not withstand the all-out attack of a Void Mystic powerhouse too!

Fake Ye Yuans eyes lit up, but his thoughts stirred. It was just that he still concealed it on the surface and said coolly,Heh heh,this young master is still the Heaven Surmounting Divine King in the end. How can I allow you to belittle me like so! Since youre courting death, then this young master will fulfill your wish!

What he was afraid of was that Ye Yuans power of domain was very strong. But Ye Yuan not utilizing essence energy, he had full assurance to kill the other party!

This brat was a rich person at one glance, the good stuff on him must be considerable.

This sum was a big profit!

Just feel free and come! See this? As long as you kill me, this storage ring is yours, Ye Yuan held a storage ring in his hand and said coolly.

How could the fake Ye Yuan still hesitate? A long sword suddenly attacked!

This sword was incomparably shocking. Fake Ye Yuan did not hold back in the slightest, his figure charging towards Ye Yuan like lightning.

This young mans head is definitely damaged! Hes actually really not using essence energy!

Dead! Dead for sure! There must be many good stuff inside that storage ring, what a shame!

Heh,this idiot can also be considered to have done a good thing before dying, donating the spirit medicines on him to the warriors at the front.

Looks like Lord Ye Yuans genuinely enraged too. This blow is too terrifying. That brat is dead for sure.


That person was currently speaking when a crisp colliding sound was heard.

A layer of earth-yellow light halo surfaced on Ye Yuans body. Fake Ye Yuan abruptly stopped when his sword struck onto the earth-yellow light halo!

With a slash, the fake Ye Yuan mustered up essence energy fully, resulting in the remaining momentum not reducing, pressing until this transcendent-grade holy artifact bent.

Fake Ye Yuans eyes became wide-circles, staring at this scene before his eyes in disbelief.

Because Ye Yuan really did not use essence energy!

This earth-yellow light halo was totally an extremely profound body-refinement art!

The other party blocked his blow with purely the power of the fleshy body.

How could he know the terror of the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art, this cultivation method?

Back then, Skydistant was just Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm, but the Origin Deity Realm Zuo Zong was actually unable to kill him and could only suppress him.

It could be seen from this how terrifying this cultivation method was when cultivated to the limits!

If not for so, how could Ye Yuan dare forcefully resist three great fiendgods besiegement head-on?

His reliance was not just the Domain of Sword!


Under everyones dumbfounded stares, this transcendent-grade holy artifact directly snapped into two!

Ye Yuans body shook slightly, sending the fake Ye Yuan flying out.

Deathly silence!

Just by relying on the power of the fleshy body, he broke a transcendent-grade artifact in half. How terrifying the power did this require?

For a moment, everyones brains were short-circuited.

Stop joking around, if the Heaven Surmounting Divine King only had your bit of strength, hed have long been annihilated by the six great fiendgods who knows how many times over.

Ye Yuan smiled and said to everyone again, That middle-aged man is clearly acting out a two-men show. How can this fellow have much power, its completely for scaring people. If you dont believe, you guys go and give it a try yourselves!

Everyone was startled and could not help quickly waking up to reality!

Yeah, if he was really the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, how could he possibly be unable to break through such a youngsters defense?

This guy must be a fake!

Motherf*cker! To actually dare bluff us! Return my, your fathers, Tier 9 spirit medicines!

A curly-bearded burly man finally could not refrain from erupting. Stepping forward, it was one foot, directly kicking the fake Ye Yuan over.

Fake White Light and Fake Li-er, as well as that middle-aged man, wanted to come forward and help, but their bodies suddenly tensed up, already being locked down by a biting cold killing intent.

They did not doubt in the slightest that as long as they moved, what awaited them would be a lightning-like blow.

The curly-bearded burly man kicked the fake Ye Yuan flying without any effort at all. How could he still doubt Ye Yuans words?

This guy was totally a counterfeit!

But with this, it aroused public wrath, public sentiment stirring into activity.

For a moment, those martial artists all turned into common townsfolk; they did not use any cultivation method or martial techniques, simply directly pummeling onto fake Ye Yuans body.

Who ask you to cheat people?! Who ask you to cheat people?!

Its fine if you cheat people, but to actually even dare to impersonate my, your fathers most respected Heaven Surmounting Divine King. Your father will kick you to death!

Return my Tier 9 spirit medicines! Return my heavenly essence crystals!

Fake Ye Yuan was immediately beaten up brutally but did not have any strength to retaliate at all.

Actually, with his strength, he did not fear these people at all.

But Ye Yuans impact earlier scattered his essence energy, making him unable to muster essence energy for a short while.

Resulting in him being totally unable to withstand these peoples fury now.

He would not die, but the pain coming from his body, as well as the sense of humiliation in the depths of his heart, was extremely intense.

Suddenly, Ye Yuans expression changed.

A strand of divine sense probed over without any scruples, sweeping over the bodies of Ye Yuan and the rest.

However, this strand of divine sense withdrew very quickly. Clearly, it did not discover anything.

In the sky, several figures flew past.

Merely a few small fries. The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King is a bit too sensitive, said an aged and hoary voice with a laugh.

Ye Yuans eyesight was extremely good and recognized this old man at a glance. It was precisely Cloudmarsh Citys city lord, Old Man Han!

Humph!Ye Yuan that brat is full of cunning tricks, maybe he blended into these people. Better to be a little careful, Zhuge Qingxuan beside Old Man Han said.

Ye Yuans expression turned cold, not expecting that these two people actually walked together.

Old Man Hans strength was unfathomable. Although not ranked among the Ten Great Divine Kings, no one dared to underestimate his strength either.