Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223 Overbearing

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Kanuo said that Ye Yuan might have entered the Godsfall Mountain Range. But right now, there are so many people at the Godsfall Mountain Range, so where to begin searching? Zhuge Qingxuan furrowed his brows and said.

Huhu,Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, please be calm. Lord Kanuo can pry into heavens secrets, so within this Godsfall Mountain Range, theres bound to be something major happening. In my view, the place that that punk wants to go, it definitely isnt an ordinary place! Old Man Hans gaze looked toward Zhuge Qingxuan heatedly.

Zhuge Qingxuan frowned and said, Youre talking about god-forbidden region?

Inside this Godsfall Mountain Range, it was divided into several regions, which were respectively: safe region, Dao-forbidden region, void-forbidden region, as well as the most terrifying god-forbidden region!

These regions were fumbled out by martial artists using fresh blood, over countless tens of thousands of years.

These people here actually already entered the Godsfall Mountain Range, but they were currently in the safe region.

Of course, the safe region was not absolutely safe as well.

When approaching the Dao-forbidden region, the danger would increase tremendously too.

Upon entering the Dao-forbidden region, these people would probably not be as cozy as now.

The so-called Dao-forbidden region was referring to that Dao Profound Realm martial artists were forbidden to enter inside.

Even peak Divine King powerhouses, once they went too deep in, it would be a slim chance of survival too.

The same argument, void-forbidden region was referring to Void Mystic powerhouses.

Among them, also included the Ten Great Divine Kings, this kind of powerhouses who comprehended Divine Dao laws!

Zhuge Qingxuan had also penetrated deep into the Godsfall Mountain Range previously. But even for him, the region that he set foot in was also merely the void-forbidden region.

As for the legendary god-forbidden region, that was a region that even genuine Deity Realm powerhouses did not dare to easily set foot in as well.

The places where Deity Realm powerhouses perished the most, was the god-forbidden region!

Zhuge Qingxuan also shuddered with fear when he guessed this result.

Ye Yuans heart was really big!

Heh,the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King dont need to have this expression. Ye Yuan that brat is very clever. He definitely guessed that Lord Kanuo is currently recovering to his peak strength. Once accomplished, no one in the Divine Realm can stop him anymore! Want to stop Lord Kanuo, he could only be the first person to break the shackles in these 100 thousand years, and reach Deity Realm! And in the entire Divine Realm, the only place where its possible to break through to the Deity Realm, is probably the Godsfall Mountain Ranges god-forbidden region!

Old Man Han saw through it clearly, guessing not far off the mark from Ye Yuans thoughts.

At present, this was also the only solution.

It was just that compared to Kanuo recovering to peak strength, Ye Yuans path was clearly ten-thousandfold harder!

After all, without the permission of Heavenly Dao laws, there was already no way to step into the Deity Realm in this world.

Heh,even if hes really able to enter the god-forbidden region, its also impossible to come out alive, Zhuge Qingxuan said with a cold smile.

Come out or not, this old man doesnt know. But this old man knows that we must stop him from entering! Although the chances of becoming a deity dont even reach one in a million, hes the son of heavens mandate after all. Its not strange for whatever miracles to happen to him, Old Man Han said.

Humph!Theres no way hell succeed! This seat will definitely tear him to pieces this time! Otherwise, its hard to dispel the hatred in my heart!

Zhuge Qingxuans expression was livid. His hatred toward Ye Yuan billowed to the skies.

The last time, at the dragon clan, he almost died at Ye Yuans hands.

This was a shame that he had never encountered for thousands of years. Only by killing Ye Yuan could he wash away this shame of his!

On this side, fake Ye Yuan was pummeled into a pigs head by the righteously indignant crowd.

Fake White Light returned all of the things and compensated a large sum of heavenly essence crystals before everyone let it go at that.

With this, it was suffering a double loss.

Sniff, sniff my heavenly essence crystals! Return my heavenly essence crystals sniff, sniff

Fake Ye Yuan cried his heart out.

While at this time, Ye Yuan they all were long gone already.

Big Brother, what should we do now? Why not we wait until we enter the Dao-forbidden region, then we find a chance to scam them? With our degree of familiarity towards the Dao-forbidden region, I believe that they definitely cant beat us! Fake White Light said.

Fake Ye Yuans wailing cries abruptly ceased. Using a strange gaze and giving him a look, he lowered his voice and said, Are you a pig? If you want to die, dont drag me in! This time, for us to be able to live, its already very lucky! You actually still want to go and provoke them?!

Fake Ye Yuan scolded vigorously and completely did not realize that he was the pig at this moment.

B-Big Brother, whats wrong? Are those few really so formidable? Fake White Light said blankly.

Fake Ye Yuan lowered his voice again and said,En,more than just formidable! I, your father, must have stepped on dog shit when I went out today! F*cking hell, to actually run into the real one!

B-B-B-Big Brother! Youre saying saying Fake White Lights two eyes went wide, and he was even stammering when speaking.

Shhh Do you want to die?! Good that you know, shout so loud for what? He deliberately disguised himself and suppressed his realm, its in order to not let people know. If we give him away, well die without a doubt! Fake Ye Yuan hurriedly stopped him.

After fake Ye Yuans little interlude, Ye Yuans party marched straight in and entered the Dao-forbidden region.

Along the way, they naturally ran into some minor dangers too. But with Ye Yuans partys strength, it was naturally a cinch.

Big Brother, why are the people in front not walking anymore? White Light suddenly said.

Ahead, quite a few martial artists crowded at the foot of the mountain, but not a single one went up the mountain, which unwittingly made Ye Yuan and the rest feel rather peculiar.

Come, go over and take a look, Ye Yuan said.

The few people arrived at the foot of the mountain. Only after a bout of inquiring did they know that quite a number of strange incidents happened halfway up the mountain. There were already over ten people who lost their lives.

Among them, there were even peak Divine King powerhouses.

Everyone was afraid and did not advance, that was why they stopped at the foot of the mountain.

And this mountain ridge seemed to be the only path that led to the depths.

Ye Yuan was just about to advance when several figures descended from the sky. It was precisely Zhuge Qingxuan and party.

Zhuge Qingxuan swept a glance around, randomly designated a martial artist, and said with an overbearing air: You, come over!

That martial artist was startled, but did not dare to disobey, and could only step forward.

Speak, whats the deal with this Broken Soul Ridge.

Zhuge Qingxuans words exuded a flavor that brooked no dispute.

That martial artist naturally did not dare to defy and could only recount the events that happened here.

That martial artist thought that he was fine when he finished talking. Who knew that Zhuge Qingxuan mused for a moment and said to him, You, go in! Also, you, you, you all go up the mountain for me!

He selected over ten people in a row. Those peoples bodies trembled all over, their gazes revealing a look of despair.

The people that he chose were basically all Divine King Realm powerhouses.

Clearly, he was preparing to have these people scout the path.

Zhuge Qingxuan, dont you bully people too much! On what basis to make us be scapegoats? A divine king powerhouse was unwilling and roared angrily.

Zhuge Qingxuan smiled disdainfully and said, Based on what? Just based on this seat being the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King!

Done talking, he casually pointed his finger. A streak of terrifying force tapped towards that person.


That person directly exploded into countless chunks.

Now, is there still anyone with objections? Zhuge Qingxuan swept a glance over everyone and said coolly.