Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224 Right Under Your Eyelids And You Cant Even Recognize

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Zhuge Qingxuans overbearingness made everyone silent like cicadas in winter.

His strength was too powerful. It was on a completely different level from these people.

Feeling helpless, those dozen over people could only go up the mountain.

There was still a feeble ray of hope going up the mountain at any rate. But if they went against Zhuge Qingxuan, then it was only a one-way ticket to hell.

Quite a few martial artists gazes that looked towards Zhuge Qingxuan were filled with resentment.

They did not expect that the human races number one person was actually this sort of person who bullies the weak, being arrogant and high-handed and viewed human life like grass.

For some time, these people dared to feel indignant but did not dare to speak.

Regarding these peoples gazes, Zhuge Qingxuan directly chose to ignore it.

He did not care about these peoples thoughts at all. In his eyes, these people were all ant-like existences.

After those dozen over martial artists left, some people could not endure this kind of atmosphere and left this place one after another.

But the vast majority of the people still chose to endure silently.

However vast the world was, there was already no place to shelter them anymore.

Zhuge Qingxuan getting together with Old Man Han made Ye Yuan very surprised.

This made him involuntarily heighten his vigilance more.

The last time, Zhuge Qingxuan left together with Kanuo. It was hard to guarantee that there would be no relationship between these two people.

The Holy City kept the troops ready but made no movements until now, but did not lock the city with the grand array either. This in itself indicated many problems.

Looked like Zhuge Qingxuan might have very likely colluded together with the fiend race.

But Ye Yuan could not figure out why Old Man Han showed up here. Could it be that he also had ties with the fiend race?

Recalling the incident that happened in the Immemorial Medicine Garden back then, Ye Yuan felt that it really was possible.

Thinking this through, Ye Yuan sneered coldly in his heart to no end.

This Kanuo was truly playing a massive game of chess!

In a twinkle, an hour passed. According to those dozen over peoples foot strength, they should have long returned.

But there was no word from anyone!

At this time, Zhuge Qingxuan stood up once more and randomly selected over ten people again.

The few of you, go up the mountain! Zhuge Qingxuans voice did not carry the slightest trace of emotion.

Every since almost dying under Ye Yuans hands the last time, the foul and evil-foreboding air on Zhuge Qingxuans body became even heavier.

These peoples lives, he did not take it to heart at all.

A look of despair appeared on those dozen over peoples faces. They knew that this departure would likely have little chance of coming out alive.

And among these people, as luck would have it, there was that fake Ye Yuans company of four.

Y-Your Excellency! I-I beg you, save this lowly one! I know that in this place, only you can save us! said the fake Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised. This guy actually still dared to come and find him.

Thats the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King. I cant help you, Ye Yuan said coolly.

Fake Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and transmitted to Ye Yuan, Your Excellency, I know that impersonating you, its my fault! Im not begging you to save me, Im only begging you to save my three siblings! If If you dont agree, Ill tell the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King your true identity!

Ye Yuan slightly revealed an odd look. This guy actually guessed his identity.

However, he immediately laughed in spite of himself.

This guy actually even threatened him.

Huhu,its also not impossible to save them, but you have to go in! Ye Yuan said coolly.

Fake Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, Rest assured, Your Excellency. As long as youre willing to save them, Ye Sheng is willing to die!

Ye Yuan gave him a deep look. Only now did he know that his real name was called Ye Sheng.

Ill give you all three breaths of time. Still dont move, bear the consequences yourselves! That cold voice of Zhuge Qingxuans coincidentally sounded out at this time.

Ye Yuan suddenly got up and said to Zhuge Qingxuan with cupped fists, Your Excellency, the four of us siblings are willing to substitute the three of them to go up the mountain and scout the path.

While talking, Ye Yuan pointed at Ye Shengs three siblings.

This action of Ye Yuans made Zhuge Qingxuan very surprised.

This going up the mountain was clearly a dead end. There was actually still someone who took the initiative to volunteer.

When Ye Sheng heard Ye Yuans words, he was immediately wildly elated in his heart.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually used this kind of method to save his brothers.

With Ye Yuan around, his chances of survival would greatly increase.

Zhuge Qingxuan sized Ye Yuan up, feeling that this boy was somewhat peculiar.

But no matter how he looked, he could not see through Ye Yuans disguise.

His disguising art was a complementing technique in the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art. It could let people change to a different appearance by altering the entire bodys muscles.

He imparted this cultivation method to White Light the three of them. The three of them looked rather similar right now, just like brothers and sisters.

In addition to Ye Yuans Essence Sealing Pill, even if he was the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, he absolutely could not see through as well.

He looked left and right, and also could not see through any flaws. Straight away, he waved his hand impatiently and said, Go on, go!

Ye Yuan was just about to move when Old Man Han suddenly opened his mouth and said, Young man, going up the mountain here is nine chances to die and one chance to live. Why did you take the initiative to go up the mountain?

Finished talking, Old Man Hans gaze stared at Ye Yuan heatedly, wanting to see how he would answer.

But Ye Yuan did not fear in the slightest. Bowing his body and greeting, he said, The Heaven Stabilizing Divine King is fully-deserving of being the Divine Realms number one. This lowly one has always admired greatly. To be able to serve the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King is this lowly ones honor! Furthermore, this lowly one has no other strong points but a body of tough flesh. If talking about the possibility of survival, this lowly one still has that tiny hint of assurance.

Disregarding others, Zhuge Qingxuan was a sucker for this!

Hearing Ye Yuans words, that iceberg-like face of his actually had some additional smugness.

Alright, alright, dont talk rubbish anymore! Go up the mountain! Zhuge Qingxuan said impatiently.

Ye Sheng bid farewell with his siblings and made them not enter deep inside, and to wait for him outside. Then, he went up the mountain together with Ye Yuans company of four.

When the few silhouettes disappeared, Ye Sheng gave a deep bow toward Ye Yuan and said, Thank you very much, Your Excellency, for taking action and saving. This lowly one will definitely repay with death even by gladly dashing my brains against the ground! Also, this lowly one offended Your Excellency! Your Excellency, please punish!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, It was you who saved them, not me.

Ye Sheng could not help freezing when he heard that and said, Your Excellencys meaning is

Although you carried out unscrupulous deeds, making people despise you, your feelings toward your brothers and sister are not fake. If you threatened me to save only you alone, even risking a great battle with Zhuge Qingxuan, I wont save them. Moreover, its still unknown who would die at whose hands if I have a battle with him! Ye Yuans words exuded powerful confidence.

His sword intent breaking through, the Evil Extermination Sword Formula also broke through to the second level already, and was able to unleash 50% of the Evil Extermination Divine Swords power!

If he was to really battle with Zhuge Qingxuan again, Ye Yuan definitely did not fear him.

It was just that Old Man Han concealed his abilities too deeply, making him somewhat apprehensive.

Before entering deep into the Godsfall Mountain Range, he was unwilling to complicate matters; that was all.

Ye Sheng sucked in a deep breath, not expecting that the reason Ye Yuan agreed was actually this!

No matter what, Ye Shengs life is my lord! Ye Sheng bowed deeply again.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, Im very curious though. How did you know my identity?