Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 Soul Absorption

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Actually, Im milords fan! Ever since seeing Your Excellencys powerful strength at the dragon clan, this lowly one was deeply convinced by Your Excellency, Ye Sheng said.

Turned out, when the Heavens Secret Tower published the Ten Great Divine Kings, Ye Sheng was also one of the challengers.

Of course, after he reached the dragon clan, he discovered that he was batting above his grade.

But when he witnessed Ye Yuans strength, he completely became Ye Yuans firm supporter.

For this, he spent a huge price and bought a lot of data on Ye Yuan from the Heavens Secret Tower, and understood Ye Yuan very well.

He knew that not only was Ye Yuans concept comprehension abnormally high, his body refinement aspect did not pale in comparison to the essence energy realm in the least bit.

Furthermore, apart from Yue Mengli by Ye Yuans side, there was even a little girl whose strength was not weak. This little girl did not appear much by Ye Yuans side, but Ye Yuan seemed to regard her with great importance.

All in all, this unfamiliar young man before his eyes, there was at least 50-60% certainty that it was Ye Yuan.

Of course, he did not dare to be completely sure either. But just now, under that kind of situation, he had no choice but to take a risk.

As a result, he succeeded.

Your Excellency, what should we do now? Ye Sheng said rather hesitantly.

There were more than a dozen people who came along with them. But from Ye Yuan, the five of them, there were still around ten.

They saw Ye Shengs attitude and also guessed that Ye Yuan was a remarkable great figure, all revealing hopeful looks.

What else can we do? Of course its going up the mountain to take a look. Zhuge Qingxuan said that this place is called Broken Soul Ridge. It looks like the place is really as its name suggests! Ye Yuan said with a vicissitude of emotion.

But to the current Ye Yuan, things in this Divine Realm that could make him wary were really not many.

The group of people followed along the steep mountain road and climbed up, but they did not discover anything strange.

However, it was precisely this calmness that gave everyone goosebumps.

Your Excellency, why why do I feel amiss? Ye Sheng swallowed his saliva and said.

Of course its not right, if it was right, Zhuge Qingxuan would not let us come up either, Ye Yuan said without a care.

That calmness and composure of Ye Yuans also affected everyone, making their hearts calm down.

Traveling not for long, densely packed white cloth suddenly appeared ahead.

Looking over closely, it was actually countless Soul Beckoning Streamers!

On that rugged mountain path, over a dozen figures collapsed on the ground, there was no sound.

Its them! Its that batch of people who came previously! Someone suddenly cried out.

This This place is too terrifying! We Wed best return first! Another persons face turned pale as he suggested.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed slightly, and he said coolly, Its already too late.

Seeing that persons puzzled expression, Ye Yuan added: You turn around and look.

That person turned his head and looked, his face becoming even paler.

This Whats going on?

The path when they came actually completely disappeared.

On both sides of the path were similarly densely crowds of Soul Beckoning Streamers. How was there still a hint of the look of a mountain path?

Unknowingly, they actually fell into the encirclement of the Soul Beckoning Streamers.

Looks like we fell into an overlapping space. Unknowingly, we barged into an incredible place! Ye Yuan said indifferently.

He knew that this place was not some illusionary realm, but actual space!

If it were an illusionary realm, Ye Yuan would have long seen through it with a glance, and would not wait until now.

Actually, Ye Yuan himself was very surprised too. He got caught in this space and was actually totally clueless.

Furthermore, it looks like this space was easy to enter, but wanting to go out was probably not easy.

Y-Your Excellency, this What to do here? asked another divine king powerhouse and was even stammering when talking.

Those few people ahead did not have any movements at all. In all probability, they encountered a mishap.

When they saw such a situation, how could they not be afraid?

After all, those dozen over people who entered before, their strengths were not weaker than them.

Looks like this space is easy to enter, hard to leave. Since theres no way to turn around, then theres only moving forward, Ye Yuan said coolly.

But, but they

Ye Yuan gave him an indifferent glance and said, If you have other methods, this young master naturally wont stop you either.

One sentence made him wither.

This place was clearly very strange. Ye Yuan was already their only reliance.

Done talking, Ye Yuan did not care about him either and slowly walked in the direction of the previous group of people.

The other people had no choice and could only keep up.

Ye Yuan stretched his hand out and flicked. Over a dozen strands of thin threads made up of essence energy flew towards those dozen over people.

When everyone saw this scene, their gazes all turned intent, being surprised by Ye Yuans exquisite essence energy control.

There was no lack of Divine King powerhouses among them. But nobody could do it to Ye Yuans level.

After several breaths, Ye Yuan shook his head and said, All dead! Their bodies are completely unscathed, but its already an empty shell. Their divine souls were all taken away by someone. There are no signs of fighting here, looks like they didnt have the strength to retaliate at all.

The moment these words came out, everyones expression turned fearful.

This place was indeed sinister!

Your Excellency, I remember that there were 17 people in the first group that came. But there are only 15 people here. Seems like there are two missing, Ye Sheng said.

Ye Sheng knew Ye Yuans background and was not flustered like the others.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, Those two people were the strongest in the first group of people. Barring no accidents, we should be able to see their dead bodies ahead.

At this time, a strange breeze blew past, stirring up those Soul Beckoning Streamers.

Woo! Woo!

Immediately, a ghostly sobbing voice sounded out all around.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed and he said solemnly, Close off your six senses, dont listen to this voice!

Everyones expression turned fearful, and they hurriedly shut their six sense tightly, not daring to listen to this ghostly weeping sound.

This ghostly sobbing voice had the effect of absorbing the soul. Ye Yuan virtually detected it straight away. Hence, that was why he voiced out to warn.

He himself did not care in the least bit though. In this world, it was probably very hard to find something that was able to absorb his divine soul away.

Go! Ye Yuan said solemnly.

The group of people continued walking forward. But, along with going in deeper and deeper, that ferocious ghostly sobbing voice became increasingly terrifying.

In the end, it actually became a fierce cry.

That scream was incomparably ear-piercing.

Countless Soul Beckoning Streamers emitted a faint purple light, turning the entire stretch of space even more bizarre.

H-Help! A Divine King powerhouse seemed to have his throat clutched and shouted vigorously.

Ye Yuans brows furrowed and discovered that even though these people shut their six senses tightly, their divine souls were still gradually dragged out of the body.

Even though he was desperately struggling, it was still in vain.

Not just him, the rest were similarly like so!

Apart from Yue Mengli, even White Light and Lu-er actually showed signs of being unable to hold on.

Yue Mengli was of the Innate Battle Soul Physique. Half of her divine soul had already long fused into one entity. Her vitality was extremely strong to begin with.

Such means were actually unshakable.

It was just that Lu-er could not hang on anymore. The expression on her face was very painful. Clearly, she already could not quite endure any longer.

Y-Young Master! Lu-er said weakly.