Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Drawing On The Ground To Serve As A Prison

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Ye Yuan formed a hand seal, his voice like a great bell.

At the same time, Ye Yuans powerful vitality surged toward the sky, and he forcefully quelled those ghostly wailing voices!

With the Lin character coming out of the mouth, a grand aura instantly spread out.

Those wailing voices seemed to have seen their jinx and immediately did not dare to approach Ye Yuan and the rest anymore.

Those divine souls that were originally being dragged out also immediately returned into their bodies.

Even so, each one of them was deathly pale, as if they had a serious illness.

However, their faces all revealed a look of lingering fear; their gazes when they looked at Ye Yuan were filled with gratitude.

If not for Ye Yuan, they would already be like the first batch of people at this time, becoming corpses without a divine soul.

Lu-ers complexion was very bad as well. Ye Yuan asked concernedly, Lu-er, are you alright?

Im alright. Thank you, Young Master, Lu-er shook her head and said.

But Ye Yuans face turned cold, and he said, If a tiger doesnt demonstrate its might, do you really take this young master to be a sickly cat?

These ghosts were so arrogant to actually hurt Lu-er. It made Ye Yuan become genuinely angry.

Fiery, burn all of these damn things for me! This young master wants to see just what kind of ghost or monster there are, playing tricks over here! Ye Yuan said with a cold shout.

Hearing that icy tone of Ye Yuan, the others could not help shuddering.

These Soul Beckoning Streamers were incomparably bizarre. It was already not bad for them to be able to escape with their lives.

But this lord actually wanted to burn them all!

Fierys figure appeared, his hands kneading seals. At once, a surge of terrifying power of flames spread out.


Everyone immediately felt like their entire bodies were about to burn up.

They hurriedly revolved essence energy to resist. But under this surge of terrifying heatwave, they actually had a feeling of being scorched.

Too frightening!

This This power of the flame is too strong!

The Spirit Bristle Divine Kings Nine Suns Burning Heaven is known as the Divine Realms number one fire-attribute martial technique. In my view, this power of the flames isnt the slightest bit inferior!

Just who in the world is this lord? This strength is also a little too horrifying, right?

Back then, the Spirit Bristle Divine Kings one move, Nine Suns Burning Heaven, slaughtered hundreds of divine king powerhouses, causing a sensation for some time.

There was no shortage of divine king powerhouses among these dozen over people. They questioned themselves if Fierys move was unleashed against them, they would only have the share of being one-shotted.

However, even if more people came, it was the same too!

Witnessing Ye Yuans strength, they could not resist speculating about Ye Yuans identity one after another.

Previously hearing Ye Yuan say that he did not fear the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, they were more or less still a little disdainful in their hearts.

But now, they knew that Ye Yuan was not kidding!

To have strength comparable to the Spirit Bristle Divine King, why would he be scared of the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King?

That pale flame instantly ignited the Soul Beckoning Streamers within a radius of 10 thousand feet.

Shrill ghostly wails came over. They seemed to be thrown into an oil pot, miserable screams lingering on incessantly.

After 10 breaths, Fiery withdrew the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame.

Originally, within this ten thousand foot radius was overwhelmed with weed, countless Soul Beckoning Streamers stood in great numbers.

But now, it became a stretch of wilderness.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flames current power was indeed already not much inferior to the Spirit Bristle Divine King.

This level of flame power directly refined those Soul Beckoning Streamers into nothingness.

However, Ye Yuans expression changed.

On this ten thousand square-feet of wilderness, there were actually still several poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers that were not refined!

Ye Yuan swept a glance over and discovered that there were still nine!

These nine Soul Beckoning Streamers were clearly different from the rest.

Nine poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers inserted on the solitary barren graves, appearing deserted and strange, giving people an extremely ominous feeling.

In the wilderness, there was even a massive tomb.

There was a piece of stone monument in front of the tomb, on it wrote five blood-colored large words Tomb of Soul Refining Sect.

Looks like this Broken Soul Ridges bizarreness is because this tomb came into being! Soul Refining Sect, this is probably an Ancient Era sect. Furthermore, its a Divine Dao sect! Ye Yuan said.

This tomb coming into being superimposed this space onto the Broken Soul Ridge.

Hence, the moment martial artists came up, they had their souls sucked by those Soul Beckoning Streamers.

As for this Soul Refining Sect, Ye Yuan had never heard before. Ten to one, it was an Ancient Era sect.

Ancient Era sects, there would more or less be some mentions in some of the present Divine Realms materials.

The Ancient Era was too far away from present times. Even the Heaven One Sect, this kind of large sect, no one remembered it, let alone some slightly smaller Divine Dao sects.

These nine poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers were able to resist Fierys refinement. They were definitely not ordinary items.

Hence, Ye Yuan determined that this so-called Soul Refining Sect was bound to be a Divine Dao sect!


Suddenly, a crazed voice sounded out.

Everyone was startled in their hearts. Looking over, they saw that a divine king powerhouses hand was actually holding one of the nine poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers!

Wei Cheng, what are you doing? Quickly put it down! The expression of another martial artist who was on friendly terms with Wei Cheng could not help changing greatly when he saw the situation and shouted at Wei Cheng.

But how could the current Wei Cheng still hear it at this time?

He let out a burst of wild laughter and said,Hahaha,from this day forth, this seat is the ancient Soul Refining Sects successor! I want this world to obey me!

Wei Chengs two eyes were scarlet, his expression crazed, looking very sinister.

Wei Cheng, quickly wake up! Hurry up and put down that Soul Beckoning Streamer! Li Yao shouted again.

Ye Yuan heaved and sighed and said, Hes already being controlled by that Soul Beckoning Streamer. No matter how you shout, its already useless too.

Li Yaos expression turned pale as a sheet, and he muttered, This What to do here?

Not good! Seize that Soul Beckoning Streamer first, then talk! If it doesnt work, we can only kill! Ye Yuan said.

Hahaha Kill, kill, kill!

Wei Cheng was already completely insane, carrying a Soul Beckoning Streamer and charging over, his aura billowing into the sky.

White Light, you go and deal with him first. Ill cast a spell to protect them. Otherwise, it would be bad is someone is lured over by that Soul Beckoning Streamer again, Ye Yuan said.

White Light did not say a word and stepped forward, matching up against Wei Cheng!

White Lights current strength was already not inferior to the Ten Great Divine Kings.

But forcefully clashing a blow with Wei Cheng, he actually did not gain the slightest bit of advantage!

For some time, the two people were locked in a struggle.

When everyone saw this scene, their faces all changed greatly.

An unassuming divine king powerhouse obtaining the Soul Beckoning Streamer, his strength actually became so powerful!

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, his brows furrowed slightly too, secretly thinking to himself that this ancient Soul Refining Sect was indeed incomparably evil.

However, his hands did not slow down, pulling out the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood.

Ye Yuans essence energy surged. Immediately, the sound of thunder rang out, bolts of lightning discharging out.

Ye Yuans head the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood in his hand and drew a large circle around everyone.

Finished, Ye Yuan lightly cried out the Lin character. After that, he directly inserted the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood into the soil.

Straight away, an enormous lightning shield protected everyone in the middle.

Above the shield, there was faintly the undulation of the power of laws. The might of the Lin character actually condensed and did not dissipate!

Alright, no matter what happens outside, all are not to walk out of the radius of this shield! Otherwise, even gods cant save you! Ye Yuan said to everyone coldly.