Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Battling Wei Cheng

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Its been so long, and they are still not back yet. They wouldnt have been completely wiped out, right?

Seeing Ye Yuan and the rest not returning, Zhuge Qingxuan involuntarily furrowed his brows.

Old Man Han said, This Broken Soul Ridge is extremely fishy. In the past, it was merely an unimportant and ordinary mountain ridge. Now, even you and I are actually unable to fly over.

There are definitely things concerning Divine Dao that happened! These scapegoats are really useless! Not a single one could actually return! Zhuge Qingxuan said unhappily.

Old Man Han gave him a glance and said, Did you feel that that kid earlier was rather odd?

But Zhuge Qingxuan did not feel that there was anything amiss. He was arrogant at heart and haughty in manner. He had never placed ants in his sights.

Even the Ten Great Divine Kings, those able to enter his arcane sights were also merely that one or two people.

Hence, that was why he loathed the Ye Yuan who offended him back then so much.

In his view, it was impossible for even powerhouses of the same boundary to disguise anything in front of him too.

Little did he imagine that Ye Yuan had long already gone past from under his eyelids.

A bunch of ants, whats fishy about it? Zhuge Qingxuan said.

Actually, Old Man Han did not see through anything either. Otherwise, he would not have let Ye Yuan gone up either.

It was just that his thoughts were much more experienced than Zhuge Qingxuan, and he kept feeling that something was off. Hence, he thought a little more.

Logically speaking, were stopped by this Broken Soul Ridge. Its impossible for Ye Yuan to fly over too. If he hasnt already entered the Broken Soul Ridge, then its that he hasnt arrived yet. Its just that judging from the time, even if he was any slower, he should have arrived too! Old Man Han voiced out his doubts.

Zhuge Qingxuan just had an arrogant character. It did not mean that he was a fool.

With Old Man Han saying so, he also felt that something was not quite and he said with a frown, Youre saying that brat was Ye Yuan? Thats impossible!

Zhuge Qingxuan naturally would not admit that he had eyes but could not see, and was also unwilling to admit it.

That brat, he saw through with one glance. How could he possibly be Ye Yuan?

Old Man Han smiled bitterly and said, I just feel that theres this possibility. This boy cant be measured with common sense at all.

Zhuge Qingxuans expression flickered incessantly. Old Man Hans words made him extremely irritated.

He had a feeling that it seems like he was really played by Ye Yuan again!

A bout of depressed air filled his chest, making him feel like he was about to explode.

Looks like this bunch of good-for-nothings cant be counted on! Well go in ourselves! Zhuge Qingxuan said.

But Old Man Han smiled evilly and said, Who says they cant be counted on? So many people, entering to be cannon fodders is good too!

Old Man Han did not conceal his voice. Everyones faces changed because of it.

Zhuge Qingxuan also chuckled when he heard that and said in a clear voice, Either you all die, or go up the mountain!


In mid-air, White Light and Wei Cheng clashed hard again.

As a result, Wei Cheng actually sent White Light flying this time!

This guy was clearly possessed by the God of War. There was actually a feeling of getting stronger the more they fought.

Wei Cheng did not give White Light any time to catch his breath at all, immediately pouncing, wanting to directly strike White Light dead.

Right at this time, a figure suddenly appeared and cut right between the two people.


A dragon roar sounded out, directly blasting Wei Cheng out ten thousand feet away.

Big Brother, this guy is so strange! Theres clearly only one person, why do I feel like there are many experts besieging me? White Light said in surprise.

Its that Soul Beckoning Streamer causing mischief! If my conjectures are right, inside that Soul Beckoning Streamer likely fostered a very powerful ghost. You go down and rest a bit, leave it to me, Ye Yuan said.

Be careful, Big Brother! This guy isnt easy to deal with!


Being sent flying by Ye Yuan with a palm, Wei Cheng actually did not come up for a while, seemingly very wary of Ye Yuan.

Just now, didnt you say that this world has to obey you? Why did you get scared? Ye Yuan looked at Wei Cheng and said with a faint smile.

Wei Cheng opened his mouth and said, Brat, dont be arrogant! An ant like you, this seat can slaughter tens of millions with a wave of a hand back then!

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, Shameless boasting! Since you dont dare to come, then this young master is coming!

Wei Cheng did not see Ye Yuan take any action either. His figure instantly vanished.

When Wei Cheng saw this scene, his pupils involuntarily constricted, and he said in terror, Greater teleportation!

Clearly, he was astounded by Ye Yuans skill.

Ye Yuans essence, energy, and spirit were clearly not perfected yet, but his heart realm was actually perfected already.

Even in the Divine Dao Era, there were also not many who had such talent!

However, he already could not afford to think too much.

Ye Yuans sword already reached him!


Wei Cheng brandished the Soul Beckoning Streamer and directly had a frontal-exchange with Ye Yuan.

However, it was different from how he overpowered White Light earlier. This time, he was completely pummeled by Ye Yuan!

His figure was directly sent flying by Ye Yuans powerful sword intent.

Your Your Sword Dao laws already comprehended to the middle-stage first-layer heaven? How is this possible? Astonishment was written all over Wei Chengs face as he looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

He felt that this world was too crazy!

How could a Dao Profound Realm brat possibly comprehend Divine Dao laws to the second-layerheaven1?

Was this fellow before his eyes really an ant-like Dao Profound Realm martial artist from a million years ago?

Wei Cheng was instantly flustered!

Hah,its just that youre out of touch with the outside world!

With a look of disdain, Ye Yuan pounced once more, battling together with Wei Cheng.

Ye Yuan brandished the sword until it was impenetrable, sword intent roaming unobstructed.

The Evil Extermination Sword contained a grand righteous aura in the first place. It was this kind of evil things jinx.

Wei Cheng was pushed by Ye Yuan until he was teetering on his feet and could not even accomplish retaliating!

Damn it, what are you all still waiting for? Wei Cheng shouted sternly.

Ye Yuan naturally knew that he was shouting about, but he did not care at all.

Want to walk out of this space, this fellow was the key figure.

Below, yin energy fluctuated. The other eight poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers finally had activities!

Those martial artists clearly sensed that the surroundings were somewhat not right, each and every one had deathly pale faces.

They did not know whether or not this enchantment that Ye Yuan laid down was useful or not.

Everybody, dont need to worry. Those evil things cant get in! Yue Mengli said coolly.

When those dozen over people heard, their hearts calmed down slightly. But the nervous emotions still pervade the air.

The yin energy grew increasingly heavier. Even separated by an enchantment, they could also feel it distinctly.

Suddenly, the enchantment emitted grating sounds.

For some time, shrill screams emitted outside the enchantment, making peoples hair stand on end.

Very clearly, Ye Yuans enchantment took effect!

Seeing this scene, Wei Chengs expression changed even more drastically.

Damn it! Boy, dont push people too far! Wei Chen snapped.

But Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, What a joke! Since you guys touched Lu-er earlier, youll need to have the readiness of being annihilated!

Wei Cheng clenched his jaws and shouted, Nine Yin Heavenly Evil Formation!

A surge of evil-yin energy spread out. The other eight Soul Beckoning Streamers actually rose up from the ground and attacked over towards Ye Yuan at the same time!

Nine Soul Beckoning Streamers closing in together, the power was indeed extraordinary.

Ye Yuans expression changed. The Domain of Sword instantly condensed to form a ten feet radius!

At the same time, the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art revolved at full power, while the Evil Extermination Sword was unleashed in full force!


This time, Wei Cheng finally shook Ye Yuans figure back a hundred over feet.

But he received the recoil force and carried along the nine poles of Soul Beckoning Streamers, and tunneled right into the tomb.