Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Myriad Soul Flag

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With this escape, wanting to capture him again would not be so easy anymore.

How could Ye Yuan give him the chance? Voice of the Dragon God activated flagrantly!

Wei Chengs figure was originally already more than half merged into the tomb. But at this time, it was akin to having an immobilizing spell cast, forcefully freezing there.

Even Zhuge Qingxuan could not withstand Ye Yuans Voice of the Dragon God, how could a mere Wei Cheng be Ye Yuans match?

He only withstood less than a breath of time, and then Wei Cheng was forcefully shocked out by Ye Yuan!

S-So powerful! What martial technique is this? That roar earlier, I felt that my divine soul was about to leave the body.

Ive never seen before a type of sound wave martial technique that can have such terrifying might! That was a dragon roar just now, right? Could it be that this was a dragon race martial technique?

This Who in the world is this lord? I feel that my head is almost not enough to use anymore.

These divine king powerhouses were normally all tyrants of a region.

Any one among them going out could establish a sect and form a Rank One Holy Land.

But now, when they saw Ye Yuan, they immediately felt like they were peasants, totally not enough to look at.

This was true; there was always someone better, and heaven beyond heaven

Ye Yuan came to Wei Chengs side and discovered that his two eyes rolled back, and was long rattled silly by the Voice of the Dragon God.

For the Voice of the Dragon God to be able to become one of the dragon races supreme martial techniques, that was not anyhow said.

The damages were not just targeted at the physical body, even the divine soul was similarly able to be shocked until it dissipated.

Wei Cheng was just like a dead dog at this time, without any strength to fight back at all.

Keep pretending to be dead, Ill make your soul disintegrate! Ye Yuans cold voice sounded out.

A sinister ghostly figure slowly floated up from Wei Chengs body, wanting to secretly tunnel into the Soul Beckoning Streamer.

While that Wei Cheng was already deader than dead.

You can try going in. Do you really think that this young master cant do anything to the Soul Beckoning Streamer? Ye Yuan continued.

That ghostly silhouette trembled and looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief as he said, You You can see me?

What a joke! If I cant see you, could it be that this young master is talking to the air? Also, the few of you, if you still wont come out, bear the consequences yourselves! Ye Yuans words revealed killing intent.

Only then the ghostly silhouette was certain that Ye Yuan was really able to see him!

But how did he do it?

The few of them were all invisible things. Unless it was a Deity Realm powerhouse who was here, otherwise, no one could see them at all.

Who knew that this young man was actually able to see!

The ghostly silhouette suddenly discovered that he was really struck by lightning when he wentout1.

The Soul Refining Sect slumbered for a million years. The few of them were prepared to race against time and go all out. Did not expect that not long after coming into being, they ran into such a freak.

No matter how they did things, they were all restrained firmly by Ye Yuan and did not have the least bit of strength left to resist at all.

Inside the other few Soul Beckoning Streamers, several figures floated up too.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over them and finally landed on that Wei Chengs ghost again, and said, Now, I ask, you answer. As long as you let me discover that youre lying, this young master will make you regret being a ghost! Remember, you dont have a second chance!

That piercing cold killing intent of Ye Yuans made them shudder once more. Wei Cheng hurriedly said, Y-Your Excellency, feel free to ask. Gui Fu absolutely dare not conceal.

Seeing that he had thoroughly awed these few ghosts, Ye Yuan also calmed down slightly in his heart.

Ye Yuans research into the divine soul was extremely deep and had once seen before in some records.

Some heretic path cultivators would use special techniques to refine divine souls into evil ghosts.

These evil ghosts under the order of martial artists were able to kill enemies. Furthermore, their power potentials were limitless.

The powerful ones could even reach Deity Realm!

This Soul Refining Sect was named Soul Refining. It was likely an illustrious heretic path sect in the Ancient Era too.

He knew that these few ghosts were all refined with extremely powerful methods. Want to erase away, there was only using the Voice of the Dragon God.

But the Voice of the Dragon God, he already used one breath of time. He was no longer able to use it within a short time.

Ye Yuan shot Gui Fu a glance nonchalantly and asked, What is this place?

Gui Fu said cautiously, Replying Your Excellency, this place is the Soul Refining Sects Divine Development Space! Back then, the Soul Refining Sect was pursued by Daoist Absolute Heaven until there was no road to heaven and no gate into the earth, and could only escape into the Godsfall Mountain Range. But when they escaped here, they were already a spent force. At that time, the Soul Refining Sects sect master, Li Gui, opened up this Divine Development Space with a great divine ability. He destroyed his fleshy body and laid down the Immemorial Soul Refining Grand Array, hoping to borrow this Godsfall Mountain Ranges evil-yin energy and refine himself into an undying evil ghost, and then dominate the Divine Realm. At that time, even Absolute Heaven could not do anything to him either!

Ye Yuan could not help shuddering with fear when he heard. The means of Ancient Era powerhouses were simply inconceivable.

The name of the undying evil ghost, Ye Yuan had once heard before too.

Legends had it that refining into an undying evil ghost, one could be undying and imperishable. Even Deity Realm powerhouses were hard-pressed to destroy too.

Did not expect that there was actually someone who set up a million years old grand plan, to refine himself into this kind of neither human nor ghost creature.

Youre saying that Li Gui is inside this tomb? Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Although Heavenly Dao was missing presently, even if Li Gui really refined himself into an undying evil ghost, it was also impossible to reach the heights of a million years.

But this undying evil ghost was absolutely not easy to deal with.

Even the current him was most likely not a match either.

Gui Fu nodded his head and said, Yes.

Ye Yuan glanced at him and asked again, The few of you, what kind of existences are you?

Gui Fus expression was ugly and said, The few of us arent anything, we are this Myriad Soul Flags artifact spirits! The Myriad Soul Flag is a profound divine artifact. It can divide into nine and can also combine into one. Its just that our strengths havent recovered to our peak state yet, so

Gui Fu secretly peeked at Ye Yuan but did not dare to carry on saying.

Clearly, losing to Ye Yuan, Gui Fu was still unconvinced in his heart.

If he could recover to his peak state, he definitely would not fear Ye Yuan.

From Skydistant there, Ye Yuan knew that divine artifacts were also classified into grades.

Divided according to the grade, divine artifacts were categorized into spirit divine artifact, profound divine artifact, heavenly divine artifact, which corresponds respectively to Grotto Profound, Heaven Glimpse, and Origin Deity, three great deity realms.

Since the Myriad Soul Flag was a profound divine artifact, its grade was already not low.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and pulled the Evil Extermination Sword out again with a swish, and said, Since the Soul Refining Sect was pursued by Senior Absolute Heaven, then do you guys recognize this sword?

The gazes of Gui Fu and the evil ghosts turned intent. Only now did they size up the sword in Ye Yuans hand carefully.

Firstly, they had just regained consciousness not long, many memories that had already long been covered by dust had not recovered yet. Secondly, they were constantly in the heat of battle just now. They did not have time to size up the sword in Ye Yuans hand and just felt that it looked familiar.

Taking a look now, they involuntarily shuddered in fear.

E-Evil Extermination Divine Sword! This is the Evil Extermination Divine Sword! You Youre Absolute Heavens successor!

Gui Fu was just like a mouse that saw a cat, immediately screaming shrilly.

The other evil ghosts were similarly immensely alarmed too. It was as if they had seen a terrifying thing.

Clearly, Absolute Heavens deterrent power toward them was too strong.

Ye Yuan looked at Gui Fu and said with a faint smile, Now, this young master gives you two choices, one is to acknowledge me as your master, the other is to turn to dust!