Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 Searching Memories

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Previously when he exchanged blows with Gui Fu, Ye Yuan was actually secretly alarmed.

With the Evil Extermination Swords sharpness, it actually could not chop off a Soul Beckoning Streamer. This clearly did not quite make sense.

Even Ye Yuan did not think that this Myriad Soul Flag was actually a profound divine artifact!

One had to know that the Evil Extermination Sword was also merely a profound divine artifact. It was just that it was an existence with an extremely high grade, even among profound divine artifacts.

Paired with Absolute Heavens strength that overpowered all life, that was why it appeared extraordinary.

He did not expect that these few poles of lousy streamers were actually a profound divine artifact!

Ye Yuan had a heavenly divine artifact in his hands though. It was the Sacred Dragon Token.

It was just that until now, Ye Yuan was unable to unleash its true power. Therefore, he used it lesser now instead.

Although these Myriad Soul Flags were somewhat extraordinary, they did not have the undulations of a divine artifact at all, resulting in Ye Yuan not perceiving it.

It seemed like this Myriad Soul Flag indeed had some ability, to actually be able to divide into nine.

Furthermore, the power of the Myriad Soul Flag was clearly related to the condition of these evil ghosts.

If these evil ghosts were able to recover strength, the Myriad Soul Flags power should be rather considerable.

Hearing Gui Fu said so, Ye Yuan had the thought of subduing these ghost creatures aroused.

If it were somebody else, forget about subduing these ghost creatures, not being subdued by these ghost creatures was already pretty good.

But Ye Yuan had the Soul Suppressing Pearl, these ghosts could not affect him at all.

Ye Yuan did not have aversive thoughts toward this kind of evil things. Since this profound divine artifact was already an established fact, destroying it would be a pity.

As long as one used it positively, it could save many people instead.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan subduing these evil ghosts still had other considerations involved.

The nine evil ghosts exchanged glances, their faces all revealed unwilling expressions.

Placed at a million years ago, they did not even place Deity Realm powerhouses in their sights.

But now, they had yet to take the first step out and was subdued by Ye Yuan. How could they be reconciled to it?

Heh,looks like you all have just woken up and are really very muddled! In this present Divine Realm, how can one still be able to corroborate their Dao and become a deity? No matter how many divine souls you all devour, youd also be unable to recover to your peak anymore!

Ye Yuan discovered that these ghosts seemed to really have quite a slow reaction. Until now, they still had not detected Heavenly Daos change.

His words filled the evil ghosts with alarm.

You Is what you said true? Gui Fu said in astonishment.

Ye Yuan briefly narrated Heavenly Daos change and continued,Heh,even if you all recover your strength, youd forever not be this young masters match! Now, have you given up?

Finally, Ye Yuans words utterly shattered Gui Fus psychological defense.

Your Excellency, Gui Fu is willing to acknowledge you as Master! Gui Fu said with extreme unwillingness.

If it were another person, he absolutely would not submit.

Even if the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King was here, he would not be able to subdue these evil ghosts too. Because he could not kill these guys at all.

But Ye Yuan was different!

His voice of the dragon god was too terrifying.

Already experiencing the power of the Voice of the Dragon God, Gui Fu believed that Ye Yuan absolutely had the ability to kill them!

Ye Yuan said coolly, Say the spell to control the Myriad Soul Flag, and Ill spare you all from death. Dont think about tampering with it. Its still that sentence, you guys dont have a second chance.

Gui Fu had long seen through, those immensely powerful means of theirs all could not work in front of Ye Yuan.

Playing tricks was tantamount to seeking death.

Gui Fus expression turned fearful, and he said, Your Excellency, the usage method of the Myriad Soul Flag is different from other profound divine artifacts. It doesnt require divine inscriptions to activate. But on this Myriad Soul Flag, there is Li Guis divine soul imprint. If Your Excellency wishes to control us, you just have to remove his imprint, then have it acknowledge you as its master with blood essence and a divine soul imprint will do. Its just that wanting to remove Li Guis imprint, the risk isnt small.

Ye Yuans eyes lit up when he heard that, not expecting that the Myriad Soul Flag was actually so convenient.

As for Gui Fus words, he did not take them to heart at all.

Ye Yuan picked up Gui Fus Myriad Soul Streamer, his divine sense sunk directly inside.

A tempest-like divine sense undulation was about to wipe away Ye Yuans consciousness indiscriminately.

Right at this time, the Soul Suppressing Bead suddenly gave off a red light, shining toward Li Guis divine sense imprint. He did not even get to scream tragically and directly turned to dust.

Seeing this scene, Gui Fu and the other evil ghosts were shocked until their mouths were gaping.

Li Gui was a Heaven Glimpse Deity Realm powerhouse back then and also cultivated the divine soul path. His divine soul imprint, even Origin Deity Realm powerhouses did not dare to easily erase either.

He did not expect that this young man before his eyes eradicated it without any effort!

That red light, Gui Fu could not figure out what that was at all. But without a doubt, if it were him, he would likewise turn to dust!

The eyes Gui Fu looked toward Ye Yuan with were filled with terror.

The secrets on this young man were simply abundant until he could not bear to look straight.

Ye Yuans methods to exterminate him were far more than he imagined!

Actually, this was Gui Fu thinking too much.

The Soul Suppressing Pearl was completely automatically protecting its master here. Ye Yuan completely could not deploy it.

Following that, Ye Yuan completely wiped away the Li Gui imprint on the nine Myriad Soul Flags like what he had done. After that, he dripped blood for it to acknowledge a master according to the method Gui Fu said.

Suddenly, a terrifying surge of evil yin energy poured in, rushing straight at the top of Ye Yuans head.

But the Soul Suppressing Pearl emitted a holy red light and completely suppressed the evil yin energy. It did not even stir up a single wave.

Immediately after that, Ye Yuan discovered that a trace of faintly discernible connection was established between his divine soul and the nine evil ghosts.

Sure enough, he was already able to spur these evil ghosts!

Paying respect to Master! Gui Fu and the rest were already unable to resist Ye Yuans thoughts and submitted.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, Gui Fu, now, I want to search your memories. Youre not to resist!

Gui Fu bowed his body and said, Yes, Master.

Ye Yuans divine soul probed out and started reading Gui Fus memories.

Very soon, Ye Yuans face revealed a faint understanding smile.

Your Excellency, what in the world happened at your side just now? When Ye Sheng saw Ye Yuan, he could not resist asking.

He could not see Gui Fu and the others. So he thought that Ye Yuan was muttering to himself alone there.

Not just him, the others similarly looked toward Ye Yuan with curious expressions.

Among them, also included White Light and Lu-er.

Rather, for Yue Mengli, because she also had the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, although it was not as clear as Ye Yuan, she could also see some things.

After all, Ye Yuans actions earlier were too weird.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, Nothing, just subdued a few little ghosts. Come, lets enter the tomb!

With him saying so, the other peoples faces all revealed incomparably astonished expressions.

After all, outside was already so dangerous. Inside probably still had even more dangers.

Even if there was Ye Yuan, this kind of powerful existence, Wei Cheng still died. This involuntarily made each and every one of their faces deathly pale.

Seeing that mysterious smile on Ye Yuans face, Yue Mengli could not help saying curiously, Could it be that there are still some good places inside this tomb?

Ye Yuan chuckled with laughter and said, Come, lets go in first and dig a pit for Zhuge Qingxuan that fellow to jump inside! This time, this young master is going to toy him to death!