Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 123

Chapter 123


“Team up with me, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng. My Seven Star Sword Art is already trained to the great success stage. I won’t drag you down!”

“Why not we go together, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng? If we encounter high tier demonic beasts, I will sacrifice my life to let you escape!”

“Together, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng? All the treasures our team gets will belong to you. I only want the items the mission requires.”

After the rather unpleasant assembly ended, the majority of the teams left the Dan Wu Academy.

Along the way, many powerful and outstanding young men gathered in front of Feng Zhirou, hoping to team up with her.

Feng Zhirou’s charm was truly not fake. Just in this short while, there were already no less than ten male students who requested to team with her. And their strengths were all at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm and above.

One had to acknowledge that Feng Zhirou’s cold and icy appearance could greatly stimulate men’s desire to conquer.

The colder she was to these male students, the more stimulated these males rushed up to her.

Even when Feng Zhirou rejected those male students, they still circled around not far from her.

Ye Yuan kept following neither too far away nor too near. But now, he joined in, asking with a smile, “Why not take me, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng? You see, my strength is meager. The two of us teaming up can fully display your unparalleled majesty!”

Everyone shot a scornful look at Ye Yuan.

Your strength is meager? Your combat prowess can already rank in the top 50 of the Martial Roll!

Can bullshit even reach such a level?

Furthermore, don’t women all wish to be protected by men? Your kind of degrading request for protection will surely be despised by Senior Apprentice Sister Feng!

Speaking of which, this was already not the first time Ye Yuan hid behind a woman’s back. The previous time Su Yubai ambushed, didn’t Ye Yuan also hide behind Teacher Feng?

Could Ye Yuan be a typical case of bullying the weak but fearing the strong?

How could Senior Apprentice Sister Feng possibly like such a man?

Moreover, who in the academy currently was unaware that Ye Yuan already picked up Teacher Feng now? Now, he even came to tease Feng Zhirou. Could it be that he wanted to simultaneously collect aunt and niece?

Did he not want to retain his face?

Even if Senior Apprentice Sister could not find any man, it was also impossible to share a husband with her own aunt, right?

Right at this moment, Feng Zhirou suddenly stopped and turned around to stare icily at Ye Yuan.

A bone-chilling intent spread out.

Just when everyone thought that Feng Zhirou was about to explode, she spat out four words coldly, “Make way in front!”

Everybody fell to the ground.

Just what in the world happened? This world is too insane!

Senior Apprentice Sister Feng actually agreed!

Could it be that Senior Apprentice Sister Feng was a thorough cold elder sister who enjoyed this sort of play?

If they knew earlier, they would also have pretended to have a pitiful appearance to satisfy Senior Apprentice Sister Feng’s protective desires!

“Haha!Heard that? Senior Apprentice Sister Feng has already agreed to pair up with me. Everyone, stop circling around her already! You all are also aware that once Senior Apprentice Sister Feng flares up, ordinary people can’t take it. Better not find trouble for yourselves. If you are hurt because of this, don’t blame me for not warning you all!” Ye Yuan told everyone with a smile.

Finishing, Ye Yuan really led the way to open up the path.

There were naturally some who still refused to give up. In the end, after Feng Zhirou drew her sword and nearly sliced off an ear, did everyone leave unwillingly.

At this moment, Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou already arrived at the borders of the Endless Forest.

The Endless Forest was filled with dangers. Hence, when students underwent the Endless Trials, they frequently entered in threes or in pairs.

The duration of the Endless Trials was half a month. The mission for Heaven rank students was to submit ten Tier 2 demonic beast’s inner cores and ten stalks of Tier 2 medicinal herbs.

This mission did not seem hard to complete. They just had to kill ten Tier 2 demonic beasts, harvest ten stalks of medicinal herbs, and that was it. But in fact, it was not so simple.

The strength of the demonic beasts tended to be immensely powerful, often a level greater than the strength of martial artists of the same level. Furthermore, many demonic beasts lived in groups. Once they get caught, it was virtually impossible to survive.

Also, some medicinal herbs often had its accompanying beast to guard it. One could suffer the attack of a demonic beast at any time while harvesting herbs.

Hence, forming teams to complete the mission was obviously the best option.

“Senior Apprentice Sister, aren’t you tired at all of showing that icy face all day?” Seeing nobody around, Ye Yuan turned towards Feng Zhirou.

“None of your business! I want to!” Feng Zhirou snapped.

Although she still maintained that frosty look, no matter how he looked at it, it seemed like throwing a tantrum. It was entirely different from that kind of distancing people a thousand miles away sort of iciness just now.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, “You got to marry eventually, gorgeous. How are you going to find your Mr. Right like this?”

Feng Zhirou said, “All of you stinky men, every one of you just thinks about dirty stuff. None of you are good. Why do I have to show a good attitude to you all?”

“You’re overturning an entire ship of people with one blow! Let’s not talk about whether men are good or not first. This Dao of Men and Woman is a natural Great Dao. A gentleman pursues a fair maiden. There’s nothing inappropriate about this, right?”

“I also didn’t say that I can’t find a Dao companion, what are you anxious about? Don’t tell me that you are so anxious because you fell for this young lady like those stinky men?”

Feng Zhirou’s words unconsciously detached Ye Yuan away from the rest. Most likely, even she did not realize it herself.

Ye Yuan chortled and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister might be beautiful, but I’d better keep a respectful distance away from that personality of drawing your sword at the slightest provocation! I don’t wish to find a Dao companion who might just stab me one day. That would be such an unjust death!”

Feng Zhirou gnashed her teeth and said, “You’re so vapid. Do you have to keep harping on that one thing forever?”

Just like Feng Ruoqing, Feng Zhirou had always been rather confident in her own charm. But in front of Ye Yuan, she had never found that sort of superiority.

Not only did Ye Yuan not humor her and indulge her like the other students, but he also avoided her like the plague.

Feng Zhirou had never experienced this sort of frustration before.

Moreover, she could sense that Ye Yuan’s words just now was not deliberately weighed out. But rather, he really did not want to have any association with herself.

In reality, Ye Yuan had never schemed after anything of hers. In fact, he helped her and her aunt a lot.

Feng Zhirou was prideful and haughty. All she thought about was pursuing the extremities of the Martial Dao. If she could no longer advance in this lifetime, it would be even worse than killing her.

Not only did Ye Yuan notice the problem with her body, he even gave her a cultivation law. This cultivation law named Water Defying Incantation was simply custom-made for her.

Feng Zhirou advanced at a tremendous pace when training this cultivation law.

Without any accidents, she only required three months to catch up to her former cultivation law’s progress.

Although Feng Zhirou never expressed anything towards this, she was actually still very grateful to Ye Yuan in her heart.

Ye Yuan involuntarily laughed when he saw her look.“Haha.Fine, fine. Actually, it’s not that I’m anxious about your affairs, but it’s Teacher Feng who is more concerned.”

Feng Zhirou asked doubtfully, “My aunt? What’s the matter?”

Ye Yuan repeated what Feng Ruoqing said in the morning and said smilingly, “Your aunt is also really strange. She’s clearly still a young lass, yet she’s worried about your matters.”

Hearing this incident, Feng Zhirou surprisingly did not express any opinion. Instead, she pulled a long face and said, “Quickly go. Continue to open up the path!”

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Open what path? We can just openly walk in.”

As he was talking, Ye Yuan fished out two medicinal pills and handed Feng Zhirou one.