Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 Grand Banquet

Chapter 1233: Grand Banquet
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Mm? This Where is this?

This place seems to be the Godsfall Mountain Range! We, we actually came back!

Hahaha Its really the Godsfall Mountain Range! We returned! Were saved!

Damn Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, let him go and see ghosts!

Truly, heaven has eyes! Hahaha Let that damn Heaven Stabilizing Divine King die inside that tomb then!

The group of martial artists randomly walked around inside the tomb, but unknowingly exited the Soul Refining Sect space, and returned to the Godsfall Mountain Range.

After they discovered this fact, each and every one of them was abnormally excited.

Being chased into the tomb by Zhuge Qingxuan, each and every one of them already lost all hope.

How could a Divine Dao sects tomb be that easy to venture into?

But they did not even lose a single hair and came out just like that. How could they not be excited?

After the excitement, their displeasure towards Zhuge Qingxuan also thoroughly erupted out, cursing Zhuge Qingxuan to die into one after another.

Hey, each and every one of you all, do you really think your fate is so good? suddenly, a man stepped forward and said in a clear voice.

Very soon, someone recognized who this person was.

Its you! Youre that guy who impersonated the Heaven Surmounting Divine King and was beaten to a pigs head by us! You youre actually not dead! someone cried out in surprise.

This person was precisely Ye Sheng, who already came out from inside the Soul Refining Sect space.

Everyone all knew that Ye Sheng followed Ye Yuan into the Soul Refining Sect space. Along the way, they did not see him either, and they even thought that he had already long died.

They did not think that he actually exited the Soul Refining Sect space together with everyone bafflingly.

Hearing this roar, Ye Shengs face also instantly fell.

These guys were really rubbing it in!

Not far away, Li-er and Lu-er also covered their mouths and laughed, being tickled by this scene.

They also did not expect that this Ye Sheng suddenly ran out to tell the truth.

They wanted to stop but was already too late.

You say that its not that our fate was good, why is that? Im also curious, entering this tomb, we actually didnt even see a ghost! the person just now asked curiously.

Seeing him questioned Ye Sheng, everyone perked their ears up and listened.

Only then did they know that there was indeed more than met the eye.

Otherwise, a Divine Dao sects ruins, how could there possibly be no danger at all?

But Ye Sheng had a proud look at this time as if he was the savior.

For you guys to be able to come out, its all because the Heaven Surmounting Divine King controlled the entire Soul Refining Sect space, guiding you all one by one to walk out of the safe region! Otherwise, with just your bit of strength, absolutely not a single one can come out! Ye Sheng said proudly.

Heaven Surmounting Divine King?! The Heaven Surmounting Divine King is actually here! That means that that person who offered to go up the mountain was really the Heaven Surmounting Divine King? exclaimed the person.

That is, of course! Otherwise, what do you think? How can an exalted Divine Dao sects ruins not had any dangers at all? Ye Sheng said.

Controlling a region of space! This How is this possible? This is the ruins of a Divine Dao space!

Its actually the Heaven Surmounting Divine King! The Heaven Surmounting Divine King actually took pity on existences like us! Hes the Divine Realms true leader!

Heh, Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, Heaven Surmounting Divine King! The two peoples titles both carry a Heaven character. But this moral character, the disparity is truly too great!

Ye Shengs words immediately blew up in the crowd.

At present, the Divine Realms strongest two mighty heavens chosen, one ordered them about to be cannon fodders, but the other saved all of them.

By contrast, this difference was seriously too great.

Ye Yuan controlled the entire space and could entirely let them run their own course.

Letting so many people come out safe and sound, this definitely expended considerable effort.

If it were them, they probably could not be bothered to do this sort of thing as well.

After all, saving these people had no benefits to Ye Yuan at all.

But Ye Yuan still did it.

In an instant, Ye Yuans image in their hearts became incomparably huge.

This was the demeanor that a man of great talent and virtue had!

But even you came out, so wheres Lord Ye Yuan? Someone asked carefully.

The corners of Ye Shengs mouth curled slightly, and he said with a smile, His Excellency is still inside the Soul Refining Sect space, preparing a feast for Zhuge Qingxuan that punk! After today, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King will probably have his name removed from the books of the Divine Realm, hahaha

Thinking of the satisfaction, Ye Sheng could not resist roaring with laughter.

He also detested Zhuge Qingxuans countenance greatly. Zhuge Qingxuan dying, he was naturally happy.

The other peoples faces turned fearful when they heard that, but they also felt very thrilled in their hearts!

This kind of person, its best if he died!

Inside the Soul Refining Sect space, Zhuge Qingxuan and Old Man Han proceeded carefully along the way.

Seems like we havent run into restrictions for very long? Old Man Han said.

Zhuge Qingxuans brows knitted tightly, and he said, This isnt some good thing! That boy might be up to something!

Currently, the two of them were meat on someone elses chopping board.

Even if they knew it was Ye Yuan controlling everything, there was nothing they could do either.

Right now, they could only rely on their own powerful strength and try to break through forcefully.

The others are all gone already. Ten-to-one, they were brought away by Ye Yuan! I really cant figure out how in the world did this boy do it? This is the ruins of an ancient Divine Dao sect! Old Man Han said gloomily.

How he did it is already not important anymore! Whats important is how do we go out!

Zhuge Qingxuan was just speaking when suddenly, it lit up in front of the two people, arriving in a great hall.

Array formations revolved around inside the great hall. An enormous coffin was placed in the center.

Red light flickered inside the coffin, emitting undulations that made peoples hearts palpitate.

Suddenly, a phantom flashed and appeared, making Zhuge Qingxuan, the two peoples faces, change.

Ye Yuan!

Seeing this phantom, the two people gnashed their teeth in hatred.

It was just that they knew that this was merely a projection.

Huhu, how are the two of you! Congratulations to you guys, entering the core of the Soul Refining Sect! Inside this great hall, there exists the greatest essence of the Soul Refining Sect. Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

The more Ye Yuan talked, the uglier the two peoples faces.

Zhuge Qingxuan said in a low voice, Boy, make sure not to let this seat run into you! Otherwise, this seat will make you regret being born in this world!

But Ye Yuan was indifferently and said coolly, Huhu, that will also have to wait until you guys have the life to go out and talk. This grand banquet, this young master has already prepared for you guys. Enjoy it well!

Finished talking, Ye Yuans figure disappeared.


The two people had yet to react to what was happening when a loud noise came over. The entire space started trembling.

The rubble above the great hall fell down in succession.

Not good! This boy wants to destroy this space! Your Excellency, lets hurry and go! Old Man Han shouted.

However, Zhuge Qingxuan took no notice of him at all.

Old Man Han was very puzzled. Following his gaze and looking over, he discovered that a blood-red figure floated out above the coffin.

Old Man Hans gaze turned intent, feeling like his entire person was about to suffocate.

This figure was too dangerous