Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 Leader Disposition

Chapter 1234: Leader Disposition

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This What the hell is this?

When Old Man Han saw that ghostly figure, he felt like goosebumps were going to break out all over his body.

Too dangerous!

Undying evil ghost! I didnt expect that theres actually really this kind of damn thing! Damn this Ye Yuan! If you land in this seats hands, this seat definitely wont let you die easily! Zhuge Qingxuan gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Zhuge Qingxuans expression was ugly to the max. He did not expect that there was really someone who could cultivate to become an undying evil ghost.

This thing was too horrifying, unable to kill at all!

Looking at the other partys aura, even though his strength currently improved greatly, he actually had an impulse to turn tail and run too.

He wished that he could swallow Ye Yuans flesh raw right now. Of course, the prerequisite was that he could escape from the hands of this existence in front of him!

This seat was buried deep here for a million years. Just a little more, and I can achieve an undying evil ghost body! You guys, to actually dare make this seats efforts fail short of success at the last step! Prepare to receive this seats wrath!

Li Guis voice seemingly came from the underworld.

He who had just woken up instinctively thought that it was these two people before his eyes that destroyed this space, making his efforts fail at the last stage.

This former peak Heaven Glimpse Realm powerhouse was the grand banquet that Ye Yuan left for Zhuge Qingxuan.

The Soul Refining Sect coming into being, Li Guis undying evil ghost body was about to achieve grand completion.

Ye Yuan inherited Absolute Heavens mantle. It was naturally impossible to let this sort of thing to happen.

As for Zhuge Qingxuan, he sought refuge with the fiend race. Ye Yuan was naturally happy that he was killed.

Therefore, he immediately directed this dog-eat-dog fine show, but he himself stepped out, leaving suavely.

Old Man Han felt like his divine soul was about to leave his body. He was stared at by Li Gui like being stared at by a poisonous snake.

Youre mista-

Old Man Han had just thought of explaining when Li Guis figure already vanished from sight.


Zhuge Qingxian had a frontal-exchange with Li Gui. The air billow that spread out immediately sent Old Man Han flying out.

Zhuge Qingxuan cracked himself up to be an expert, but this blow also made his entire body almost fall apart.

Space was still collapsing, but Li Gui did not seem to be aware of it at all, rushing over towards Zhuge Qingxuan crazily.

A million years of bitter effort reduced to naught, how could he not be furious?

The two people started an unparalleled great battle inside this Soul Refining Sect space that was about to be destroyed!

There was a ripple in space. Ye Yuan walked out from within the void.

Many thanks for Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings life-saving grace!

There were probably thousands of martial artists before his eyes, standing until it covered the hills and dales.

These people chorused in unison, kneeling down toward Ye Yuan. It was as if they had gone through a rehearsal before.

The voice emitted by several thousand martial artists reverberated throughout the entire Godsfall Mountain Range, majestic and grand.

This scene also made Ye Yuan involuntarily freeze.

He completely did not expect that these people were actually waiting here and knelt down towards him collectively.

Powerhouses capable of cultivating to the Dao Profound Realm, each and every one of them was a person arrogant at heart and haughty in manner.

Making them kneel was even harder than ascending to heaven.

But these several thousand martial artists before his eyes actually knelt down towards him without prior agreement. This made him greatly surprised.

He could feel that these people were all grateful to him from the bottom of their hearts.

At this time, Yue Mengli came forward to greet and said with a faint smile, Ye Sheng that blabbermouth told them the matters of the Soul Refining Sect space.

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he came to a sudden realization and said in a clear voice, All get up! You all dont have to be like this. Me saving you all is in the hope that you guys put forth a portion more of effort for the human race if you all can have some gains in the Godsfall Mountain Range. I hope that you dont be stingy with your strength. When the nest is overturned, how can the eggs be intact? If this young master fails on the verge of success I hope that theres someone among you all who can support the human races foundation! I wont talk anymore about general principles, you all take care. Li-er, lets go.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan brought Li-er and the others away on their own without caring about the crowd with dumbfounded faces.

Those martial artists all exchanged glances, all somewhat at a loss.

In Ye Yuans words earlier, they actually carried a trace of melancholy.

Didnt he slay a fiendgod? How could those fiends be his match?

Ye Yuans strength was already terrifying to this sort of degree, could it be that there was still someone capable of threatening him?

Also, why did the Heaven Surmounting Divine King wanted to enter the Godsfall Mountain Range?

A series of questions echoed inside everyones head.

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The Heaven Surmounting Divine King led the Mystic Gate to resist the fiend race, how could there be a need for them to worry about this sort of thing?

Without a doubt, the Heaven Surmounting Divine Kings strength currently already had no way of measuring. He might even be more powerful than Zhuge Qingxuan.

If the fiend race still had a powerhouse that even he could not handle as well, then the human race was really in a precarious situation already!

Could it be that the fiend races strongest arent the fiendgods? They were former Deity Realm powerhouses. Even stronger than them, what kind of existence does that have to be?

No idea what kind of existence, but without a doubt, the human race is not looking well! I feel that the Heaven Surmounting Divine King did not burst out without reason just now. Seems like he really doesnt have much confidence.

The Heaven Surmounting Divine King truly has the air of someone with great talent and virtue. Ive always thought that one has to live for themselves. But seeing the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, I feel that my ripe old age was really utterly wasted on a dog!

Truly ashamed! Ive decided, if I can get out of this Godsfall Mountain Range alive, Ill definitely join the Mystic Gate and fight to the bitter end with the fiend race!

Ye Yuan was aware of these Divine Realm martial artists virtues, so he did not talk more nonsense with them either.

But he did not expect that his conduct actually deeply infected these martial artists, making them join the great army resisting the fiend race.

Unknowingly, Ye Yuans body already had a leadership disposition similar to Absolute Heaven.

This kind of temperament was not because his martial strength was powerful.

This was a disposition that came from the soul. It could imperceptibly infect the people around, making many people gather around his side, forming a powerful group from there.

A group formed like this had even greater combat power than a group formed by coercing with martial strength! Even more cohesive!

Young Master, you were so cool just now! Lu-er said excitedly by the side.

The scene of several thousand people collectively giving thanks just now was truly too grand.

Forget about Lu-er, even Ye Sheng they all, these old veterans, never saw before too.

Even Ye Sheng was very surprised that these people would actually do this sort of thing.

He did not discuss with those martial artists to deliberately display this kind of line-up.

All of these were spontaneously done by those people.

It was precisely because of so that it made Lu-er worship him even more.

But Ye Yuan knew that the reason why those people would do such a thing was probably not just because he saved them.

They were respecting his efforts for the human race and felt ashamed in their hearts. Plus, he saved them.

Only like this could it make them give thanks in unison.

In the end, it was just a debt in their hearts.

Li-er also smiled and said, Big Brother Yuan, I really didnt expect that these selfish people would actually do such a thing!