Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Breath Concealing Pill

Feng Zhirou looked at the medicinal pill in Ye Yuan's hands. A stinky odor wafted over. She could not resist pinching her nose and pushing away Ye Yuan's hand, asking with a frown, "What medicinal pill is this? So smelly!"

"Tier 2 Breath Concealing Pill! Tier 3 demonic beasts and below will be incapable of detecting our aura. This will save us a lot of trouble," Ye Yuan explained.

Feng Zhirou shook her head repeatedly and said, "I don't want to, stinks to death! Eat it yourself if you want to!"

Ye Yuan smiled and did not insist on it. He swallowed one and kept the other one away.

Right now, the two had already entered the boundaries of the Endless Forest and did not stop for long. They headed straight into the deeper areas.

"Hey, what place are we going to?" Feng Zhirou asked from behind.

"Going to the Crimson Summit Ridge first," Ye Yuan answered without even turning back.

"Crimson Summit Ridge?! Are you mad? That's the habitat of the Long-arm Stone Ape. There's at least tens of thousands of Long-arm Stone Apes. There might even be a Tier 3 Ape King. Are you going to seek death?" Feng Zhirou exclaimed in shock.

Long-arm Stone Ape was a Tier 2 demonic beast. Once surrounded by a group of Long-arm Stone Apes, it would virtually be a certain death scenario.

"Go if you want to. I also didn't make you come along! Earlier, it was just to help you out of your situation. Do you really think I'm counting on you to protect me?" Ye Yuan did not spare any face for Feng Zhirou.

Feng Zhirou flew into a rage when she heard this. "Ye Yuan! Who do you think you are? Just your puny bit of strength isn't even fit to carry shoes for this young lady. Isn't it just a one-way route to hell if you go to the Crimson Summit Ridge?"

"Gorgeous, don't flatter yourself. I don't want to carry shoes for you. Also, just because you're strong, it doesn't mean that you'll definitely be fine. My strength is not as great as yours, but I also won't do something just to die in vain. Understood?"

"You! I'm not going anymore! I want to see just how you're going to come out from the Crimson Summit Ridge!" Feng Zhirou stomped her feet angrily and then stopped.

Ye Yuan still did not turn his head back. He kept moving forward with gusto without the slightest intention of stopping.

Feng Zhirou and Ye Yuan had mingled for some time already. They more or less understood a little of the other party's temper and personality.

Regardless whether it was the great life and death battle with Lin Tiancheng or challenging the Nine Heavens Road later on, Ye Yuan never did anything he was not confident in.

And even though this Ye Yuan's strength was not great, his various means were inexhaustible. She had never seen him suffer a loss.

Not that she had never seen Ye Yuan be at a disadvantage before. The only time she saw it seemed to be from her hands. That one sword nearly cost him his life.

Seeing Ye Yuan's figure about to disappear from her line of sight, Feng Zhirou gritted her teeth, stomped her feet, and displayed her movement technique to catch up.

"This fellow completely doesn't know to give in to girls a little. Such a blockhead! Maddening this princess to death!" Feng Zhirou said huffily.

Ye Yuan's pace was not quick. In a blink of an eye, Feng Zhirou caught up.

Without waiting for Ye Yuan to speak, Feng Zhirou said irately, "Don't think too much into it, Ye Yuan! I just don't want to be scolded by Aunty when I get back, that's why I'm continuing to protect you! If you die in the Endless Forest, she will definitely not spare me when I return."

Ye Yuan's back faced Feng Zhirou as he simply smiled and kept mum.

If he could, Ye Yuan naturally did not wish to go to Crimson Summit Ridge either. But one of the core ingredients of the Essence Yang Pill, Crimson Soul Grass, just happened to be growing in the habitat of the Long-arm Stone Apes. He had no choice but to go!

The Long-arm Stone Ape was a demonic social beast. Furthermore, their strength was very great! Even Crystal Formation Realm martial artists did not dare to freely intrude. No wonder Feng Zhirou's reaction was so big.

. . . . . .

After four hours, inside a dense forest, a faint blue pretty figure suddenly swung a sword and killed a demonic beast opposite her.

The pretty figure landed on the ground panting daintily and her fragrant sweat dripping.

This was already the third Tier 2 demonic beast that Feng Zhirou killed!

Apart from these Tier 2 beasts, she even killed no less than ten Tier 1 demonic beasts.

After killing so demonic beasts, Feng Zhirou's essence energy consumption was naturally enormous.

While at the side, Ye Yuan remained composed as he looked at Feng Zhirou who was dripping fragrant sweat without the slightest intention to come over and help.

"Do you still have humanity, Ye Yuan? I came to help you, but you've been standing idly by all this while!" Feng Zhirou currently wished that she could split Ye Yuan with one sword.

As for Feng Zhirou's sword, Ye Yuan was not too concerned.

Although he was not Feng Zhirou's match at the moment, it was no longer possible for Feng Zhirou to try and kill him with a sword like last time.

"My great missus, it's you who are noble and refused to eat the Breath Concealing Pill. Now, you are blaming me for attracting demonic beasts? I have a lot of places I want to go, how would I have the energy to keep wasting time along the way like this? Let's not talk about whether you will encounter powerful demonic beasts if you slaughter your way over or not, just the exhaustion will wear you out dead tired." Ye Yuan said grumpily.

The Endless Forest was infinitely vast. The distance to the Crimson Summit Ridge from the borders was a thousand miles. To human martial artists, it was already a very deep place.

Even though Ye Yuan had a map of the outer regions of the Endless Forest and could do a detour to avoid some danger zones, it would take too much time.

He could afford to dawdle, but Lu-er could not!

So he could only walk in a straight line!

Consuming the Breath Concealing Pill could minimize trouble to the limits. Yet Feng Zhirou refused to eat it.

Ye Yuan also knew Feng Zhirou's temper. Advising her was useless. Only by letting her suffer some hardship would she change her mind.

Indeed, now that Ye Yuan said that, Feng Zhirou suddenly had a revelation.

No wonder along the way, demonic beasts did not attack Ye Yuan and just pounced towards her vigorously as if they did not see Ye Yuan. So this was actually the reason!

Feng Zhirou knew Ye Yuan's alchemy standards, so she naturally would not doubt his medicinal pills.

It was just whenever she thought of that unbearable stench, Feng Zhirou would just shrink back.

Seeing Feng Zhirou's expression change several times, Ye Yuan fished out that medicinal pill again and said, "Senior Apprentice Sister, if you plan on following me forward, just swallow this medicinal pill in one breath. Otherwise, we can only part here. You're also aware that I came to the Endless Forest this time because of important matters. Time is very precious. If we continue like this, you will only become my burden!"

Although she really did not want to admit it, it was just as Ye Yuan said. She would only become Ye Yuan's burden if this continued.

Feng Zhirou was extremely competitive. She could not accept the fact of becoming a baggage that needed to be carried around.

Thinking up to here, Feng Zhirou reached out to snatch the medicinal pill in Ye Yuan's hand, and swallowed it with her eyes shut,

The pill entered her mouth, and Feng Zhirou realized that it was not as nasty as she imagined it to be. In fact, it carried a faint trace of fragrance in the mouth which overflowed her entire body!

Looking at that smile of Ye Yuan's like his scheme had succeeded, Feng Zhirou temper flared up out of nowhere.

She pointed her sword at Ye Yuan and said furiously, "Did you make fun of me on purpose? I'll kill you!"

Ye Yuan hurried dodged and laughed out loud. "My great missus, can you be reasonable? Do you think that if I tell you right from the start, you would believe it?"

Hearing that, Feng Zhirou was stunned. What Ye Yuan said was really true.

Each person knew their temper the best. Even if Ye Yuan explained just how delicious that medicinal pill was from the beginning, there was no way she would have consumed it!