Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Obtaining Goodwall Flower Using Wit!

Feng Zhirou consumed the Breath Concealing Pill. There was no harassment from demonic beasts along the way, so the pair's advancement speed increased significantly.

After half a day, the two people walked almost half of the journey. But Ye Yuan suddenly stopped.

"Why aren't you walking?" Feng Zhirou asked.

"There's good stuff!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan pranced forth and arrived in front of a cave. Feng Zhirou was also very curious as she tagged along.

Feng Zhirou was about to ask again when Ye Yuan gestured with his hand to keep silent. He transmitted his voice, "There should be a type of herb in this cave called theGoodwall Flower. However, this flower tends to have Iron-Paw Flying Bears guarding it."

Feng Zhirou asked puzzledly, "Why do you know again?" 1

"Some precious herbs not only have associated beasts but also have associated plants. This stretch of blue sandalwood forest is the Goodwall Flower's accompanying plant. The blue sandalwood can secrete a type of liquid into the soil, and this liquid is precisely the Goodwall Flower's nourishment!" Ye Yuan explained.

Hearing Ye Yuan's explanation, Feng Zhirou was dumbstruck.

She felt that Ye Yuan was simply omniscient and omnipotent. Just merely passing by a stretch of blue sandalwood forest and he actually discovered the highly rare Goodwall Flower.

As an alchemist, Feng Zhirou naturally heard of the Goodwall Flower. It was a very rare Tier 2 medicinal herb.

Except that the Herbal Essentials did not describe the Goodwall Flower in detail. Clearly, the author Li Shizhen himself was unclear of the source and use of this flower. 2

Something which an Alchemy Sovereign did not even understand, yet Ye Yuan could enumerate it like his family's treasures. Just what kind of heaven-defying existence was that teacher behind him?!

Ignoring that teacher, Ye Yuan himself was only 15 years old. What kind of genius could learn so many things when they were 15?

However, Feng Zhirou would only keep her astonishment a secret. Her mouth was condescending, and she said, "You know a lot huh?! In a while, if we can't find these Goodwall Flowers, let's see what you have to say."

Ye Yuan smiled and did not clarify. He transmitted his voice to her, "Later, you lure the Iron-Paw Flying Bear away. I'll go and retrieve the herb."

Feng Zhirou immediately frowned heavily when she heard that and even forget to transmit her voice as she responded indignantly, "Are you mistaken, Ye Yuan? You are a grown man yet you keep making women do dangerous things! Go if you want, I'm not going!"

Ye Yuan gave an innocent look and said, "You came to protect me, Senior Apprentice Sister. Can you bear to watch me go and die? An Iron Paw Flying Bear is a Tier 2 demonic beasts with high speed and great strength. If I go, it's equal to casting away my life!"

"I don't care. Either way, I'm not going!" Feng Zhirou's willfulness acted up.


Right then, a huge roar sounded out. The pair's arguing sounds startled the Iron Paw Flying bear inside the cave!

A colossal figure gradually appeared from the pitch black cave with a body full of fur. It was precisely an adult Iron Paw Flying Bear.

"Damn, we alerted the Iron Paw Flying Bear. Quickly run!" Feng Zhirou shrieked and turned around to run away.

After running a few steps, Feng Zhirou suddenly realized that something was wrong. Turning back, she found out that Ye Yuan did not even move!

"What are you standing stupidly there for, Ye Yuan? Quickly run! We aren't a match for the Iron Paw Flying Bear!" Feng Zhirou yelled.

Iron Paw Flying Bears had very explosive tempers. Seeing Ye Yuan stand there without moving at all, it swiftly locked onto him.


The Iron Paw Flying Bear roared again and pounced at Ye Yuan with lightning speed.

But Ye Yuan remained motionless right there like he was scared silly.

Feng Zhirou did not expect that this sort of situation would occur. The Iron Paw Flying Bear's attack power was very strong. If its palm landed fully, how could Ye Yuan survive?

Although Feng Zhirou liked to bicker with Ye Yuan, it did not mean that she could really watch Ye Yuan die like that.

In a blink of an eye, the Iron Paw Flying Bear already crossed several dozen meters. That titanic bear paw already smacked down towards Ye Yuan.

Feng Zhirou gritted her teeth and shot towards Ye Yuan with her movement technique at full blast.


The Iron Paw Flying Bear and Feng Zhirou's sword had intimate contact and actually released intense metal scratching sounds with sparks!

The Iron Paw Flying Bear's bear paw was brushed away, but Feng Zhirou retreated several steps in succession. A surge of blood swelled in her chest.

The name of Iron Paw of the Iron Paw Flying Bear was well-deserved. The strength of a pair of bear paws was actually comparable to magic artifacts!

Feng Zhirou's sword was naturally a rare high-rank magic artifact. But it was actually unable to leave any injury on the bear paw!

Right then, Ye Yuan turned around to look at Feng Zhirou. He smiled and said, "Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Feng for saving me. Since you're already matched up, then I'll have to trouble you to lure it away."

"You! You actually made use of me!" Feng Zhirou was exasperated. Only now did she react to being tricked by Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was not unable to evade, but he deliberately did not dodge just to wait for her to come back and save him.

Now was clearly not the time to chat. The Iron Paw Flying Bear already arrived in front of their eyes. Wanting to run away now was useless.

Since it was named Iron Paw Flying Bear, it could be seen that it was big but not clumsy. It had extremely swift movements.

The Iron Paw Flying Bear seemed to be enraged. It howled again but disregarded Ye Yuan and pounced towards Feng Zhirou.

Feng Zhirou swept a cold glance at Ye Yuan and said, "I'll settle the score with you later! Humph!"

Finishing, Feng Zhirou carried her sword and turned around, speeding out far away.

Ye Yuan chuckled and yelled at Feng Zhirou's back, "Be careful, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng!"

After that, Ye Yuan walked over to the cave without hurrying at all.

The Iron Paw Flying Bear had an enormous build. The cave it chose was naturally very spacious.

The cave was not deep. Ye Yuan entered the cave and quickly found the Goodwall Flower. In fact, there were a total of several hundred stalks!

"Haha! With these Goodwall Flowers, I can nurture at least several hundred Crystal Formation Realm powerhouses! Such luxury!" Ye Yuan also did not expect that this cave had so many Goodwall Flowers inside.

The reason why Ye Yuan was unwilling to give up on these Goodwall Flowers was primarily because ofthe promise he made to Huyan Yong previously.

Back then, Feng Ruoqing guessed some parts. But she did not think that Ye Yuan could honor that promise so quickly.

The big gift Ye Yuan wanted to give Huyan Yong back then was to help him enter the Crystal Formation Realm!

Do not look at how Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm was just that teeny bit away from Crystal Formation Realm. That little bit was so near, yet poles apart!

To the vast majority of Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, the end point of their martial path was the peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

Breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm was absolutely like a thousand man army and ten thousand horses crossing a single log bridge. It was extremely difficult!

One had to know that it had already been over a dozen years since Su Yubai was stuck at half-step Crystal Formation Realm. Yet, he was unable to take that step. The difficulty of breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm could be imagined.

According to Ye Yuan's observations, Huyan Yong had the hope of breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm. It was just hard to determine the time.

With his help, Huyan Yong could shorten this step by at least 30 years!

Ye Yuan would naturally be using medicinal pills to aid Huyan Yong. The medicinal pill to help martial artists breakthrough into the Crystal Formation Realm was called the Crystal Formation Pill. An ordinary high-grade Crystal Formation Pill could increase the success rate of condensing crystal by 30%!

With Ye Yuan's standards, as long as he broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, it would naturally be not just that!

And aGoodwall Flower was one of the core ingredients for the Crystal Formation Pill! With these Crystal Formation Pills, Ye Yuan could even create an army of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists!

Such a force could virtually sweep across the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations!

  1. I believe they started to talk telepathically? I dunno. Don't nitpick :P
  2. The Herbal Essentials is the book on herbs. And Li Shizhen is the author.