Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Are You for Real?

Placing these Goodwall Flowers inside his storage ring, Ye Yuan continued to search the deeper parts of the cave.

As an alchemist, Ye Yuan was very familiar with the living habits of all sorts of demonic beasts.

The Iron Paw Flying Bear was not just the accompanying beast for the Goodwall Flower. It also retained some habits of bears, for example, their love for eating honey!

Some honey was extremely precious. Ye Yuan just wanted to try his luck by going in.

This cave was very tidy. Clearly, that Iron Paw Flying Bear cherished this place greatly.

Before long, Ye Yuan saw a stone mound. The stone mound was slightly larger than that Iron Paw Flying Bear. It was clear that this was where it rested.

Ye Yuan surveyed the surroundings and went over to examine a lump of honey and could not help being thrilled.

"It's actually Silver Sword Bee honey, and there's so much! I really struck gold! Looks like that big stupid bear couldn't bear to eat it and hoarded it here. Didn't think that I would profit from this. Heh heh, with this thing, I can also justify to Feng Zhirou that lass later. Otherwise, she would definitely split me in half."

Silver Sword Bee was similarly a Tier 2 demonic beasts. Furthermore, its attack power was very strong, and its sting was highly toxic. The average person dared not approach it.

Looks like that stupid great bear's skin is really thick. To actually finish off a Silver Sword Bee's beehive. Truly impressive!

Silver Sword Bee's honey was extremely hard to come by. The effects of just directly consuming it was not inferior to a transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pill!

After Ye Yuan broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, his cultivation would similarly require large quantities of medicinal pills.

The medicinal pill commonly used in the Endless World when cultivating at the Spirit Condensation Realm was called Essence Drop Pill. Ye Yuan obviously would not use such a low-level medicinal pill. He was prepared to refine a medicinal pill called Jade Water Pill. Its effect was more than a level stronger than the Essence Drop Pill.

And the Silver Sword Bee's honey was precisely one of the core ingredients to refine the Jade Water Pill!

The medicinal pill that could be refined from so much Silver Sword Bee honey was roughly enough to let Ye Yuan breakthrough to the Fourth or Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

And the Silver Sword Bee honey had another use, which was whitening and beautifying!

With Ye Yuan's methods, after refining several Beauty Retaining Pills to bribe Feng Zhirou, that lass most likely would not find trouble with him anymore.

Which woman did not wish to be forever young?

After collecting finish these Silver Sword Bee honey, Ye Yuan did not stay on and prepared to leave the cave straight away.

If Feng Zhirou could not hold on and that great stupid bear came back early trapping him inside, that would not be good.

Ye Yuan swiftly went to the cave entrance and was just about to exit the cave when a premonition suddenly struck!

Four streaks of cold light came from four different directions, sneak attacking Ye Yuan directly!

The strength of these four people were all at the Spirit Condensation Realm!

The four light beams virtually locked down Ye Yuan from all angles for the purpose of taking his life!

In the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, Ye Yuan had no time to think too much, and could not be bothered with his image. He directly dropped and rolled inside the cave, barely evading these four attacks!

Even so, a blade still struck Ye Yuan's calf.

"Big Brother, turns out it's just a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm brat. Made us wait so seriously."

"Don't underestimate this brat. A Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm could actually dodge our ambush. His strength can't be downplay."

"What are you scared of him for? We, the Southern Ridge Four Heroes, are Spirit Condensation Realm experts. You're even at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm, Big Brother. This brat also has the exit blocked by us. Don't tell me he can fly away?"

The ambushers did not continue the pursuit but blocked the exit, sealing off the only way out.

Ye Yuan crawled up from the ground and felt a burning pain in his calf.

Ye Yuan was familiar with poison and knew that the blade was coated with poison. He involuntarily frowned and fished out a Detoxification Pill he refined from his storage ring and ate it. Only then did it suppress the toxin.

The Southern Ridge Four Heroes saw Ye Yuan's actions but did not stop him. They just looked at him with a smile that was not a smile.

One of them said, "It's useless, brat. This toxin was something we, Southern Ridge Four Heroes, begged from the Five Poison Immortal. Even if Tier 2 demonic beasts were struck by it, it would die from the poison half a day later, let alone a puny Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm like you. Ordinary detoxification pills completely can't resolve this poison."

Ye Yuan ignored him, faced the boss-like martial artist, and answered with a question, "You guys are demonic beast hunters?"

Seeing how these few people's equipments were shabby and their age was rather old, they were clearly not the Dan Wu Academy's students. So that just left demonic beast hunters.

This place was roughly five hundred miles away from the boundaries, precisely the place where Spirit Condensation Realm demonic beast hunters frequent.

In the Endless trials, not only would one suffer attacks from students and demonic beasts, demonic beast hunters were likewise a source of danger!

They originally worked with their lives on the edge of a blade while the students in the Dan Wu Academy were all proud children of heaven who enjoy countless cultivation resources.

Under this comparison, there were naturally many demonic beast hunters who felt unfair. And among them, a percentage of them would choose to lay hands on students!

In past Endless Trials, the number of students who died at the hands of demonic beast hunters was not small.

"That's right! If I guessed correctly, you should be a student from the Dan Wu Academy, right? Looks like it's the time for the Dan Wu Academy's Endless Trials once again," the boss said.

"Why did you guys ambush me?" Ye Yuan asked again.

The boss sniggered and pointed to where the Goodwall Flowers originally were and said, "Naturally for the precious herbs on you! This place should have many medicinal herbs, right? Looks like it was taken by you. Hand it over, and we will give you a painless end."

Hearing the boss's words, Ye Yuan could not resist laughing. "You guys won't even let me off if I hand over the herbs?"

"Heh, sorry! Who asked you to be from the Dan Wu Academy? If I let you off after you exit the Endless Forest, how will we, the Southern Ridge Four Heroes, survive?"

"Then what are you bullshitting for? Just directly make a move to snatch it and be done with it," Ye Yuan said sullenly.

That boss chortled. He continued talking with an attitude like everything was within his grasp. "Talking naturally has its purpose. Do you know what poison we smeared on the blade? This poison is called Hundred Breath Collapse. That's to say that within a hundred breaths, the poison will flare up and you'll have no way of resisting, and definitely die within half a day! From when you were poisoned till now, it's been almost 90 breaths. Ten, nine, eight . . . one, down!"

This Hundred Breath Collapse proved effective every time the Southern Ridge Four Heroes used it. Even if a gargantuan build demonic beast were inflicted by this toxin, it would also collapse onto the ground within a hundred breaths.

Ye Yuan was only a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. He naturally could not escape this end.

But when he counted finish the ten breaths and said the word 'down,' Ye Yuan remained standing there without any intention of collapsing.

"Eh? Did I count wrong? There's still several breaths of time?" Boss said in bewilderment when he saw the situation.

Ye Yuan looked at this Southern Ridge Four Heroes' boss and could not resist sighing. "Are you for real? Playing poison with this Little Lord, you are still a little too unskilled! When this Little Lord was playing with poison, I'm afraid your grandfather wasn't even born yet!"