Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Sowing Discord

Although the Detoxification Pill Ye Yuan refined was only Tier 2, the composition of the medicinal pill was completely different from what Ye Hang refined.

Consuming the Detoxification pill and facing these Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists from the State of Qin, Ye Yuan could be said to be invulnerable to all poison!

If several Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists could inflict poison with a Detoxification Pill refined by an exalted Alchemy Emperor, then it would truly be a joke.

When Ye Yuan finished talking, the face of the boss of the Southern Ridge Four Heroes swiftly fell.

A teenage youth talking about his grandfather not being born yet to his face, these words had indescribable oddness.

Could it be that this brat was an old monster who just maintained this face using youth retaining techniques?

The boss quickly denied this thought. Being admitted into the Dan Wu Academy, one had to undergo a bone age test. If this brat was really an old monster, there was no way he could have entered the Dan Wu Academy.

And Ye Yuan was clearly just Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Which old monster's strength was this lousy?

Hence, the boss's final conclusion was that Ye Yuan was purely diverting him!

"Heh heh, your Detoxification Pill is a treasure. Even Hundred Breaths Collapse was useless to you. But do you think that with your power alone, you can escape from the four of us?" The boss sneered coldly.

Ye Yuan did not panic the slightest bit. Instead, he smiled lightly and said, "Southern Ridge Dead Dogs, right? You all can come and try."

Finishing, an azure tasseled sword suddenly appeared in Ye Yuan's hand with an intimidating chilling qi.

It was precisely the Canghua Sword!

The instant the Canghua Sword appeared, the powerful aura unique to spirit artifacts swiftly enveloped the Southern Ridge Four Heroes.

Demonic beast hunters were people with vast experiences and knowledge. Once the Canghua sword showed itself, they felt its distinctiveness.

"Spirit artifact! It must be a spirit artifact! Precious artifacts and magic artifacts definitely don't have this sort of undulations!" the Southern Ridge Boss exclaimed in shock, and his eyes instantly showed incomparable greed.

Being reminded by the Southern Ridge Boss, the other three people immediately also reacted. Their gaze similarly revealed that extremely greedy look.

"Hahahaha . . . To think that I, Chen Jieqiu, can actually own a spirit artifact. It's truly heaven's blessings! Brat, didn't your family's elders teach you the principle of not revealing valuables? Since you flashed out a spirit artifact, then I won't stand on ceremony and just accept it!"

The Southern Ridge Boss laughed maniacally.

Right now, Chen Jieqiu was so agitated that he was shaking a little. This was a spirit artifact!

Even in his dreams, he did not think that he could actually possess a spirit artifact in this lifetime!

Chen Jieqiu already started to picture the scene of wielding the Canghua Sword and slaughtering in four directions. Just imagining it made one excited.

Ye Yuan looked at Chen Jieqiu, and with a smile that was obviously not sincere he said, "Is that so? But there's only one spirit artifact, yet there are four of you. How do you plan on distributing it?"

Once Ye Yuan's words came out, the Southern Ridge Four Heroes' face changed.

"Humph! Trying to sow discord between us four brothers, you're still too inexperienced, brat! Regarding the allocation, us brothers will naturally take our time to discuss it after killing you. No need for you to worry."

Chen Jieqiu had toughened himself after so many years in the pugilist world and quickly reacted to Ye Yuan's intentions, and he tried to use words to calm his own brothers.

But now that Ye Yuan said that, Chen Jieqiu also quietly planned out how to settle the ownership of this spirit artifact.

After snatching over the spirit artifact, he would find a chance to finish off the other three people. This sword would belong to him alone!

Whatever Southern Ridge Four Heroes, whatever brotherhood runs deep, they were all nothing in front of a spirit artifact!

The martial arts world was where the strong prey on the weak. Only making one stronger was the absolute truth. Chen Jieqiu braved all kinds of dangers for so many years. How could he be unaware of this principle?

"Really? But I saw your look when you were talking just now, and it doesn't seem like you want to share with your brothers. You aren't thinking about pacifying your brothers first, and then killing them after snatching the spirit artifact to keep it all to yourself, right? Don't get agitated. I was just guessing. Hur hur." Ye Yuan beamed widely with squinted eyes.

Having his inner thoughts seen through, Chen Jieqiu could not help becoming furious. "You are seeking death, brat! Us brothers have braved through fire and water for so many years. Our feelings are as solid as metal. Do you think that just by sowing a bit of dissent, we'll fall for it? Brothers, kill this brat first!"

"Ai-ya-ya, becoming angry from shame? You say that your feelings are as tough as metal. Do you dare to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath?"

"What's there to be afraid of? However, kill you first before talking! Old Second, Old Third, Old Fourth, what are you standing there stupidly for? Don't tell me our relationship can't even stand up to a few sentences from this punk?" Chen Jieqiu gave a pained expression.

The other three people exchanged glances but did not make a move for a long time. Clearly, Ye Yuan's words took effect.

"Heh heh, it's not that your feelings aren't deep, it's the benefits which are too substantial! The allure of spirit artifacts is too great. Who can resist it? The way I see it, the few of you are vicious and ruthless people. Your relationship was good last time because there wasn't the temptation of enormous benefits. But now, there's a spirit artifact that appeared in front of you all. None of you can remain calm, right? The few of you aren't his match in the first place. Once he gets the spirit artifact, can you all still survive?" Ye Yuan said it calmly.

Ye Yuan's words made the other three people's expression change once more. No matter how good a spirit artifact was, it was not as good as one's life.

These Southern Ridge Four Heroes were originally infamous among demonic beast hunters. Each of them was ruthlessly cruel and cunning like foxes.

To say that the four of them were demonic beast hunters, one might as well say that they were hunters of hunters. They frequently moved against other demonic beast hunters, incurring the wrath of both heaven and men.

But these four people's strength was also very great, resulting in nobody dared to provoke them, and could only do their best to hide from them.

These four people looked as if they were a monolithic block, but in reality, each had their own abominable quality.

In front of profits, how could they advance and retreat together as they used to before?

At this time, Old Second finally said, "Big Brother, not that we don't believe you, but this spirit artifact is overly important. It is better if we discuss what to do with it first, then each swears a Heavenly Dao Oath."

When Old Second said that, Chen Jieqiu's heart immediately sunk. Clearly, his killing intent was roused.

However, Chen Jieqiu was the most cunning out of the four, so he naturally would not show it on his face.

Chen Jieqiu laughed and said, "Since that's the case, then us brothers discuss it first. Anyway, this brat can't escape, so there's no rush."

Seeing this scene, a trace of a sneer flashed across the corner of Ye Yuan's mouth.

Bystanders see things clearly. He knew that this Chen Jieqiu already had the intent to kill.

Currently, those three people still wanted to get a share, so they obviously could not detect Chen Jieqiu's thoughts.

Seeing the boss being so amiable, the three people also felt relieved.

"Old Second, I'm afraid you already have some idea, right? Why not say it out and let us brothers hear it." Not the slightest bit of worry could be seen on Chen Jieqiu face.

Old Second nodded and said, "The spirit artifact is an important artifact. It can't be easily revealed to people. Otherwise, the four of us will definitely be chased to the ends of the world, and finally, whether we can keep it or not is still a question mark. Hence, those who have seen that us brothers have a spirit artifact must die!"

When that was said, the other three also strongly felt the same and nodded to express their agreement.

But right then, the essence energy in Chen Jieqiu's body was already quietly revolving. The danger slowly approached . . .