Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Murder Triggered by a Spirit Artifact

"As for the problem of the ownership of this spirit artifact, I feel that we can use a year for the duration! Boss, your strength is the greatest, so you get half a year. The remaining half a year will be split among the three of us. Each of us gets two months . . ."

The more Old Second talked, the more excited he got. He felt that his allocation plan was very reasonable. It could dispel the boss's discontent and also let himself use a spirit artifact for a period of time.

"Oh, your idea is pretty good. I concur," Chen Jieqiu nodded and said.

"Then what do the rest of the brothers think?" Old Second asked again.

Old Third and Old Fourth naturally did not have any objections.

Old Second opened his mouth again. He said, "Since that's the case, then let's decide it like this. But to avoid everyone reneging in the future, we'd better set a Heavenly Dao Oath . . . Ahhh!"

Old Second had not finished talking when he flew out.

He spewed fresh blood frenziedly in midair and landed feebly on the ground. There was air going in but no breathing out. Clearly, he was done for.

This change happened too suddenly. Old Third and Old Fourth did not even manage to react yet.

Chen Jieqiu did not hesitate. After ambushing Old Second, the attack he prepared long ago was launched at Old Third!

A chilling light flashed past, and a blade severed Old Third's arm with extreme speed.

Old Third's reaction was also fast. He slightly tilted his body. Otherwise, this move would have split him into two!

"Arghhh!" Old Third cried out wretchedly and hastily revolved his essence energy to try and stop the bleeding from the wound.

Old Fourth looked at Chen Jieqiu in horror and reproached furiously, "What's the meaning of this, Boss?!"

The moment the sneak attack succeeded, Chen Jieqiu finally felt relieved.

Among them, the Southern Ridge Four Heroes, Old Fourth's strength was the weakest, being only at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Dealing with him was not hard.

What he feared most were Old Second and Old Third joining hands. That would more or less be quite troublesome.

If they fought until both sides were injured over here, would it not benefit that brat by the side?

"Heh heh, no other meaning. My intention . . . don't tell me that Old Fourth you still can't tell?" Chen Jieqiu said with a spurious smile.

Old Fourth's expression changed, and he gritted his teeth and said, "You're really vicious, Boss! Us brothers have already been together for ten years, right? You actually laid hands against life and death brothers for a spirit artifact!"

Chen Jieqiu sneered and said, "Life and death brothers? Don't think I don't know your dirty deeds! These few years, your wings have grown hard. How many spoils of battle have you all pocketed? When have I not closed an eye to it? Every time we encounter a strong enemy, you run faster than a rabbit, Old Fourth! Who helped you all to fall back? Now that we finally came across a spirit artifact, you actually still want a portion of the soup from me! What's the f*cking point of placing this spirit artifact in your hands?"

"Even so, you shouldn't have murdered! We have so many years of sentiment between us brothers. What matter can't be discussed?" Old Fourth appeared to be enraged.

"Discuss my *ss! Think your father, I, still don't know your temperaments? If it was some other thing, then forget it. But this is a spirit artifact! A spirit artifact which even a Crystal Formation Realm old freak find hard to get! How could you all possibly watch me use it alone? Hence, it's better to kill off cleanly. This spirit artifact is mine, Chen Jieqiu's!"

The more Chen Jieqiu spoke, the more agitated he got.

Old Fourth's expression changed several times, but in the end, he still submitted, imploring, "Big Brother! My strength is the weakest among us four brothers. I won't even think about owning a spirit artifact. Now that Second Brother and Third brother . . . One is dead and the other is injured, I'm even less of a threat. Can you let me off? I can swear a Heavenly Dao Oath that I'll absolutely not leak out the matter of you owning a spirit artifact!"

Old Fourth said it very sincerely in a manner like he stood aloof from worldly desires, which made Chen Jieqiu calm down.

After ruminating it for a short while, Chen Jieqiu nodded and said, "Fine. Swear an oath!"

Hearing that, Old Fourth was overjoyed, and he hurriedly expressed gratitude. "Thank you, Big Brother!"

Old Fourth no longer hesitated and directly raised his finger pointing to the skies, swearing, "I swear an oath in the name of Heavenly Dao, I'll absolutely not leak out the matter of Big Brother obtaining a spirit artifact, otherwise . . ."

Old Fourth's Heaven Dao Oath was recited halfway when a change occurred once more!

Chen Jieqiu's blade howled towards Old Fourth with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder which left no time for covering ears!

Old Fourth really thought that the boss let him off. How could he have thought that he was so ruthless and had long had the heart to kill for certain?

Virtually without defending, that blade light pierced Old Fourth's heart . . .

Up until now, Old Second and Old Fourth died. Old Third still had half his life left.

The wound was poisoned. Old Third would die for sure in half a day.

Finishing all these, Chen Jieqiu looked and Ye Yuan, and said with a smile, "Congratulations to you. Your inciting discord succeeded. There's only me alone left among us four brothers."

Ye Yuan shrugged and said smilingly, "Your Southern Ridge Dead Dogs' brotherhood really runs deep. When I was watching just now, it touched me so much that I'm almost tearing."

Chen Jieqiu could not be bothered with Ye Yuan's sarcasm and said, "I thought that you would take advantage of the chaos just now to run away. Didn't think that you could actually hold back."

"Haven't you been guarding against me? If I were to escape, it would be perfect for you give me a lightning blow, isn't that so?" Ye Yuan said.

Chen Jieqiu was somewhat puzzled as he said, "Didn't think that your strength can't cut it, brat, but your observation is rather meticulous. A talent. But if that wasn't the case, you also couldn't have incited us brothers to kill ourselves."

Chen Jieqiu this person was very insidious and cunning. He even calculated against his own brothers, let alone Ye Yuan.

Although he was dealing with the other three people just now, he always paid attention to Ye Yuan's movements. As long as Ye Yuan dared to move, he would surely give Ye Yuan a lightning-like blow.

"Haha. Thanks for the praise," Ye Yuan laughed and said.

Having already finished off the other three people, Chen Jieqiu was not anxious right now. Instead, he started chatting with Ye Yuan.

"Seeing that you already have Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation at such a young age, I'm afraid that your status in the Dan Wu Academy isn't low, right? And yet, a genius like you have to plummet here today. This is really regretful."

His mouth said regretful, but Chen Jieqiu's expression was very excited.

Obtaining a spirit artifact and even nipping a genius in his bud, no matter how he thought, it was an extremely refreshing thing.

Ye Yuan looked at Chen Jieqiu pitifully and said with a smile, "I'm asking, if you were for real, why haven't you have a single bit of awareness? En, en, hoping for a joke to become aware doesn't seem to be very realistic. I also don't know who gave you your confidence, to make you feel certain of finishing me off."

Chen Jieqiu was stunned when he heard that and immediately burst into laughter. "Hahaha! You're killing me! A Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm brat actually dares to be so brazen. It's really typical of the people from the academy! I know that your academy's students are all really impressive and can leap ranks in battle. If you were a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, then I really dare not talk to you like this. But sadly . . . you're only a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm."

Chen Jieqiu was at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. The way he saw it, wouldn't dealing with a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm be a complete crush on the latter?

Even if he was a genius.

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed. "Do you know why I sowed discord to make you all kill each other? Do you think that I only wanted to seize the chance to escape? You're wrong! Gravely mistaken!"