Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword: Nine Swords Stance!

"Oh? Mistaken? I want to hear just how I'm mistaken."

Chen Jieqiu felt that Ye Yuan was very humorous. A Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm racked his brain to make them brothers kill each other not for escaping. Could it be that it was for killing them all?

But the reality was so!

"In truth, when I first took out the Canghua Sword, I just wanted to test the bonds between you brothers. But I didn't think that the result would give me such a shock and amazing effect. The reason why I spent so much effort to foment you all was that I wasn't confident in killing all of you simultaneously. It's still best for lesser people to know about the matter concerning the spirit artifact," Ye Yuan smiled and said.

"Haha! Truly unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth! Do you mean that the four of us combined aren't your match?" Chen Jieqiu felt like he had heard a hilarious joke.

Ye Yuan nodded in acknowledgment. "That's right. It's exactly so."

"You truly have no idea of death or danger. Do you think that by having a spirit artifact, you can cross a major realm and fight me?I do want to test whether a Dan Wu Academy's genius student has real ability or is just a fool who can only brag!" Chen Jieqiu was infuriated by Ye Yuan's attitude.

Having frequently walked along the borders of life and death, Chen Jieqiu's strength was very formidable!

Forget about Essence Qi Realm martial artists, even among Third Level Spirit Condensation Realms, he belonged to the strong type.

Of course, compared to the sort of strength among the Dan Wu Academy's Martial Roll's experts, it was still lacking too much.

"Hur hur, don't worry. You'll see it right away."

The instant his words fell, Ye Yuan's entire aura transformed as if his entire being turned into a sharp sword.

As if sensing the sword intent coming off of Ye Yuan's body, the Canghua Sword actually started to tremor in Ye Yuan's hand!

The reason why spirit artifacts were called spirit artifacts was that they possessed spirituality.

This sort of spirituality was not that they developed consciousness, but that they could produce a certain degree of resonance with the martial artist.

This sort of resonance could increase the martial artist's strength. It was precisely because of this that spirit artifacts were stronger than magic artifacts and precious artifacts!

Seeing Ye Yuan's transformation, color instantly faded from Chen Jieqiu's face and what replaced it was solemnness.

No matter how he thought, he could not have expected that a mere Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm could release such a formidable sword intent!

Chen Jieqiu finally understood why Ye Yuan was not in a hurry to escape.

He did not even need to run!

Such a powerful sword intent truly had the might to threaten him.

"This is my first time executing Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art. You're the first person to see it. You should feel honored!" Ye Yuan held his sword and pointed to Chen Jieqiu as he spoke.

On the Nine Heavens Road, Ye Yuan fused together the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art and his own Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword, the two sword intents, and named it Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art.

The Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art might be strong, but it required sword moves to display.

With intent but no moves, a rootless weed. With moves but lacking intent, flashy without substance.

Ye Yuan's outlook was extremely high. He deeply understood the logic that what suited oneself was the best.

Hence, he did not think to go to the Tranquil Cloud Sect to learn the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art's sword moves but chose to create his own style!

Creating styles was not something fun to do. Learning other people's things was already extremely, tremendously challenging; let alone creating one.

Those who could self-create styles were undoubtedly all peerless prodigies.

Only Ye Yuan dared to play like this.

But due to time constraints, Ye Yuan only completed the embryonic form of the first move.

"Humph! No matter how powerful your sword intent is, without the support of essence energy, how much power can it have? I don't believe that you, a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, can really kill me!" Chen Jieqiu snorted coldly.

"Five Ghost Mourning Soul Blade! Kill!"

Chen Jieqiu decided to take the initiative. The moment he made a move, it was a killing blow.

Five Ghost Mourning Soul Blade was the skill Chen Jieqiu became famous for. He had been developing this martial art for nearly ten years. One could say that he mastered it to perfection.

When the blade slashed out, a weeping sound suddenly cried out akin to ghost wailing and wolves howling. It actually had the effect of absorbing souls!

This martial technique was extremely powerful. The average martial artists would succumb to it the instant they got careless.

But sadly, Chen Jieqiu met Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan comprehended Heart Like Still Water on the Nine Heavens Road. This sort of soul absorbing had no effect at all to him.

And right then, Ye Yuan's sword stance was already completed.

"Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, First Stance, Nine Swords Stance!"

Ye Yuan gave a low cry and transformed into nine silhouettes!

Nine Ye Yuans struck with their swords simultaneously and unleashed nine streaks of azure-colored sword beams!

The nine streaks of sword beams were released later, but arrived first, enveloping Chen Jieqiu completely.

Chen Jieqiu was greatly alarmed. How could he be bothered to hack Ye Yuan anymore? He swiftly drew his blade to defend.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of metal striking sounded out. Chen Jieqiu was in a flurry before barely blocking the sword beams.

Chen Jieqiu was well-deserved for being a Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm expert. These nine streaks of sword beams were executed using the Canghua Sword. Its might was extremely formidable. He actually blocked the majority of it.

However, there was still a streak of sword beam which breached his defensive circle and punched through his left arm without mercy!

"Ahhh!" Chen Jieqiu cried out miserably and clutched his left arm agonizingly.

The flesh on his left arm was minced. Clearly, it was already crippled.

Chen Jieqiu was worthy of being a veteran. After suffering a hit, he shot towards the outer areas with extreme speed without saying anything. He was actually fleeing.

Evidently, he was already completely certain that he was absolutely not Ye Yuan's match. Escaping with his life was of paramount importance!

However, Ye Yuan obviously would not give him that chance. Practically the instant he turned around to escape, Ye Yuan kept away the Canghua Sword and pointed with his left finger!

Absolute Yang Finger!

This was already the Great Circle stage Absolute Yang Finger. Its killing might was absolutely astounding!

Chen Jieqiu also did not expect Ye Yuan to react so quickly. This finger's speed was incredibly fast. There was simply no time to defend.


With that sound, an intangible force directly pierced through Chen Jieqiu's calf.

"Arghhh!" Chen Jieqiu gave another wretch sounding cry and then collapsed on the ground.

"I already said that none of you will escape. How can I give you the chance to flee?" Ye Yuan went forward a few steps and said calmly.

Chen Jieqiu disregarded the pain from his arm and leg and quickly scramble over to kneel in front of Ye Yuan. He cried out miserably, "Mercy, Little Brother! I, Chen Jieqiu, have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai! I've offended little brother! I deserve to die! I deserve death! As long as Little Brother spare my life, I'm willing to work like a bull and a horse for you!"

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "I think that you brothers have all committed countless crimes, right? Killing you all counts as executing justice on behalf of heaven. A bull or a horse like you, I dare not accept! Go in peace."

Finishing, he directly removed Chen Jieqiu's head without giving him the slightest chance.

Ye Yuan did not have any pity at all towards these sort of human dregs.

Recalling the scene when he displayed the Nine Swords Stance just now, Ye Yuan frowned and murmured to himself, "The Nine Swords Stance can still be perfected. The might of this nine streaks of sword beams is unbalanced. Unleashing the sword was also unharmonious. There still some time lag."

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed. Clearly, he was very dissatisfied with that strike just now.

Right then, a feeble voice was heard.

"Y-Young Hero, I b-beg you . . . Save me."