Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 130

Chapter 130: I Give Senior Apprentice Sister a Hundred Years of Youth

Ye Yuan looked over, and it turned out to be Old Third of the Southern Ridge Four Heroes.

His arm was hacked off by Chen Jieqiu, and the blade carried deadly poison. Right now, the poison already spreading throughout his body.

The antidote had always been under Chen Jieqiu's charge, which was why he left Old Third alone.

Southern Ridge Old Third had no time to be astonished by Ye Yuan's prowess. But he recalled Ye Yuan ate a Detoxification Pill, and the result was that the Hundred Breaths Collapse was utterly useless.

Only Ye Yuan could save him now!

Ye Yuan gave Southern Ridge Old Third a pitiful look and said, "Disasters from the heaven can be withstood, but the evils we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear. Since you all thought of robbing others, you should have been mentally prepared to be killed. Furthermore, to be able to die at the hands of your own brothers, you can die in peace."

Earlier, Ye Yuan was watching coldly from the sidelines and had long seen that none of the four people were good.

Ye Yuan was not some fresh rookie, so he obviously would not make this kind of low-level mistake.

Seeing Ye Yuan about to leave, Southern Ridge Old Third panicked and quickly called out. "Young Hero, I . . . I have important intelligence.[1] I . . . I only ask that Young Hero save my life."

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with that fellow. He collected the storage rings left behind by those people.

Even though he did not hope to find good stuff from these guys, at any rate, it was his loot.

"Young hero, I . . . I really have important intelligence! A few days ago, we passed by the Lotus Moon Gorge and discovered that the demonic beasts around the canyon were causing a commotion and rushing towards the depths of the canyon. There must be some natural treasure being born!"[2]

Southern Ridge Old Third feared that Ye Yuan would really leave, so he simply said it out.

But Ye Yuan sneered when he heard it. "With such a natural treasure, why didn't you guys go? How can a natural treasure, which caused a collective upheaval of demonic beasts, be ordinary? I'm afraid that you baiting me to go to the Lotus Moon Gorge isn't something as simple as saving you, right?"

"I . . . when did I, Y-Young Hero." Facing Ye Yuan's compelling gaze, Southern Ridge Old Third faltered.

He did not think that Ye Yuan had such a mature mind at such a young age.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Fine then. To let you die in peace, I promise that I'll definitely go to the Lotus Moon Gorge. Since you still want to play mind games with me on your deathbed, then don't blame me."

Finishing, Ye Yuan smacked his palm down on the top of Southern Ridge Old Third's head.

"Y-Young Hero, mercy! Ahhh!"

Following a blood-curdling scream, Southern Ridge Old Third died.

Although the Southern Ridge Old Third revealing this news was his dying throes, one had to admit that he coincidentally struck Ye Yuan's weak point.

As an alchemist, Ye Yuan truly did not have any immunity towards natural treasures. He would not give up until he went to see it.

After settling the business here, a blue-clothed figure fluttered over. Who could it be but Feng Zhirou?

When Feng Zhirou came close, she stabbed towards Ye Yuan with her sword wordlessly.

Ye Yuan hurriedly dodged and cried out, "Senior Apprentice Sister, I have something to say!"

"Say your head! Have a taste of my sword first!" How could Feng Zhirou listen? With a wave of her hand, she struck with her sword again.

Although Feng Zhirou's sword looked vicious, in truth, she did not use killing moves.

Ever since nearly killing Ye Yuan previously, Feng Zhirou more or less learned her lesson.

And the current Ye Yuan was no longer someone she could casually flatten with a sword. Of course, Ye Yuan naturally could not retaliate. He was in the wrong in the first place.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, I did that all for you! Ahh!"

While he was talking, another sword struck. Ye Yuan cried out and swiftly evaded.

"For me? Sounds really nice! Do you know how much effort I spent to shake off that big stupid bear? Enough crap. Eat my sword!"

Feng Zhirou was played by Ye Yuan and even had no choice but to help him draw away the Iron Paw Flying Bear. Her heart had so much pent-up anger.

"You stop first alright, Senior Apprentice Sister? Aiya, hear me explain things carefully!" Ye Yuan said while dodging.

"What's there to explain? Stand still for me and eat my sword first before we talk!"

How could Feng Zhirou be willing to give in?

The two people, one chasing, and the other fleeing. In a blink of an eye, over a dozen sword strikes were unleashed, but Ye Yuan just refused to stop,

Ye Yuan was also chased until he became irritated. He suddenly halted and shut his eyes to let Feng Zhirou freely stab over.

Feng Zhirou also did not expect Ye Yuan to suddenly play this move. She instantly jumped in fright. If this sword landed, how could Ye Yuan survive?

Ye Yuan had given a lot of help to them aunt and niece. Feng Zhirou did not say it, but her heart was still rather grateful.

Chasing down Ye Yuan was just to vent her anger, not to really hurt him,

Ye Yuan's action came too suddenly. Feng Zhirou simply could not react. Withdrawing her sword at this time was already too late.

But, Feng Zhirou was a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm expert at any rate. Her control towards the sword already reached an extremely powerful level, and she managed to change the trajectory of the sword mid-path.

This sword barely shaved by Ye Yuan's ear with immense trepidation.

But right then, Ye Yuan's face and Feng Zhirou's face was practically plastered together.

Ye Yuan had his eyes shut, and Feng Zhirou's exhalation smelled like orchids, unintentionally affecting Ye Yuan's mind.

Feng Zhirou's pretty face went red first before taking a step back and yelling, "Are you mad, Ye Yuan? Do you know how dangerous that was just now?"

Ye Yuan opened his eyes and suddenly cracked a smile. "If not like this, Senior Apprentice Sister won't give up! I know Senior Apprentice Sister cares for me and definitely won't kill me."

"Don't give me that! Don't think I dare not kill you!" Feng Zhirou raised her sword again, but threatening again at this time appeared to be so weak and frail.

Ye Yuan chuckled and pushed the sword aside. "Senior Apprentice Sister, if you want to kill me, you have to at least let me finish what I have to say first."

Feng Zhirou kept away her sword and snorted. "Fine! I'll hear just what you have to say! But if you don't give a justifiable reason, you can walk the rest of the way yourself!"

Finishing, Feng Zhirou was so peeved that she turned around.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "I give Senior Apprentice Sister a hundred years of youth. Is Senior Apprentice Sister still satisfied . . . with this explanation?"

When Feng Zhirou heard those words, the anger on her face swiftly faded, and what took its place was curiosity.

She turned around and curiously asked, "What hundred years of youth? Say clearly!"

Ye Yuan laughed and explained the function of the Silver Sword Bee's honey.

Feng Zhirou instantly became elated when she heard that. Clutching Ye Yuan, she asked, "Is what you said true? That whatever Beauty Retaining Pill can really maintain my appearance for a hundred years without aging?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "A hundred years is just the beginning. If I perform above my usual standards and refine out a transcendent-grade Beauty Retaining Pill, then a hundred and fifty years is not an issue. Furthermore, not only can the Beauty Retaining Pill let you maintain your current appearance, it can even moisturize your skin, making it fairer than snow!"

"Really? Then doesn't that mean that I'll look even better than now?" Where was there still any demeanor of a proud daughter of heaven presently on her? Feng Zhirou looked just like a little girl ignorant of worldly affairs.

However, she could not be blamed for this. As long as one was a woman, regardless of how unparalleled her martial arts was or what a peerless beauty she was, they would still place a heavy emphasis on their appearance.

Feng Zhirou was only a mortal country's little princess. In the future, she would surely grow old.

Growing old like that was the most frightening thing for every woman. It was even more terrifying than dying. Hence, they would risk their lives to try and delay the coming of that day.

[1] Intelligence here as in information.

[2] Natural treasure, in this case, means a treasure born from heaven and earth.