Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Despondent Sieging Team

Somewhere several hundred miles away from Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou, four Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists were currently sieging a powerful lion type demonic beast.

"Damn fellow! Chang One, attack its eyes! Chang Two, Chang Three, let's go and hold it back!" a youth commanded the other three people.

"Yes, Young Master!"

The trio acknowledged in unison.

This lion type demonic beast was exceptionally powerful. It was already at the peak middle-stage Tier 2. It was already not far away from breaking through to the late-stage Tier 2.

The four people actually appeared to be straining to deal with this demonic beast together!

Following that youth's command, the other three people coordinated abnormally well, akin to one entity.

Chang One leaped and landed on the head of the lion type demonic beast. The demonic beast naturally would not give this fellow free rein to threaten it. It raised its paw wanting to grab at Chang One.

How could the other three give him this chance? Attacks akin to rain falling struck towards the lion type demonic beast's abdomen.

After all, these were three middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists. No matter how strong this demonic beast's defense was, it dared not let this sort of attack go unchecked.
With no alternatives, that demonic beast retracted its paw and went from attacking to defending.

But at this time, Chang One grabbed hold of the opportunity and pulverized that demonic beast's eye into mincemeat.

Seeing the situation, the four people were euphoric. A series of attacks raided on the demonic beast again, directly sending it flying out.

That demonic beast received heavy injuries. Not only did it not retreat, but it also went berserk.


The lion type demonic beast gave a heavy roar and attacked the four people frenziedly.

"Be careful! This is its death throes! Don't fight it head-on! Let's hit and run to slowly expend its strength. It can't hold on much longer!" the youth instructed.

"Yes, Young Master."

In reality, these three people were veterans. They also knew what to do without the young man's instructions.

Before long, that lion type demonic beast collapsed on the ground. The four people let out a long sigh of relief.

When the demonic beast died, the four slumped on the ground panting non-stop. They all suffered injuries which were not light.

"Damn it! Being delayed by this demonic beast, we are getting further away from Ye Yuan!" The young man swallowed a medicinal pill as he gnashed in teeth in hatred.

This youth was precisely Su Yishan who was planning to kill off Ye Yuan during the Endless Trials, while the other three were the Su Family's retainers, the Chang trio brothers.

There were many people when they just entered the forest, so they naturally could not make a move on Ye Yuan then.

But who would have thought that Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou walked faster and faster. They were actually unable to catch up.

It was not that their speed was slow, but because there were demonic beasts continuously harassing them along the way.

This demonic beast just now was the most powerful one they have encountered. Just the delay cost them a whole two hours!

"Relax, Young Master. My Enchanted Shadow Bug has been following them this whole time. We'll catch up to them eventually." Chang One said.

Su Yishan was aware of Chang One's tracking capabilities. It was just that he was feeling very annoyed. "I'm just wondering why the demonic beasts only attack us when Ye Yuan also walked through here."

"This . . . Maybe it's also because we're unlucky," Chang One said uncertainly.

Even with Chang One's rich experience, he could not think of a reason.

"Luck? Isn't their luck way too good? We tracked all the way here, and the places they walked through didn't show any traces of fighting at all! That's to say that they didn't even go through a single battle while we have been through over a dozen big and small fights?"

The more Su Yishan said, the angrier he got. Finally, a punch smashed heavily on the ground sending dirt flying.

"Truly quite sinister! The road the two of them walked is basically a straight line as if they were running straight towards someplace. But in the Endless Forest, nobody had ever dared to journey like that. There are plenty of high-rank Tier 2 demonic beasts' territories along the way. If they accidentally startled them, they would lose a layer of skin even if they didn't die." Chang one also felt very depressed.

"That's right! Don't tell me that those demonic beasts are all blind and deaf and simply couldn't sense them at all? At this rate, we will be exhausted to death by these demonic beasts before finding them!" Su Yishan said with fervent hatred.

Initially, he thought that killing Ye Yuan in the Endless Forest was a very simple matter. He did not think that it would be riddled with troubles now.

The further in they went, the stronger the demonic beasts got! Continuing in a straight line like this was definitely out of the question. They must avoid the territories of those powerful demonic beasts and go forward in a roundabout manner.

But this way, when could they manage to find Ye Yuan and co?

Before coming, Su Yubai already told him that the Endless Forest was the best as well as the final chance to eliminate Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan left the Endless Forest, the Su Family would welcome never-ending troubles!

Chang One also realized that the matter was rather troublesome now. Before coming out this time, the family head had already issued the death command. They must kill Ye Yuan!

If the mission was not completed, then carry their own heads back!

The family head had never issued such a command before. One could see just how great Ye Yuan's threat to the Su Family was!

Chang One sucked in a deep breath and took out an Endless Forest map from his storage ring. Opening it, he placed it in front of Su Yishan.

"Young Master, continuing like this is indeed out of the question. Since they are hurrying towards a certain place, why don't we find that place and then lie in ambush there?" Chang One suggested.

Hearing this, Su Yishan immediately calmed down. He nodded and said, "What you said is right! Share your idea!"

Chang One reached out with his finger and pointed on the map. "Look here, Young Master. Ever since they entered the Endless Forest, they didn't stop for a moment as they went along this straight line towards the North-West direction. With their strength, it's impossible to go somewhere too deep. It must be within an area of a thousand miles! Then, inside this thousand miles, where is the place they are most likely to go to?"

"Crimson Summit Ridge!" Su Yishan blurted out.

Chang One's finger started from the entrance and kept extending until a thousand miles in the North-West direction. That place impressively marked Crimson Summit Ridge!

"Sii . . . Is Ye Yuan insane? To actually go to such a dangerous place like Crimson Summit Ridge!" Su Yishan sucked in a cold breath.

Chang One shook his head and said, "Based on common sense, him going to the Crimson Summit Ridge naturally saves us from striking. But looking at the current situation, this Ye Yuan's methods are really hard to conjecture. Ignoring other things, just based on him being able to not alarm these high-rank demonic beasts along the way is already an incredible ability! And according to my estimation, it's highly likely that he's going to the Crimson Summit Ridge to find some medicinal herbs for that little maidservant of his!"

Chang One's analysis struck deeply, practically exactly the same as the truth!

Since they came to gang up and kill Ye Yuan, Chang One naturally did sufficient homework. He understood Ye Yuan very thoroughly. Even a minute detail like Lu-er was noticed.

Su Yishan was forcefully shocked awake and could not help shooting a surprised gaze at Chang One, seeing him in a completely new light.

No wonder Father sent him to siege Ye Yuan. This guy could not be underestimated!

Very clearly, Chang One's analysis basically had no flaws. This was also the most logical explanation!

Initially, Su Yishan was still worried about whether or not Ye Yuan would take part in this Endless Trials. Finally, his concern was proven to be superfluous.

Ye Yuan was not foolish enough to think that he could spare him. But he still came. That meant that he had a reason to come no matter what!

And this reason was exactly Lu-er!