Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Swaggering In!

"Then, what do you say we do now, Chang One?" Su Yishan actually sought for Chang One's opinion.

Chang One also appeared to be rather surprised. He understood this Young Lord a little.

Su Yishan had an ingrained pride and generally looked down on the Su Family's retainers like them.

But today, he actually sought out his opinion.

It looked like Su Yishan matured quite a bit during this period of time!

Only such a Su Yishan was worthy of being the Su Family successor.

Chang One no longer hesitated and stated his thoughts, "Regardless whether or not they went to the Crimson Summit Ridge, there is definitely a destination. And I'm afraid that it isn't going to be so easy for them to get that medicinal herb. We just have to chase after according to the direction the Enchanted Shadow Bug is pointing to and set up an ambush in advance. I figure he wouldn't be able to escape anyway! Let's keep heading towards this direction while avoiding some of the powerful demonic beasts' territories later on. This way, even if we detoured a little, it would at most be around half a day's time. We can definitely still make it!"

Su Yishan ruminated for some time and felt that what Chang One said made sense.

They were unaware of Ye Yuan's goal at the beginning, so they just blindly chased. In the end, the time delay from being impeded by demonic beasts increased instead.

Since they have the direction now, they naturally need not fear them escaping. Circling around the powerful demonic beasts' territories might even be slightly faster.

"Okay, we'll do as you said! Recuperate a while first and then set off!" Su Yishan instructed.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan had settled things with Feng Zhirou. The pair swallowed another Breath Concealing Pill each and rushed over to the Crimson Summit Ridge.

"Ye Yuan, were those four people all killed by you? You're actually already this powerful!"

Feng Zhirou was still rather astonished by Ye Yuan's power. Those were four Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, and they actually all died in Ye Yuan's hands!

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "How can I have such capabilities? I just used some small tricks and made them kill each other for a while. That's why the results were like that."

Only now did Feng Zhirou feel relieved. "So that's the case. Gave me a fright! If you could kill those four people alone, doesn't that mean that you already have the strength to rank in the top 30 of the Martial Roll?"

Initially, the ranking everyone gave Ye Yuan was roughly around rank 50 on the Martial Roll.

It was nothing difficult for this strength to defeat several ordinary Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

Feng Zhirou knew that the strength of demonic beast hunters was greater than the average martial artist. Furthermore, there was a Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist among them. Ye Yuan was able to hold the four of them there. Raising another 20 places was nothing much.

Ye Yuan was only at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Being at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, he already possessed the strength of the top 30 on the Martial Roll. When he broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, just how terrifying would that be?

Feng Zhirou felt that it was inconceivable just thinking about it.

Luckily, Ye Yuan denied her conjecture. Otherwise, Feng Zhirou would really have felt that so many years of hard work went to waste.

"You're really full of tricks! Several veterans were actually completely toyed by you!" After Feng Zhirou felt reassured, she could not help scorning Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, "Who asked this Junior Apprentice Brother, I, to be lacking in strength. If I didn't come up with some ruses, then wouldn't I be unable to even keep my life? Otherwise, Teacher Feng would not have made Senior Apprentice Sister come and protect me."

After pondering, Feng Zhirou thought the same as well, but her mouth stated otherwise, "Don't give me that. Your life is tenacious as hell. You didn't even die when challenging the Nine Heavens Road. Looks like even the heaven can't be bothered to take you in."

Ye Yuan laughed but did not reply.

What Feng Zhirou said was really true. Ye Yuan did not take the Nine Heavens Road to heart, but he was clearly already dead in the Divine Realm. But now, he was standing here perfectly fine. Ye Yuan felt that this was like a dream just thinking about it now.

. . . . . .

Around half a day later, Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou finally arrived at the Crimson Summit Ridge.

This place was highly treacherous. Apart from the Long-arm Stone Apes, there were also quite a number of powerful demonic beasts around the Crimson Summit Ridge.

Demonic beast hunters had never dared to step foot fully into a place of such a level as the Endless Forest.

Even Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would move cautiously in this place. If they were surrounded by the Long-arm Stone Apes, the outcome would be being ganged up on and beaten to death.

The two found a safe place to hide and secretly observe the situation on the Crimson Summit Ridge.

It was fine if they did not look. But one look and Feng Zhirou freaked out.

Although the forest was very dense, the indistinct coming and going of white Long-arm Stone Apes appeared to be very glaring.

They walked around in groups of twos and threes, appearing as if they were patrolling!

"These Long-arm Stone Apes gathered and formed teams. Why does it look like they are patrolling the mountain?" Feng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan somewhat surprised, as she transmitted her voice.

"The stone ape race have extremely high intelligence. Their awareness towards territory is already stronger than other demonic beasts. And their hierarchy is very strict, namely Ape Soldier, Ape General, and Ape King. Stone apes live in social groups and do not permit others to encroach into their terrain. The moment they discover that there's a trespasser, they would gather and attack," Ye Yuan explained.

Hearing Ye Yuan's explanation, Feng Zhirou asked in bewilderment, "No way? Since you're so familiar with the Long-arm Stone Ape's habits, aren't you courting death by coming to the Crimson Summit Ridge?"

Listening to Ye Yuan's meaning, the Long-arm Stone Apes had very strong exclusiveness and aggressiveness. Once they were discovered, they two of them would be in grave danger.

The so-called Ape Soldier, Ape General, and Ape King of the Long-arm Stone Apes, respectively corresponded to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Forget about the Ape Generals and Ape King, just the several tens of thousands of Ape Soldiers could drown them by rushing them.

Ye Yuan looked at Feng Zhirou and chuckled very helplessly.

Seeing Ye Yuan's laughter filled with mockery, Feng Zhirou flew into a rage again. "What are you laughing at? Did I say something wrong?"

Ye Yuan pointed at his head and said with a smile, "Why is the human race powerful? Not because we cultivate faster than the demon race nor is it because our bodies are better than the demon race, but because our intellect is way higher than the demon race! Hence, use your brain first before doing things and not just think about running or charging about recklessly, understood?"

"You mean that you have a plan? Then quickly say it! En? Hang on! Well done Ye Yuan, are you trying to say that I'm even dumber than demonic beasts?!"

Feng Zhirou reacted to it swiftly, and her rage meter shot straight up. However, she learned her lesson this time and did not make any sound, but spoke with voice transmission. Only that the expression on her face became increasingly ice-cold.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, "I say, Senior Apprentice Sister, can you not be so sensitive, alright? I'm just telling you a fact, but you just had to turn around and scold yourself. Why?"

"Humph! Don't be proud of yourself! Now isn't the time. Watch how I settle the score with you after we get back!" Feng Zhiroua snorted icily.

Facing the mountain full of Long-arm Stone Apes, the proud Senior Apprentice Sister Feng finally knew how to weigh things and not blow her top easily.

There was only one Iron Paw Flying Bear, so she could still lure it away. If they alarmed the mountain full of Long-arm Stone Apes, then the pair would not even get the chance to escape.

"Haha! Many thanks for Senior Apprentice Sister Your Excellency's grace!" Ye Yuan laughed and said.

"Enough crap! What method do you have to enter, quickly say it!" Feng Zhirou pent-up a stomach full of anger and said huffily.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "How to enter? Of course, it's by swaggering in!"