Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Knowledge Is Power

"Swaggering in? Did your brain short-circuit? There are so many stone apes. How do we swagger in?" Feng Zhirou stared wide-eyed at Ye Yuan as if she was looking at a fool.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, please don't measure others after yourself, alright? I already said just now, you got to use your brain before doing things!" Ye Yuan gave another emotional sigh.


Feng Zhirou's brows were vertical. This fellow actually ridiculed her again!

Fine, you're ruthless! But don't you know that women bear grudges very well? We'll record down the accounts this time one by one and tally it all up after we return!

"The Long-arm Stone Apes might be powerful, but they have a weakness, which is that they have virtually zero night vision abilities! And we have the Breath Concealing Pill. They can't detect our scent. Hence, just wait until it gets dark, and we'll just swagger in!" Ye Yuan explained.

"This also works?"

Feng Zhirou was thoroughly defeated by Ye Yuan. How did this fellow know so much?

Nobody even dared to come to the Crimson Summit Ridge. Even Crystal Formation Realm martial artists dared not stop here for long, let alone they understood the habits of the Long-arm Stone Apes.

"Why can't it work?" Ye Yuan retorted with a question.

"But . . . But didn't you say that the Breath Concealing Pill is only effective for demonic beasts below Tier 3? What should we do if we bump into the Ape King?" Feng Zhirou enquired.

"I've already enquired long ago that within a thousand miles radius of the Endless Forest, the highest is only Tier 3 demonic beasts. The Crimson Summit Ridge is still within the thousand miles radius. A mountain cannot contain two tigers. Hence, this place at most has a Tier 3 Ape King. Such a large Crimson Summit Ridge, just how lucky do we have to be to encounter the Ape King?"

Now that Ye Yuan said that, Feng Zhirou felt that there really did not seem to be much danger.

Such a dangerous looking place was actually as easy as walking on flat ground to Ye Yuan!

Of course, it was only like walking on flat ground for Ye Yuan. If it were some other person, they would have no idea how to refine the Breath Concealing Pill and would only seek their doom by coming here.

This fellow was truly a monster. It seemed like nothing could stump him!

Feng Zhirou was also a haughty and proud individual. She always felt somewhat unwilling to submit. Not knowing why she faintly looked forward to some situation to occur later up the mountain!

Who asked you to be cocky!

. . . . . .

A moonless dark night.

The faint breeze made the leaves rustle as two figures slowly headed for the Crimson Summit Ridge.

Although demonic beasts had greater vitality than humans, they are not tireless.

Currently, it was midnight, and most of the Long-arm Stone Apes headed back to the mountain to rest. It naturally would not be like daytime where ape shadows were aplenty.

Human martial artists' night vision abilities were quite strong. Even though they did not have the same range as daytime, nor was it as clear, seeing things within a small radius was still not an issue.

Furthermore, with a rise in realm, the changes that essence energy had towards martial artists' bodies would also become greater. The night vision abilities of human martial artists would become increasingly stronger.

Feng Zhirou and Ye Yuan walked towards the mountain unhurriedly in fear of alerting the Long-arm Stone Apes.

"The Crimson Summit Ridge is so huge. Where do we look for the Crimson Soul Grass?" Feng Zhirou suddenly transmitted her voice and asked.

"The summit!" Ye Yuan only said two words.

"What? The summit? There's a very high chance for that Ape King to be at the summit!" Feng Zhirou nearly made a sound.

"Can you not get all worked up over nothing? Why is this place called the Crimson Summit Ridge? Why is the medicinal herb called Crimson Soul Grass? Please use your brain, alright?" Ye Yuan said grumpily.

This woman had no use at all other than making a fuss over every little thing.

Being uncultured was truly frightening!

Seeing Feng Zhirou still having that blank look, Ye Yuan could only explain, "This place is called Crimson Summit Ridge because the mud at the summit is crimson in color. That sort of mud is called Crimson Xiang Soil, one of the extremely few soils which can breed the Crimson Soul Grass. However, the quantity of Crimson Xiang Soil on this Crimson Summit Ridge isn't a lot either. Just that small patch at the summit. Hence, for us to obtain the Crimson Soul Grass, we must go to the summit!"

Feng Zhirou did not know what to say either. This Ye Yuan was simply like an encyclopedia. He knew everything!

Only him with such broad and profound knowledge dared to barge into this Crimson Summit Ridge with Essence Qi Realm cultivation, right?

"What if . . . What if we bump into the Ape King at the summit? What should we do?" Feng Zhirou who was subdued by Ye Yuan suddenly had her momentum weakened considerably.

"How would I know? If we really come across it, then just drop everything and run! As for how far we can run, it will be up to our capabilities. Well, this is my affair, no need to drag you into this. Why don't you stay instead?" Ye Yuan said very irresponsibly.

"No way! I promised aunty to protect you. I can't watch you take risks alone!" Feng Zhirou was very resolute on the matter.

"Haha, then thank you so much, Senior Apprentice Sister. If we really run into the Ape King, to have a great beauty like Senior Apprentice Sister accompany me along the Yellow Springs, it's also a beautiful thing!" Ye Yuan laughed and said.

Feng Zhirou suddenly felt like she was duped. But the words already came out of her mouth, so she did not intend to take them back. She just rolled her eyes at Ye Yuan and said, "Enough crap, quickly go!"

Due to the fear of alerting the Long-arm Stone apes, the two walked very slowly. Only after two hours did they gradually fumbled their way to the summit with scares but without danger.

The summit was an open space. The Long-arm Stone Apes already cleared it out.

Arriving at the summit, there were many more night-patrol Long-arm Stone Apes. And from the looks of the aura coming off of their bodies, there were even quite a few Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes among them.

It looked like that Ape King was definitely on this summit.

"So many Long-arm Stone Apes. What to do?" Feng Zhirou asked rather anxiously.

Ye Yuan swept a gaze across this open field and transmitted his voice, "See that small hill in the distance? There's a cave up there. If my speculation is right, that Ape King should be inside that cave. In the entire summit, the place with the thickest Crimson Xiang Soil is on that small hill. The Crimson Soul Grass should be there!"

"Ah? Is-Isn't that very dangerous? Right now, we are at the summit. The moment we're discovered by the Ape King, then we won't even have the chance to escape!" Feng Zhirou said worriedly.

"Mm, it's indeed quite dangerous. But I also have to go no matter how dangerous it is! Without the Crimson Soul Grass, Lu-er definitely won't make it."

Seeing Ye Yuan risk his life for a maidservant, Feng Zhirou was also deeply touched.

Such an affectionate and faithful man, there really isn't many in this world!

Normally, Ye Yuan appeared to be cheeky and frivolous. But, when it really came down to the eleventh hour, he was highly reliable.

"Then, what should we do?" Feng Zhirou kept away her nervousness and resolved to cooperate with Ye Yuan to harvest the Crimson Soul Grass.

Ye Yuan observed for a while and then said, "Have you noticed that there aren't any Long-arm Stone Apes patrolling around the vicinity of that small hill?"

Feng Zhirou looked towards that small hill and found that that was really the case!

"Behind the small hill is a cliff. We'll circle over there and scale up the cliff! As long as we don't startle the Ape King, the possibility of us getting away is still very huge," Ye Yuan said.

"C-Can this work? We have to pass by that cave if we're climbing from the cliff."

"I don't really care anymore. At this point, we can only take our chances and give it a shot. Before long, day will break. Once dawn comes, we will have even less of a chance!" Ye Yuan made up his mind.

Feng Zhirou gritted her teeth and said, "Okay! Later, you go and find the Crimson Soul Grass. I'll keep a lookout for you!"