Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Goodbye, Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou avoided the night-patrolling Long-arm Stone Apes and circled around to the cliff area.

This cliff was virtually perpendicular to the ground. The distance from the top of the cliff to the place she and Ye Yuan were standing at was a full thousand feet tall!

"Ye Yuan, this cliff is so high. Can you make it?" Feng Zhirou asked Ye Yuan rather worriedly.

Scaling heights was completely different from using movement techniques on the flat ground. When one was ascending heights, they had to shake off the gravity from the Earth. Using movement techniques had a huge burden on martial artists.

After all, even if it were Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, they also could not soar in the skies.

Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists still had the advantage. But it was practically impossible for Essence Qi Realm martial artists to scale a thousand feet cliff.

Firstly, the essence energy of Essence Qi Realm martial artists could not bear the consumption of a thousand feet distance. Secondly, Tier 1 movement techniques were insufficient to support martial artists to scale a thousand feet.

"What do you mean 'Can you make it?' Take away that question mark. Of course I can!" Ye Yuan said without any care.

"But . . . the top of the cliff is a full thousand feet away from us here!"

"Isn't it just a thousand feet? You go first, Senior Apprentice Sister; I'll follow! We're already here. I can't keep dragging Senior Apprentice Sister down!" Ye Yuan smiled and said.

No matter how Ye Yuan said it, it sounded like he was going beyond his means in order to look impressive. If he were to climb halfway and fall because his essence energy was unable to support him, that would not be fun.

This cliff was a full thousand feet away from the ground. One misstep and his life would be guaranteed gone.

"There's really no problem?" Feng Zhirou asked suspiciously.

"Of course there's no problem! When have I disappointed Senior Apprentice Sister before?" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Feng Zhirou thought about it. It seemed like Ye Yuan was really a freak and it appeared like there had never been anything he could not do before. Perhaps he could really make it?

"Fine, then I'll make a move first!"

Feng Zhirou nodded, and she tiptoed lightly, bounding on the cliff.

Feng Zhirou's body was light as a swallow. The sheer precipice which appeared to be beyond reach was akin to walking on flat ground to her.

Her movement technique was the high-grade Tier 2 martial technique, Spiritual Swallow Dance. It was originally famed for its light, graceful movement and speed. It was very suited to be used to scale this cliff.

Only to see that she either tiptoed or lightly tapped occasionally with her sword scabbard on the cliff. Her entire person shot up the cliff with extreme speed and in a blink of an eye, she crossed over 200 feet in distance.

However, the higher Feng Zhirou climbed, the further her heart fell. Because she could not sense Ye Yuan's presence!

Feng Zhirou could not sense a single bit of sound from below her!

Did Ye Yuan not move yet, or did he . . . fall down already?

Feng Zhirou really wanted to tilt her head down to see if Ye Yuan was there or not, but climbing the cliff was also not a relaxed matter for her. How could she have spare energy to bend down and look for Ye Yuan?

If Ye Yuan still had not moved yet, could it be that he was intentionally playing with her?

Impossible! There was no way that Ye Yuan would be so bored to that extent!

Did he . . .fall down already? But without even making any sound?

The more her imaginations ran wild, the more anxious Feng Zhirou got. The actions of her movement technique also became somewhat erratic.


While Feng Zhirou was restless, her feet slipped and did not give support!

In a blink, Feng Zhirou's figure fell sharply.

"Careful, Senior Apprentice Sister!"

Just then, Feng Zhirou suddenly received Ye Yuan's voice transmission.

It turned out that Ye Yuan was actually following closely behind her all along!

But right now, Feng Zhirou already had nowhere to borrow strength from, unless she used her sword to stab into the cliff.

But that way, the impact of the sword and the cliff would surely give off an ear-piercing sound. The whole mountain full of Long-arm Stone Apes would be alarmed.

Even if they could ascend the cliff, they would also be unable to escape death.

Hence, in an instant, Feng Zhirou gave up on saving herself and allowed herself to plummet down the cliff!

She decided to take a look at Ye Yuan before dying. After she died, there probably would not be anyone constantly bickering with him anymore, right?

However, she did not manage to see Ye Yuan, because when she had just slid down around 20 feet or so, she felt a palm lightly supporting from beneath her feet!

It was this support which allowed her body to go back on the right track once again!

"Senior Apprentice Sister, you go up first. I'll follow right after!" Practically at the same time, Ye Yuan transmitted his voice over.

Feng Zhirou knew that this was Ye Yuan saving her. But . . . having suffered such an impact, could Ye Yuan still survive? She could even hear the sound of the wind rushing as Ye Yuan descended sharply.

Not knowing why, Feng Zhirou had an impulse to cry currently.

Yet, she knew that she could not waste this chance Ye Yuan risked his life to exchange. Hence, her toes tapped downward, using the momentum to execute the Spiritual Swallow Dance, and headed up the cliff speedily.

Feng Zhirou forcefully chased away all the thoughts in her head and focused her mind on climbing the cliff!

To the Feng Zhirou who discarded her distracting thoughts, scaling this thousand feet precipice was not a tough matter.

Before long, Feng Zhirou saw the top of the cliff. Her toe tapped on the cliff one last time, and her entire person flew up the cliff like a swallow.

But at this moment, Feng Zhirou did not have the slightest joy from conquering the cliff. She slumped on the ground, her heart feeling like a knife was twisting in.

Feng Zhirou, it's all your fault! You caused Ye Yuan to die! Sniff, sniff . . .

Feng Zhirou sobbed lightly but did not dare to make any sound. She used her hands to cover her mouth as she just convulsed there.

Tears cascaded down from the corner of her eyes and drifted down the cliff along with the wind.

Feng Zhirou, the one who should have died was you! Why you are still alive now, but Ye Yuan's dead?!

Feng Zhirou, why couldn't you have been nicer to Ye Yuan normally? He clearly helped you out a lot, but why can't you swallow your pride to say thanks?

Ye Yuan, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry . . .

Feng Zhirou kept on blaming herself in her heart, but she knew that Ye Yuan would never hear it.

Although Ye Yuan voice transmitted earlier that he would follow right after, Feng Zhirou knew that Ye Yuan definitely only said that to console her.

Under the impact of her plummeting down the cliff, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to have any chances of survival.

Even with her Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength and high-grade Tier 2 movement technique, it was also impossible to survive under those conditions, much less Ye Yuan who was only still at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Feng Zhirou knew that Ye Yuan's Instant Flash was already trained to an extremely profound level. But that was still a Tier 1 movement technique after all. How was it possible to negate such a large impact power?

I'm sorry, Ye Yuan! I won't die! I'm going to finish your dying wish! I'm going to find the Crimson Soul Grass and other herbs! I'll return to the State of Qin and request for Lord Wu Daofeng to help Lu-er refine the Essence Yang Pill! If Lord Wu Daofeng can't refine it, then I'll go outside to look for even more amazing alchemists. No matter what, I'll definitely find a way to let Lu-er survive! Feng Zhirou silently swore.

Finishing, Feng Zhirou forcefully roused her spirit and stood up, preparing to seek out the Crimson Soul Grass.

Feng Zhirou looked at the pitch black cliff, and her tears started flowing once again uncontrollably.

Goodbye, Ye Yuan!

Sayin this in her heart, Feng Zhirou turned around and prepared to leave.

But right then, Feng Zhirou suddenly heard wind rushing sounds coming from below the cliff. It seemed there was something moving!