Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Discovered!

"No way! This . . . How's this possible? Could it be a hallucination?"

Feng Zhirou felt that she just heard an indistinct sound. It should be a hallucination because the probability of Ye Yuan surviving was really not great.

"But if it's a hallucination, why is the sound getting louder? Could it . . . Could it be . . ."

Just as Feng Zhirou was completely dazed, a figure darted up from the pitch black cliff!

Seeing the figure, Feng Zhirou was stunned there as tears burst forth from her eyes.

"Great! Great! He's fine! He's really fine!" Feng Zhirou shouted in her heart.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, I . . ."

Ye Yuan only voice transmitted a few words before noticing a light blue mass pouncing on him and hugging him.

That faint fragrance wafted into his nose, involuntarily shaking up Ye Yuan's mind.

"Ye Yuan, you're really alright. Excellent! It's really great!" Feng Zhirou transmitted as her tears flowed silently.

This feeling of holding a beauty in one's embrace was truly something that all men desired!

However, this was not the time to be immersed in affection. They had to quickly look for the Crimson Soul Grass.

Feng Zhirou clearly also noticed her discomposure and hastily released Ye Yuan. She wiped the tears from the corner of her years and said, "You . . . Don't misunderstood. I just . . . I just thought that you died because of saving me . . . That's . . . That's why I was like that."

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately broke into a smile. "What happened just now? Why can't I remember anything? Senior Apprentice Sister, I'm exhausted. Let's recuperate for a while and then go find the Crimson Soul Grass."

"En . . ."

Ye Yuan's condition at the moment was not good. His essence energy was virtually depleted completely.

If not for the fact the thickness of his essence energy greatly surpassed those of the same rank, most likely, he would have burned out and died.

The expenditure of the duo was not minor. They each consumed a medicinal pill and adjusted for some time before recovering some strength.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, there's no time to lose. Let's hurry up and look for the Crimson Soul Grass."

"En, let's go."

Finishing, the pair descended side by side.

Along the way, Feng Zhirou was relatively silent, significantly different from usual.

"Ye Yuan, you . . . How did you come up? I . . . I didn't mean that . . . I . . . I . . ."

It was still Feng Zhirou who broke the silence first. She simply could not suppress her curiosity.

Except that her attitude when asking the question was completely different from usual, rather like a little wife instead.

Ye Yuan knew that Feng Zhirou was still feeling awkward, so he smiled lightly and said, "I know that Senior Apprentice Sister didn't mean that. But I'm rather surprised, how come Senior Apprentice Sister fumbled?"

Feng Zhirou's face turned red as she said with embarrassment, "Actually, I . . . I thought that you couldn't keep up, so . . ."

Ye Yuan only came to a realization after hearing Feng Zhirou say that. So she actually caused such a blunder because she was worried about him.

Initially, he found it weird too. With Feng Zhirou's base, it should have been impossible to make such a mistake.

Ye Yuan felt touched in his heart. His bad impression towards Feng Zhirou in the past also pretty much dissipated.

"Hur hur, so Senior Apprentice Sister thought I fell down. Senior Apprentice Sister look down on me too much."

"T-That's not my intention. It's just . . . It's just . . ."

"En, why didn't Senior Apprentice Sister think about it? My Master is so amazing, how could it be possible to not leave behind some impressive movement techniques for me? When I was battling with Lin Tiancheng, I could already sense that Instant Flash was lacking. After breaking through to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, my essence energy is barely enough to cultivate Tier 2 martial arts already. I naturally have to supplement this weak point," Ye Yuan explained.

Feng Zhirou was suddenly enlightened. "So, that's the case! I've never seen you use other movement techniques before, hence . . ."

"En, I understand. Thanks, Senior Apprentice Sister!"

This thanks came sincerely from Ye Yuan.

Although Feng Zhirou's blunder gave Ye Yuan quite a bit of trouble and even nearly cost him his life, it arose from concern towards him.

In reality, the new movement technique Ye Yuan cultivated was not a Tier 2 movement martial technique. Ye Yuan really did not possess such a low-grade movement martial technique.

However, his essence energy was barely enough to reach the level to cultivate Tier 2 martial techniques. Ye Yuan naturally had to compensate for his lacking movement technique.

The name of the movement technique he cultivated was called Spirit Void Shattering Space. This movement technique did not have a specific tier, because it could be cultivated continuously in later realms.

At the Spirit Condensation Realm, one could cultivate the first level of the Spirit Void Shattering Space. The thickness of Ye Yuan's essence energy was already not beneath half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, although barely enough to reach this threshold.

Although the skill that Ye Yuan selected so prudently was only at the first level, its might was extremely formidable.

Even though it was just Entry stage, it was no problem for Ye Yuan to keep up with Feng Zhirou.

As a matter of fact, Ye Yuan had been maintaining the same pace as Feng Zhirou just now; not too fast nor too slow. Hence, Feng Zhirou could not detect his presence.

Except, Ye Yuan did not expect Feng Zhirou to actually misunderstand because of this and nearly slipped up and fell down the cliff.

. . . . . .

The pair avoided that cave from far away and searched for traces of the Crimson Soul Grass from top to bottom.

Due to the fact that the range of sight was very limited at night, the pair searched very meticulously. But after searching for a long time, they still did not find a trace of the Crimson Soul Grass.

The two spent close to two hours and virtually searched through the entire hill, but they still did not find the Crimson Soul Grass.

"Ye Yuan, do you think the Crimson Soul Grass is . . ." Feng Zhirou transmitted her voice as she looked towards that cave.

Presently, only the area where the cave was located had not been searched. If this hilltop had Crimson Soul Grasses, it could only be there.

And currently, dawn was about to break. If they still could not find the Crimson Soul Grass, the two would be in danger.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, "80% chance it's in that region. Looks like we still have to go over there eventually! Wait for me here, Senior Apprentice Sister. I'll be back soon."

How could Feng Zhirou comply? She stubbornly said, "No way! If you want to go, we'll go together! I promised aunty to protect you. How can I let you take the risk alone?"

Ye Yuan could not persuade her, so he could only say, "Fine then. But once there's any situation, immediately run!"

Feng Zhirou nodded and slowly combed their way over to the cave's vicinity.

As the pair gradually got closer to the cave, they felt a powerful aura undulating from inside the cave.

"Quickly look, Ye Yuan! Isn't that the Crimson Soul Grass?" Feng Zhirou suddenly discovered something and hurriedly pulled Ye Yuan as she transmitted.

Ye Yuan looked over to where Feng Zhirou was pointing at, and as expected, he saw several stalks of crimson-colored, serrated edged tiny grass. If that was not Crimson Soul Grass, that what was?

After going through many hardships and finding the Crimson Soul Grass, even Ye Yuan with his Heart Like Still Water was quite excited right now.

Even though he prepared so many items painstakingly for the Crimson Summit Ridge, he also undertook extremely huge risk.

No matter how powerful Ye Yuan was, he was merely but an Essence Qi Realm martial artist. There was naturally no need to mention the risks he braved when facing pairs of Tier 2 demonic beasts and even Tier 3 demonic beasts.

Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and said to Feng Zhirou, "I'll go and retrieved those stalks of Crimson Soul Grass. After I'm done, we'll leave this place at maximum speed!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan fully executed his first level Spirit Void Shattering Space, turning into an afterimage flickering towards the Crimson Soul Grass.

"Howl! Howl!"

Just then, several ape cries sounded. Ye Yuan's and Feng Zhirou's complexion changed drastically at the same time!