Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Enigmatic Man!

Following several ape howls, a feeling of extreme danger surged up in Ye Yuan's heart!

This feeling of danger made Ye Yuan's scalp tingled.

He knew that if he were to take another step forward, he would definitely invoke a calamity!

The next instant, Ye Yuan explosively retreated even faster than when he came!

"Go, Senior Apprentice Sister!"

Ye Yuan chose to retreat without any hesitation. That was a Tier 3 demonic beast. It could eradicate the two of them with just a single strike.

Feng Zhirou evidently also sensed that something was not right. Without waiting for Ye Yuan's warning, she displayed her Spirit Swallow Dance and rushed down the mountain with astonishing speed.

Feng Zhirou and Ye Yuan, one in front and the other behind, sprinted down the mountain frenziedly. Nevertheless, this process only lasted several breaths of time before the two figures stopped abruptly.

"Careful, Senior Apprentice Sister!" Ye Yuan yelled out anxiously.

Virtually the same instant Ye Yuan yelled, a white figure taller than a person shot out from diagonally, and actually reached first even though it moved later, and caught up to Feng Zhirou in a flash!

Facing this aura which was powerful to the extreme, Feng Zhirou's complexion turned pale. How could she be bothered to resist? She instantly retreated explosively.

However, when compared to that white figure, Feng Zhirou's speed was too slow!

In a blur, Feng Zhirou saw a colossal ape paw slapping down towards herself!


Panicking, Feng Zhirou raised her hand to randomly strike with her sword and then shut her eyes in fright.

This Tier 3 demonic beast was too strong. It was simply not what she could stand up to.

It's over! This was Feng Zhirou's final thought.


Nine streaks of sword beams brushed past Feng Zhirou and attacked from the sides. They converged from different locations and attacked the lower abdomen of that Long-arm Stone Ape!

Ye Yuan unleased the Nine Swords Stance straight away!

It was different from the previous time's disorderly attack. This time, the nine streaks of sword beams finally converged together. Ye Yuan's control over the sword beams once again advanced to another level!

This was also Ye Yuan's supernormal performance in a moment of desperation. If he really unleashed the sword another time, he might not be able to do it.

The nine afterimages of the Nine Swords Stance were not phantoms, but corporeal bodies!

This first stance of the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art was Ye Yuan gathering the forces of the two types of sword intent and evolved further from the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword's extreme speed movements!

Every single attack was released personally by him!

Except, that instantaneous speed was too swift, so it looked as if it was released from nine different locations.

Nine swords merged into one. The attack power would naturally be incomparably formidable! But, this should be insufficient to injure the Tier 3 Ape King.

However, that Ape King actually chose to evade the sword beams!

With a swoosh, after the nine streaks of sword beams merged, it followed the original path it flew over from and vanished by fading into the world.

It took time to describe, but all of these actually just happened in a flash.

From Ye Yuan's explosive retreat to the duo's frenzied flight, and to the Ape King attacking Feng Zhirou, and then to Ye Yuan rescuing Feng Zhirou by besieging the Ape King, it was all but a few short breaths of time.

At this time, that Ape King stood several dozen feet away from Feng Zhirou. Ye Yuan similarly stood several dozen feet away from Feng Zhirou, while Feng Zhirou had her eyes shut waiting for the Ape King's paw to strike down.

The two humans and one beast actually entered a stalemate!

"W-what happened? Y-Ye Yuan, did you save me?" Feng Zhirou recovered from her surprise and stared at Ye Yuan as she asked hesitantly.

Ye Yuan did not bother with her and kept staring at the Ape King in the distance.

Tier 3 Ape King was too terrifying. It could virtually instant-kill the two of them. Just now, Ye Yuan could save Feng Zhirou because of special conditions which allowed him to complete an impossible task.

The Ape King felt that Feng Zhirou's strength was slightly stronger and had more threat, so it chose to do a surprise attack on her right away.

And Ye Yuan happened to be some distance away from Feng Zhirou. The Ape King could not possibly attack the two of them at the same time, which gave Ye Yuan the opportunity to launch an attack unhurriedly.

The reason why the Ape King chose to keep a distance was because the place Ye Yuan attacked was precisely the weak point of the Long-arm Stone Apes! Ye Yuan's attack this time was accurate to the extreme.

If the Ape King forcefully took this stance head-on, it would probably already be heavily injured right now.

Otherwise, with Ye Yuan's cultivation, no matter how strong the attack was, it would be impossible to cause major injuries to the Ape King.

But in reality, if the Ape King attacked at the risk of getting injured, Feng Zhirou would already be an ice-cold corpse now.

As for why Ye Yuan's surprise attack worked, it was because the Ape King overly underestimated the two of them. That led to it revealing its weak point.

If the Ape King attacked once more, Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou would die without question!

Hence, Ye Yuan did not dare to let down his guard this whole time and firmly locked his attention onto the Ape King.

That Ape King clearly also did not think that a puny little Essence Qi Realm martial artist would actually be even more threatening than that Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm woman!

After one attack, the Ape King spontaneously sized up Ye Yuan.

The ape stared at Ye Yuan without showing any signs of its emotion.

Seeing Ye Yuan ignore her, Feng Zhirou also did not dare to act rashly at this time. She was stuck between the two of them feeling completely awkward.

However, no matter how foolish she was, she also knew that her life was picked up just now. No matter how she thought, she never imagined that Ye Yuan, an Essence Qi Realm martial artist, could actually threaten the Crystal Formation Realm Ape King!

This was too inconceivable!

Just now, she was somewhat flustered and did not form an effective attack. But even if she gave it her all, the result would still be being smacked to death from a single slap by the Ape King.

She was all too clear on this point!

In that instant, the might of the Ape King had smothered her!

But Ye Yuan could actually save her from under the Ape King's hands!

Just several breaths of time but Feng Zhirou felt like as long as several years had passed.

Her forehead exuded fine sweat beads. Each breath from the Ape King made her feel deeply uneasy.

Feng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan's appearance as if he was facing a formidable enemy and understood that the scenario earlier was probably very unlikely to reenact.

But what should she do?

Just as Feng Zhirou was lost in her imaginations, the Ape King made a move once again!

But Ye Yuan did not move!

Just as the Ape King moved, a series of gibberish sounds came out of Ye Yuan's mouth. Feng Zhirou completely could not understand what he was talking about.

What was Ye Yuan doing? Could it be that he wanted to communicate with the Ape King? But how could the Ape King understand Ye Yuan's words?

As the State of Qin's princess, Feng Zhirou could be counted as being experienced and knowledgeable. However, she had never heard of humans being able to communicate with demonic beasts!

There were too many species of demonic beasts, so many that it was uncountable. The language used by each species of demonic beasts was not the same. How could humans grasp it?

However, at this important juncture of life and death, would Ye Yuan do this sort of futile actions?

Feng Zhirouo's eyes involuntarily turned to the Ape King and could not help widening her eyes.

The Ape King who was already prepared to unleash its attack really stopped its actions!

This . . . was simply too miraculous!

A human could actually communicate with demonic beasts!

Feng Zhirou discovered that the more she interacted with Ye Yuan, the more she felt that there were increasingly more mysteries to Ye Yuan.

Was Ye Yuan who was just 15 years old really taught by that so-called master of his?

Such an enigmatic man!