Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Demon Crystal Pill!

Seeing the Ape King cease its movement, Ye Yuan also let out a huge sigh of relief. His entire body was feeling like collapsing.

Although he had forcefully pretended to be composed the whole time, the pressure from the aura of a Tier 3 demonic beast was no joke.

This Ape King was not those sort of half-baked half-step Crystal Formation Realm like Su Yubai, but a genuine Tier 3 demonic beast! An existence equivalent to a human Crystal Formation Realm!

No matter how monstrous Ye Yuan was, it was impossible to cross two major realms and defeat his opponent.

It was already very heaven-defying for an Essence Qi Realm martial artist's attack to be able to threaten a Tier 3 demonic beast.

His gibberish just now was already Ye Yuan's final trump card. If even this trump card had no effect, then he would really die here.

But luckily, those words from Ye Yuan was not playing the lute to an ape. This Ape King really understood!

What Ye Yuan said was the universal beast language. It was the demon race's universal language collectively set by the Divine Realm demon race powerhouses countless years ago. The goal was to allow communication among the demon race.

There were countless races in the demon race. None of the individual races could be on par with the human race.

To allow the demon race to be able to ally together to resist the human race, the demon race powerhouses in ancient times collectively set down a series of measures. And this universal beast language was one of them!

After countless generations passed, the universal beast language already became the inherited memories of each race, passing down from generation to generation.

If this Ape King did not awaken its inherited memories, then Ye Yuan would really be playing the lute to an ape!

The stone ape clan had once birthed an extremely heaven-defying existence, Equals Heaven Saint Ape. That was a Deity Realm expert!

Even though it was passed down through the generations, the Endless World's stone ape bloodline had already become very thin. But awakening a portion of inherited memories was still doable.

It would be very tough for ordinary Ape Soldiers and Ape Generals to awaken their inherited memories, but there was still the likelihood of this Ape King awakening them.

What Ye Yuan said earlier was, "Senior Ape King, wait a moment!"

The Ape King was clearly very surprised. A human actually knew the universal beast language.

The Ape King discovered that this human youth seemed to be extraordinary. Not only was he extremely strong, he even knew the universal beast language!

Even he himself only learned the universal beast language after awakening his inherited memories.

The Ape King also started using the universal beast language to communicate with Ye Yuan. "Brat, the two of you trespassed my territory and stole the Crimson Soul Grass. How do you plan to plead?!"

Since this Ape King was willing to talk, Ye Yuan was not too worried.

He gave a bow towards the Ape King and said, "Please forgive me, Senior Ape King. This junior came to seek out the Crimson Soul Grass because I really have no other alternatives. This junior has a close friend who possesses the Nine Yin Absolute Meridians. Now, seeing as the frost poison is about to erupt, she desperately needs the Crimson Soul Grass to save her life. I hope that Senior Ape King can be generous!"

"What has it got to do with me if your friend is in trouble? I also have great use for these Crimson Soul Grass. How can I give it to you so easily? Ignoring this point, just the fact that you barged into my territory, you can forget about leaving today!"

The Ape King was not some living bodhisattva. It obviously could not be bothered with a stranger's life or death.

If not for the fact it found Ye Yuan rather interesting, it would have long smacked him to death with one palm. Why would it talk so much crap with him?

After the Ape King finishing talking, it howled a few times. Immediately, a bunch of Long-arm Stone Apes surrounded them. They were shockingly all late-stage Tier 2 demonic beasts!

Feng Zhirou was alarmed after seeing the situation and hurriedly scooted over to Ye Yuan's side.

Just an Ape King could already take their lives. What could they do with so many late-stage Tier 2 demonic beasts surrounding them?

"Ye Yuan, you can really talk with that Ape King?" Feng Zhirou said softly.

Ye Yuan nodded. "Luckily, the Ape King awakened its inherited memories and learned the universal beast language. Otherwise, we would be dead for sure! Back then when Master taught me the universal beast language, I objected to it. I didn't think that it would really be put to good use."

Ye Yuan also knew that communicating with demonic beasts was incredibly shocking, so he just pushed this responsibility onto his Master.

Feng Zhirou looked at the enclosing Long-arm Stone Apes and smiled bitterly. "In this current situation, we're still dead for sure."

Ye Yuan smiled and then said, "That might not be the case! If the Ape King had not awakened its inherited memories, then nothing can be discussed. But since he awakened it, not only do we not have to die, we might even be able to take the Crimson Soul Grass and leave!"

"Stop joking! You just said a whole bunch to it just now, but not only did its attitude not turn for the better, it even summoned such a large group of late-stage Tier 2 demonic beasts over. How can it let us leave alive?" Feng Zhirou said dejectedly.

Indeed, being walled in by a large group of late-stage Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes, the pressure they faced was not much lesser than facing the Ape King.

Luckily, these Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes did not receive the order to attack. Or else, the two of them would probably be meat paste by now.

"Heh heh, just watch me!" Ye Yuan chuckled and said.

"The two of you chattering over there, ready to die yet? You humans hunt down us demon race every day. Now, we'll also let you experience the taste of being hunted," the Ape King said and grunted coldly.

Although he said it very savagely, it did not order those Ape Generals to attack,

Ye Yuan took two steps forward and said to the Ape King with a smile, "Senior Ape King won't kill me!"

"What a joke! Why won't I kill you? Just because you know the universal beast language? Aren't you overestimating yourself too much, brat?"

"Hur hur, Senior Ape King said wrongly. It's not me who's overrating myself, but you who are underestimating me!"

At this stage, Ye Yuan could not be bothered to pretend to be subservient anymore. He might as well show off a fearless appearance.

How could it be that he, an exalted Alchemy Emperor, could not even handle a Tier 3 demonic beast?

The Ape King involuntarily burst into laughter when it heard Ye Yuan's words. Except that a stone ape laughing so boisterously made one's hair stand on its ends.

"Brat, you're really a newborn calf who isn't scared of the tiger! Looking at your bone age, you're at most 15 to 16 years old. Such a young age, how do you expect me to attach importance to you?"

Ye Yuan simply chuckled and did not have any intentions of refuting.He just lightly spat out three words from his mouth.

"Demon . . . Crystal . . . Pill!"

The face of the Ape King who was originally still laughing its head off suddenly changed. A pair of enormous ape eyes stared fixedly at Ye Yuan.

That manner looked as if it wanted to eat Ye Yuan.

"Brat, your family's elders know how to refine the Demon Crystal Pill?" The Ape King enunciated each word carefully.

It was enough to tell from its attitude just how important this Demon Crystal Pill was to it.

Although Feng Zhirou did not know what they were talking about, from the Ape King's condition that Ye Yuan had successfully hooked the Ape King's appetite. So she could not help looking forward to it.

The Ape King was entirely certain that Ye Yuan would nod his head and acknowledge. Who would have thought that Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "Nope."

The Ape King instantly flew into a rage when he heard that. "Brat, you dare to make a fool out of this king?! Do you believe that this king will swallow you alive?!"

Ye Yuan laughed and said, "After swallowing me, you'll probably also stop at the initial-stage Tier 3 your entire life. No matter how many more Crimson Soul Grass you eat, it will be futile."

Ye Yuan stood in front of the Ape King with his hands behind his back without the slightest trace of fear.