Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Ignorant Ape!

"Hur hur, such an audacious tone! You, an Essence Qi Realm brat, actually dares to talk wildly about this king's limits!" The Ape King sneered.

Ye Yuan did not mind the Ape King's attitude. He already knew that the Ape King was already interested.

Otherwise, with him strutting around so arrogantly in front of the Ape King, it would have slapped him to death with one palm long ago.

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, "I'm afraid that Senior Ape King is much clearer on where your own limits are than I am. Senior Ape King knows yourself whether or not what I said was right. If you feel like I'm bragging, you can completely kill me right now. Either way, it's just a matter of lifting your hands for you."

Now that Ye Yuan said that, the Ape King went silent instead.

Just as Ye Yuan said, the Ape King itself knew best just where its limits were.

Without some fortuitous lucky encounter, it would be very hard to break through to the middle-stage Tier 3 in its lifetime.

Demonic beasts were stronger than humans at the same rank and also had a much greater lifespan than the latter. This was where their strengths were.

Nevertheless, when compared to humans, the limitations were also very huge.

Their intelligence was very low, and their cultivation mostly relied on instincts. Hence, progress was very slow.

And the difficulty of them breaking through realms was also much harder than humans.

To human Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, each breakthrough in a minor realm was tremendously tough. But to demonic beasts, the difficulty of breaking through a stage was even greater!

The Ape King's current strength was roughly around a human Third Level Crystal Formation Realm.

The difficulty was already very huge for human martial artists to cross this small step. To the Ape King, it was naturally doubly difficult.

Hence, while Ye Yuan's words might sound wildly conceited, it was truthfully not a false statement just to raise alarm.

The Ape King was naturally crystal clear on this point.

And the Demon Crystal Pill was precisely a medicinal pill which could aid Tier 3 demonic beasts to breakthrough a minor realm!

The Ape King had awakened a part of its inherited memories, and within this portion of inherited memories, there was the description of the Demon Crystal Pill.

It was just that even if the Ape King knew about the Demon Crystal Pill, it was impossible to refine it.

While refining medicinal pill was not a right that was exclusive to humans, human alchemists were way more powerful than the demon races'.

Furthermore, it was simply impossible for these sort of low tier demonic beasts like the Ape King to refine medicinal pill. What they could do was only to beg human alchemists to help them refine.

But how many human Alchemy Grandmasters knew how to refine the Demon Crystal Pill? Even if they knew how to refine the Demon Crystal Pill, how many were able to communicate with the Ape King?

If the two parties encountered each other, it would already be pretty good if they did not have a life and death struggle.

One had to know that the inner core of the Ape King was also a pretty decent alchemy ingredient!

"Brat, your family's elders don't know how to refine it, but you mentioned the Demon Crystal Pill to this king. Isn't this messing with me? If you don't give me a justifiable explanation, you can forget about leaving here alive!"

While the Ape King's words were callous, there still existed a trace of expectation. Or else, how could he talk so nicely with Ye Yuan here?

Ye Yuan grinned and said, "I already said just now that Senior Ape King is looking down on me. I only said that my family's elders don't know how to refine it, but I didn't say that I don't know how to refine it!"

The Ape King started to suspect that it heard wrongly. "You? You, an Essence Qi Realm brat, refining a Tier 3 medicinal pill? This king might not be knowledgeable about alchemy, but I also won't make such a nave mistake and fall for your trick! You've been going in circles for half the day, aren't you just hoping that I would let the two of you go? But since you have the guts to play tricks on this king, then forget about leaving."

The Ape King's patience had clearly already reached its limits. It waved its paw and prepared to let those Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes attack Ye Yuan jointly.

Feng Zhirou jumped in fright when she saw the situation. She knew that Ye Yuan and the Ape King's talk had fallen apart, and immediately raised her sword to prepare to face the enemies.

However, Ye Yuan pressed on her sword and looked at the Ape King unhurriedly, saying, "Senior Ape King don't know alchemy, but do you know the grading among human alchemists?"

"Of course I know it! But don't you dare tell me that you, an Essence Qi Realm martial artist, is an Alchemy Grandmaster."

Ye Yuan took off the alchemist badge on his chest and tossed it over to the Ape King, saying, "This badge is issued by the Alchemy Association to alchemists. There's my personal information inside it. Senior Ape King just have to insert essence energy into the badge, and you'll naturally understand."

Though the Ape King did not feel that Ye Yuan had the ability to refine the Demon Crystal Pill, it felt that he also could not play any tricks, so it inserted a wisp of essence energy into the badge, and Ye Yuan's information instantly surfaced inside his mind.

"Low-rank Alchemy Master? Essence Qi Realm low-rank Alchemy Master?" The Ape King looked at Ye Yuan in astonishment.

The Ape King was an old demon who had lived for several hundred years. It still knew a little about the grading among human alchemists.

Under normal circumstances, the alchemist grade corresponded with the martial artist's strength. Rarely would there appear Essence Qi Realm Alchemy Masters or Spirit Condensation Realm Alchemy Grandmasters

One could tell from this that this youth's alchemy standards were rather high. No wonder he dared to be so rampant!

But . . . so what?

"You're just an Alchemy Master and even a low-rank Alchemy Master who just passed the Alchemist Association's test not long ago. Don't tell me that you can refine the Demon Crystal Pill now!" Ape King threw the badge back to Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan caught the badge and pinned it on. He looked at the Ape King and stretched out a finger, saying, "One year! Within a year, I'll definitely give Senior Ape King a Demon Crystal Pill!"

"One year? How's that possible? Brat, don't think that this king is easy to hoodwink. Regardless of how glib your tongue is, you can forget about leaving here today!" the Ape King said disdainfully.

A low-rank Alchemy Master refining a Tier 3 medicinal pill within a year?

This king might have read very few books, but don't deceive this king!

However, Ye Yuan just said with a cold smile, "To think that you awakened inherited memories in vain. You're just an ignorant ape."

"What did you say? Do you believe that this king will kill you immediately?!" The Ape King could not help exploding in anger after hearing Ye Yuan's words.

"Isn't it so? What you can't do, doesn't mean that others can't! Things that you don't understand don't mean that they don't exist! Back in those days, Senior Equals Heaven Saint Ape only used two years to go from Tier 1 to Tier 3! How do you know that I can't refine Tier 3 medicinal pill within a year? To think that the descendant of Senior Equals Heaven Saint Ape who had the Divine Realm at his beck and call would actually be ignorant to such an extent. Lamentable, oh how pitiable!" Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed.

"Brat, you actually dare to compare yourself to Equal Heaven Old Ancestor?! Truly unaware of the immensity of Heaven and Earth! Equals Heaven Old Ancestor is a Deity Realm expert. How can an ant like you compare?!" The Ape King said furiously.

Ye Yuan sneered and said, "Are aristocrats born nobler than others? Senior Equals Heaven Saint Ape did not grow up in the Divine Realm but rose to power in the lower realms. Back then, wasn't there also people who said that he didn't know the immensity of Heaven and Earth? Truthfully telling you, refining the Demon Crystal Pill is but an effortless matter for me. It's just that my current realm is insufficient, that's why I can't refine it. Breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm within a year is a breeze to me. That's all I have to say. Talking anymore won't help. If Senior Ape King doesn't believe my words, then make a move right now."

Finishing, Ye Yuan turned around and really just ignored the Ape King.

The Ape King stared at Ye Yuan and was at a loss on what to do for a moment . . .