Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 139

Chapter 139: The Tides Turn!

Honestly speaking, Ye Yuan's words were indeed incomparably rampant. No matter how it sounded, it just seemed like big talk.

What kind of existence was the Equals Heaven Saint Ape?

That was a Deity Realm existence!

In this era where the Deity Realm was lost, the bright halo of those former Deity Realm experts appeared to be even more dazzling and legendary.

A native of the Endless World actually dared to compare himself to Equals Heaven Old Ancestor. Just how much dauntless courage was needed?!

To the stone ape clan, Equals Heaven Old Ancestor was a totem-like being; an existence that brooks no blasphemy!

This comparison by Ye Yuan truly angered the Ape King!

However, what surprised the Ape King was that this original inhabitant of the Endless World actually knew about Equals Heaven Old Ancestor!

If not for having awakened his inherited memories, even he himself did not know about the existence of Equals Heaven Old Ancestor. How did this brat know?

Not just that, he even knew clearly about Equals Heaven Old Ancestor's growing up experiences. That was even stranger.

Although this brat might be a little weak, his body was leaking with abnormality.

Clearly having only Essence Qi Realm cultivation, yet he could unleash a powerful attack that could threaten Spirit Condensation Realms.

Clearly having only Essence Qi Realm cultivation, yet he could become a low-rank Alchemy Master.

Moreover, the data on that badge said that Ye Yuan was only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm when he passed the test! This was simply subverting!

The Ape King even knew that human alchemists rarely knew about the existence of the Demon Crystal Pill. But this teenage brat actually knew!

All in all, it was so abnormal!

If these things were combined, perhaps . . . this brat could really refine the Demon Crystal Pill?

Then again, it was just a year's time. If Ye Yuan could not refine it, he did not lose much anyway. At most he would just blow his top and then kill Ye Yuan.

But what if Ye Yuan could really refine the Demon Crystal Pill?

Then what if Ye Yuan could help him advance to late-stage Tier 3?

Could it be that he still had the possibility of breaking through to Tier 4 in this lifetime?

Thinking up to here, the Ape King found it hard to calm his emotions down again. The temptation of Tier 4 was . . . utterly irresistible!

What was the concept of Tier 4?

Even in this Endless Forest where high tier demonic beasts were as plentiful as clouds, Tier 4 demonic beasts also counts as a hegemon of a region!

The current Ape King was at most occupying a mountain and calling himself king.

Within a radius of a thousand miles, who knew how many Tier 3 demonic beasts there were just like him. He was merely one of them.

This was a sure win and no losses gamble!

Even if the Ape King lost, what he lost was just a year's time anyway. But if he won, then he would obtain an even broader future!

A year was completely irrelevant to the Ape King. It could not even increase his strength the least bit.

"You . . . you can really refine the Demon Crystal Pill?" the Ape King asked somewhat weakly.

Ye Yuan turned his face over and snubbed the Ape King.

He knew that his words already took effect. As long as he let the Ape King become conscious of his mysteriousness, he definitely would not lay hands on him.

Just a year's time was completely worthless to the Ape King.

Ye Yuan could naturally think of what the Ape King desired.

Hence, it was the Ape King who was begging him now, and not him beseeching the Ape King anymore.

Compared to Tier 4, what did the Crimson Soul Grass even matter?

Seeing Ye Yuan ignore him, the Ape King could not help feeling awkward. But when he recalled his attitude towards him just now, the Ape King felt that the attitude of this person now did not seem to be improper.

On the contrary, the more Ye Yuan behaved so, the more the Ape King felt that he was unfathomable.

Only a capable person would posture like this!

Feng Zhirou who was looking at this scene by the side could not help widening her eyes.

This plot reversed too quickly!

The Ape King was still in a billowing rage just now and wanted to smack people to death at the slightest provocation. Why did his attitude do a 180 degree U-turn after exchanging a few sentences?

Feng Zhirou unintentionally looked at Ye Yuan curiously. She really wanted to know what went on between Ye Yuan and the Ape King.

However, she knew that now was not the time to interrupt, so she could only press down her curiosity deep in her heart.

Feng Zhirou knew that she and Ye Yuan was already safe now. That was enough.

"Bra . . . young man, if you can really refine the Demon Crystal Pill, you can have as much Crimson Soul Grass as you want!" The Ape King changed his form of address at the last moment and turned 'brat' into 'young man.'

Right now, the only bargaining chip on the Ape King's hands was the Crimson Soul Grass. Ye Yuan was ignoring him, so he could only take that out.

Ye Yuan only turned his head back slowly after seeing that the Ape King went to the main point, saying indifferently, "Isn't Senior Ape King bullying people too much by using the Crimson Soul Grass to exchange for the Demon Crystal Pill?"

Crimson Soul Grass was only a Tier 2 medicinal herb. Though it might be scarce, it was simply garbage when compared with Tier 3 medicine pills!

And this sort of medicinal pill for the consumption of demonic beasts like the Demon Crystal Pill was practically unheard of in the human territories. In the Endless World, alchemists who could refine demonic beast medicinal pills could likely be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Such was the pricelessness of the Demon Crystal Pill!

The Ape King also showed slight embarrassment and said, "Young man, as long as you can really refine out the Demon Crystal Pill, just list your terms! As long I can I do it, I definitely won't say no!"

Ye Yuan looked at the Ape King and suddenly beamed, smiling until the Ape King felt scared.

However, Ye Yuan did not list his terms. Instead, he asked with a smile, "Senior Ape King, I wonder if you have any interest in the Demon Manor Pill?"

When the Ape King heard 'Demon Manor Pill' these three words, he involuntarily sucked in a cold breath, and he became battered out of his senses. Where was there still any demeanor of an unparalleled expert?

For an ape's face to have such exciting expressions, it was hard on the Ape King.

Currently, the Ape King's entire body was trembling. He was clearly agitated to the extreme!

"Demon . . . demon . . . demon . . . you can actually even refine that?!"

After saying 'demon' for a long time, the Ape King did not complete the three words 'Demon Manor Pill' and was already so agitated that he was stuttering.

Demon Manor Pill was precisely a medicinal pill which could aid demonic beasts to breakthrough to Tier 4!

It was Tier 4!

Before today, he had never had any extravagant hopes of breaking through to Tier 4. But now, Ye Yuan whetted his appetite sky high, and actually even brought up the Demon Manor Pill!

Was it not wanting a person's life?! No wait, it should be wanting an ape's life!

No matter human martial artists or demonic beasts, who could withstand the allure of breaking through a major realm?


Each major realm was like a heavenly chasm!

Those geniuses could cross a heavenly chasm, but might not be able to cross the next one. After crossing the next heavenly chasm, they might not be able to cross the next one!

Each major realm was just like a fine sieve, eliminating countless geniuses again and again.

Each heavenly chasm could make innumerable geniuses fall in the sand with broken halberds.

The Ape King being able to awaken its inherited memories meant that he already counted as a pinnacle genius among the Long-arm Stone Apes.

But this heavenly chasm called Tier 4 mercilessly shut the door on his face!

Now, did he really have the chance to cross this heavenly chasm?

Ye Yuan was very satisfied with the Ape King's response and said smilingly, "Didn't I say just now? Refining pills to me is just a common meal. What I'm lacking now is but cultivation realm!"