Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Theres Only This One Chance!

Ye Yuan's manner of speaking clearly seemed like he was boasting.

However, the Ape King did not know why, but he felt that what Ye Yuan said was real!

Perhaps this feeling originated from the powerful self-confidence coming off of Ye Yuan's body.

This sort of feeling was contradictory, yet it was so persuasive.

In the end, it was the allure of Tier 4 which trumped all!

"State your terms, young man! I concede!" The Ape King said helplessly.

After awakening his inherited memories, the Ape King's intellect was no longer inferior to regular humans. He knew that Ye Yuan whetting up his appetite was definitely not for something as simple as the Crimson Soul Grass.

Seeing the Ape King's defeated look, Ye Yuan said calmly, "With ten years as the duration, acknowledge me as your master!"

"What? You, a puny little Essence Qi Realm, actually want me to acknowledge you as my master?" The Ape King was enraged when he heard that.

On the Crimson Summit Ridge, the Ape King was a paramount existence. Regardless of strength or age, he was on an entirely different level from Ye Yuan.

To ask him to acknowledge a youth as his master was even more painful than killing him!

But Ye Yuan had an indifferent look on his face as he said, "After ten years, even if you wanted to acknowledge me as your master, I'm afraid that you won't even get a queue number. If you're unwilling, then I don't really care. I'll just suffer this small loss and use the Demon Crystal Pill to exchange the Crimson Soul Grass with you. Either way, refining a Demon Crystal Pill is effortless to me. After a year, I'll hand you the Demon Crystal Pill, and the two of us won't owe each other anything! But at that time, don't think about becoming my servant to exchange for the Demon Manor Pill."

Ye Yuan paused and kept away the smile on his face, saying solemnly, "There's only this one chance!"

With Ye Yuan keeping away his smile, the aura of a sovereign undulated out naturally, as if he was a sovereign who descended upon the world!

Feng Zhirou had never seen this side of Ye Yuan as if he looked down on all things under the heavens. This sort of disposition and aura, even if her father were here, most likely he would also admit defeat, right?

Ye Yuan was originally the Medicine King Hall's young patriarch, an Alchemy Emperor with supreme status in the Divine Realm. Even when matched up against those old undying from the Alchemist Association, his standards went beyond rather than falling below the mark.

Although he changed his body now, that sort of disposition of a sovereign originated from the deepest part of the soul. It was completely unnecessary for him to fake it.

When the Ape King saw how Ye Yuan's bearing was actually so extraordinary, he was unwittingly shocked inwardly.

As a sovereign himself, the Ape King was even clearer that this sort of bearing was absolutely not something that could be faked by an Essence Qi Realm youth!

There were definitely many unknown secrets on this young man's body!

The Ape King inadvertently started to re-evaluate Ye Yuan's words.

Ye Yuan's meaning was very clear. If he chose to use the Crimson Soul Grass to exchange, then he would lose the opportunity to advance to a Tier 4 demonic beast.

So the question now was whether Ye Yuan could really refine a Demon Manor Pill.

This was similarly another gamble. Ye Yuan increased the original bet multiple times!

Ye Yuan saying to acknowledge him as his master was naturally not just verbally. It was to enter a soul contract.

After entering a soul contract, all actions of the Ape King had to comply with Ye Yuan's commands without resistance. Otherwise, a single thought from Ye Yuan could make the Ape King's soul dissipate.

That was to say, he would lose ten years of freedom!

If the Ape King chose to use the Crimson Soul Grass to exchange, he would earn without losing anything. With the Demon Crystal Pill, there was no problem for him to breakthrough to middle-stage Tier 3.

But that way, he would also lose the chance to breakthrough to Tier 4.

Perhaps, this might be his only chance to become a Tier 4 demonic beast!

If he chose the latter, the risk he faced would be much greater. If Ye Yuan could not refine the Demon Manor Pill, he would lose ten years of freedom!

This was something the Ape King could not accept!

But if he chose the latter, he would obtain the opportunity to breakthrough to Tier 4!

This opportunity was too hard to come by!

The temptation of Tier 4 was too huge!

The Ape King kept on contorting his ape face in agony. Clearly, his heart was filled with turmoil.

Seeing the Ape King show such an interesting expression, Feng Zhirou nearly laughed out loud. But she was also very astonished in her heart.

"Just what did you say to him? Why is he showing such an expression?" Feng Zhirou could not suppress her curiosity and voice transmitted to ask.

Ye Yuan did not hide it and told her the matter of his intention to take the Ape King in as his servant.

The look on Feng Zhirou's face also became very fascinating when she heard Ye Yuan's voice transmission.

"But that's a Tier 3 Ape King! Even the Dean might not be his match. You actually want to take him in as your servant?" Feng Zhirou nearly let out a sound.

"Just a Tier 3 Stone Ape, that's all. Barely strong enough to be my servant I guess. It's also because my strength is too weak, or else I wouldn't even be bothered to take him in. You're also aware, my Master is very strong. If the servant I take in is too lousy, the elder will also lose his prestige." Ye Yuan said helplessly.

Feng Zhirou stared at Ye Yuan and was already completely speechless.

The two of them barged into the Crimson Summit Ridge at nearly the cost of their lives. No matter how Feng Zhirou thought, she did not expect the situation to reverse so swiftly.

The previous moment, they were nearly killed by this Ape King, and the next moment, Ye Yuan wanted to take this Ape King in as his servant.

Not that I don't understand, but it's this world that changed too quickly!

Just what kind of existence was Ye Yuan's master?

The Ape King's struggle continued for several dozen breaths of time, but Ye Yuan did not urge him.

Ye Yuan also knew that this matter was an extremely painful choice to the Ape King.

The Ape King in the Crimson Summit Ridge was like an emperor in a mortal country.

To make an emperor become another person's servant was clearly an extremely difficult matter.

Gradually, the Ape King's facial expression settled down. Ye Yuan knew that he already made his decision.

"How is it? Have you considered it?" Ye Yuan asked calmly.

"To get me to become your servant also works, but you must swear a Heavenly Dao Oath to definitely refine the Demon Manor Pill for me within ten years!" the Ape King said solemnly.

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself when he heard that. "Don't be mistaken. Right now, I'm not the one begging you to be my servant, but it's me who's giving you a chance! You can only choose to believe me or not to believe in me. There isn't a third road."

Seeing the Ape King's expression turn hostile, Ye Yuan added on and said, "Don't dream about trapping me here to refine pills for you. Once I have the strength to refine the Demon Manor Pill, I have a thousand ways to make you die unknowingly. You can try if you don't believe!"

The Ape King did not expect that the notion had just jumped to mind and Ye Yuan already guessed it.

He was indeed thinking about keeping Ye Yuan here to refine pills for him just now, but he did not imagine being counter-threatened by Ye Yuan.

Just as Ye Yuan had said, if his Alchemy Dao attainments were truly so high, then he would really have this ability.

Another long bout of silence passed. The Ape King suddenly gave a sigh and said to Ye Yuan, "Fine! For this chance to breakthrough to Tier 4, I'm willing to acknowledge you as my master for ten years!"

Ye Yuan's face did not reveal any surprise. He chuckled loudly when he heard that and said, "Don't worry, following me, Ye Yuan, let alone Tier 4, even Tier 5 Demon Monarch or Tier 6 Demon Ancestor does not amount to much! I don't need ten years. Even I were to chase you away, I'm afraid that you won't be willing to leave my side!"

These words still sounded so rampant and unreliable. In truth, Ye Yuan was afraid of scaring the Ape King, so he held back.

To Ye Yuan, forget about Demon Ancestor, what was difficult about even that Tier 9 Demon Emperor?