Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Spatial Spirit Artifact!

The Ape King fully opened up his divine soul. Ye Yuan formed a seal with both hands, and a wisp of soul strength reached into the divine soul of the Ape King.

Regardless whether it was demonic beasts or human martial artists, the divine soul was the most mysterious and also the most fragile place.

The Ape King only felt his divine soul quiver and his entire being feeling like he was dead tired.

The Ape King knew that he and Ye Yuan already set up a soul contract. He shall serve Ye Yuan as his master for ten years.

Currently, the Ape King no longer had his former pride. He said respectfully, "Yuan Fei pays respect to Master."

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "So, you're called Yuan Fei? En, since you acknowledged me as your master, there are some things I wanted to make clear to you."

"Pray tell, master."

"You have your pride as the Ape King, and I also won't control your words and actions as I please. Hence, under most circumstances, you're free. If you sincerely acknowledge me as your master, I can even choose not to use soul strength. That way, you're virtually completely free. However, if I find out that you feign compliance while acting in opposition even just once, I'll use the soul contract without hesitation. Understood?"

"Yuan Fei understands! Don't worry, Master. Since this Yuan Fei chose to follow Master, I naturally won't have other thoughts," Yuan Fei said deferentially.

Methods like soul contracts were actually quite gentle. It primarily looked at the contents of the contract entered by the two parties. Because Yuan Fei and Ye Yuan's soul contract was not on equal footing, Yuan Fei must serve Ye Yuan as master.

Even so, apart from restrictions on the contract and having to do things for Ye Yuan, there was pretty much no difference from normal times.

It was possible to forcefully plant a slave seal to control others. The party being enslaved could not hide any thoughts from the master. That was a true slave and not some master-servant relationship.

There were some even more impressive techniques which could directly obliterate the consciousness of the person being controlled to make him completely submit to his master. As long as the master did not take the initiative to come into contact with the spell, the person being controlled would forever be a walking corpse.

It was precisely because a method like a soul contract was very gentle that Yuan Fei agreed to Ye Yuan.

Otherwise, he would not agree with Ye Yuan and just kill him instead.

One had to acknowledge that Ye Yuan's words dispelled Yuan Fei's last bit of apprehension.

Ye Yuan's meaning was that they were equals. But when Ye Yuan required something, he had to help Ye Yuan unconditionally.

Rather than saying master-servant relationship, they might as well say full-time bodyguard.

Furthermore, Yuan Fei and Ye Yuan had already entered a soul contract. There was also an indistinct hint of telepathy between them.

Yuan Fei could sense that Ye Yuan truly turned his nose up a little at him, this servant.

This sort of turning his nose up was not looking down in disdain, but . . . a sort of indescribable feeling.

Anyway, this master was very mysterious!

"En, don't need to call Master either, just call me Young Master," Ye Yuan instructed.

"Yes, Young Master."

From the beginning since just now, Feng Zhirou's mouth had always been wide open. She was already so amazed that she grinned from ear to ear.

A Tier 3 demonic beast was subdued just like that with a few sentences from Ye Yuan?

This was a Tier 3 demonic beast and not some Tom, Dick, and Harry!

In this thousand mile radius of the Endless Forest, a Tier 3 demonic beast was absolutely a kinglike existence! He actually became Ye Yuan's servant just like that?

She still suspected that Ye Yuan was bragging a little just now, but only when she saw the Ape King's attitude now, did Feng Zhirou become aware of her ignorance.

"You . . . You really subdued him?" Feng Zhirou was still a little hesitant to believe and wished to confirm it from Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Look at his appearance. Is there still anything else to doubt? En, en, with Yuan Fei tagging along, time to beat up Su Yubai first after heading back. Heh heh."

Feng Zhirou was thoroughly defeated by Ye Yuan. At the start, he still had a certain air, but he revealed his true colors in his last sentence.

This fellow was simply a troublemaker!

"But, he's the Ape King! How did you subdue him?" Feng Zhirou could not resist asking again.

"Everybody has a weakness. As long as you grasp their weak point, they can naturally be used by you. To the Ape King, what do you think he desires the most?" Ye Yuan smiled and countered with a question.

Feng Zhirou thought about it after hearing the question. After some time, she answered uncertainly, "Breakthrough to Tier 4? Well, I don't think there's anything with a greater allure than this."

"Smart! Yuan Fei is just like you. If you can't break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, then it would be even more excruciating than killing you. You should be able to understand this sort of feeling," Ye Yuan smiled and said.

"En. En? You actually dare to compare me to a demonic beast?!"

Feng Zhirou nodded her head first but quickly realized that something was wrong and promptly burst into anger.

"Haha! I didn't have that intention. Why are you always so sensitive? Don't hit me! I have a Tier 3 bodyguard now! You can't beat me!"

"Humph! Even if you have a Tier 4 bodyguard, so what? I'll beat you anyway!"

Feng Zhirou simply did not care. She did not believe that Ye Yuan would really dare to make the Ape King come and beat her.

"Ouch, I was wrong, my grandaunt!"

"That's much better!"

. . . . . .

After a bout of play fighting, a problem remained in front of Ye Yuan.

How should he handle the mountain full of Long-arm Stone Apes?

Once Yuan Fei left with him, this mountain full of Long-arm Stone Apes would lose their support.

In the Endless Forest, Yuan Fei was not the only Tier 3 demonic beast. If he were to leave, these Long-arm Stone Apes would be without a head. Sooner or later, they would be annexed by other forces.

The demonic beast world was at times crueler than the human world. It was impossible for other species to tolerate the Long-arm Stone Apes to continue occupying the mountain and calling themselves king. The final outcome would be complete annihilation.

"Yuan Fei, what about your fellow clansmen? If you leave, they'll probably be swallowed up by other powerful races," Ye Yuan enquired.

Not that Ye Yuan was unwilling to bring them away, but because there were simply too many Long-arm Stone Apes!

If he brought them all away, how would he settle them down?

These Long-arm Stone Apes, when brought outside, could virtually destroy a mortal country. There was no place safe to put such a colossal force.

If somebody with some bad intentions found them, these Long-arm Stone Apes could be in even greater danger than at the Endless Forest!

No matter how powerful Yuan Fei was, he was just a single person. Furthermore, the experts from some of the great sects were even stronger than Yuan Fei!

When Yuan Fei saw that Ye Yuan took the initiative to mention his clansmen, he felt incredibly touched.

If it were some other person, having acquired such a powerful helper, who would bother about the life and death of Yuan Fei's clansmen?

"Don't worry, Young Master. I have an extremely powerful spatial spirit artifact on me. It's ample to store my clansmen and me.

As he said, Yuan Fei flipped over his palm. A small-scale mini palace floated about his palm.

Ye Yuan's eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, "To think it's actually 128 restrictions spatial spirit artifact! This toy is probably extremely rare in the Endless World. Looks like you, Yuan Fei, are really fortuitous! No wonder only you among so many clansmen could awaken inherited memories and breakthrough to Tier 3."

Yuan Fei smiled. "If Young Master can help me breakthrough to Tier 4, you would be Yuan Fei's greatest fortuitous encounter!"

Ye Yuan chortled and said, "Relax. I won't let you down."